Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Tina Marcantel and I practice
integrative medicine in Mesa, Arizona. I’ve been a healthcare professional for over 20
years; first, as a registered nurse and now as a licensed naturopathic physician. I’d
like to take a few moments to share with you my philosophy about the practice of medicine.
There are four guiding principles I like to use when working with patients. First, I will
treat you as a whole person, not a medical condition. Second, I’ll work with you to discover
the root cause of your health problems. Third, I will empower you with knowledge. And fourth,
you and I will both be active participants in your healing process. Let’s talk about
these key points. First, you are a whole person, not a medical condition. Human beings are
complex creatures and it’s important to consider the emotional and mental state of a patient
as well as the physical symptoms. To achieve that, it’s necessary that we establish a relationship
based on trust between the doctor and patient. Second, I’ll work with you to discover the
root cause of your health problems. One of the underlying goals of naturopathic medicine
is to find and eliminate the root cause of a patient’s health concerns. If we just treat
the symptoms without finding what’s causing those symptoms, your problems are sure to
return. For example, if a patient says she’s having difficulty sleeping, I could simply
prescribe a sedative. But if we look deeper, we may find that the patient has a hormonal
imbalance that’s causing the insomnia. We can correct that problem, which will eliminate
the insomnia and probably other problematic symptoms, as well. How do we get to the root
causes? First, I’ll spend a lot of time listening to you because you know yourself better than
anyone else. Then, through physical assessments and lab screening, if needed, we’ll design
a protocol specifically for you. Next, I’ll empower you with knowledge. Another of the
underlying principles of naturopathic medicine is “the doctor as teacher.” The better you
understand your body and know how it works, the better you’ll be able to deal with your
health challenges. One comment I often get from new patients is, “No doctor has ever
explained this to me!” Many doctors working within the managed care system are under so
much time pressure that they don’t have time to explain to patients what’s going on with
their bodies. I want to teach you how your body operates so you can help yourself heal.
That brings us to the fourth guiding principle: you and I will both be active participants
in your healing process. I’ll support you on every step of the way and I’ll give you
the tools you need, but ultimately YOU will be the one to heal yourself. I often tell
my new patients that if they’re not ready to take an active role in their own healing
process that they aren’t ready for integrative or naturopathic medicine. As you probably
can tell, I believe passionately in integrative health care, because I’ve seen how effective
it can be in changing the lives of so many of my patients. Thanks for allowing me to
share that vision with you!

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  1. Thank you for this video. While studying to be an ND I sometimes feel my enthusiasm diminishing but your video has reminded me why I have chosen this field.

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