Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, I’m Jennifer Takata. I’m a general internist. I enjoy helping people. Really, that’s it. It’s always the diversity, there’s always
a different challenge every day with different patient problems and personalities and I enjoy
building a rapport with patients. I take the time to listen to people and hear
things from their perspective and try to understand where they’re coming from. Building relationships with patients is the
best part of what I do. It’s enjoyable. Just over the years you get to know patients
in different situations. And the challenge of internal medicine. The diversity. I don’t dictate what patients do. I kind of do … I collaborate with my patients
for what care will work best for them. I kind of help people set goals and am patient
with people in terms of how to get to that goal. And when they’re ready to reach that goal
that they’re health wise. That’s the key to what I do. The most important thing is listening. With two patients if … you can’t develop
anything without listening to patients, so. I’ve always been very active. I do triathlons, I swim, I golf and I like
to ski. Just a lot of different activities that way.

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