Taking Charge of Your Health

The GP said to me when I spoke to her the
first time that I had spoken to her about getting more medication was that she said
Peter you are taking too much. You should only be taking what is prescribed
and that if we continue to do this I’ll have to monitor your medication herself. I would have to go in and get individual tablets
and I thought no I’m not having that. So I played the sob story. I lied to her. I did whatever I could to get the medication. Often codeine doesn’t help for chronic pain
anyway. So people start taking it thinking it’s going
to help and it only has a minor effect so they take more cause they think that more
will help you more and soon they become dependent on the codeine without actually getting much
relief from it. The Therapeutic Goods Administration – the
Government regulator recently decided to change the availability of low dose codeine and that’s
because low dose codeine is not an effective pain reliever but can cause harms. So we will
not be able to buy low dose codeine products over the counter from the pharmacist without
a prescription in the future.

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