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Doctor, what is Meniere’s disease? in a meniere’s disease, the endolymph and perilymph liquids inside the cochlea tends to mix mix up together at different parts of the cochlea depending upon the pressure inside which causes the vertigo tinnitus hearing loss and sometimes vomiting also naturally the meniere’s disease is a condition which the patient tends to have a sudden hearing loss in most of the case patient will be complaining about the tinnitus in a meniere’s condition if you see this graph 250Hz area of the audiogram tends to be in a much lesser level which is supposed to be the highest level of any normal person”s capacity is concern what happens the 250 Hertz in a audiogram is lying below say for example 60 decibel whereas the sound from very far distance say at 4000 Hertz and 8000 hertz is hearing at 20 decibel when the sound is utter from very near he is able to hear only at 60 decibel if it is from very far distance the person is able to hear at 10 or 20 decibel itself which means something is suspicious so these condition is called meniere’s disease it is treatable condition in a meniere’s condition the patient is advised not to put hearing aid at all no tinnitus masker at all the person with meniere’s disease should not sit in a giant wheel or other movements which is causing a circular movement in a centrifugal way etc what happens is it will mixes the further endolymph and perilymph in side the ears makes further loss so these types of things has to be avoided we have some instructions in our website why spinning head or vertigo develops can such patient can wear hearing aids? we already said that in a meniere’s disease the lesion happens the endolymph and perilymph both tend to get mixed when such a lesion is happening different area of cochlea the person tends to get a reduced liquid level in semicircular canal area of the cochlea which is actually maintains the balance system of our body usually head rotation of up to down or side ways or slanting the entire movements controlled by cochlea balance system is maintained b cochlea when that liquid is been reduced naturally a person is going to get the vertigo when the pressure is much more higher when the lesion much more higher the possibility of creating third window is also possible in the condition like a round window and oval window in additional to round window and oval window there will be third window in the superior part semi circular canal in that area the window tends to open up and there are some solutions available naturally for those things and there are some solutions through surgery for those type of third orifice those types of patients having third window in the superior semicircular area tends to hear own heart beat sound given them much more frighten to their own voice also some times even click click sound or very small sound tends to get irritated patient will be get irritating much bigger level for a very small sound in condition called SSD( superior semi circular dehiscence ) so try to treat meniere’s disease or tinnitus condition to prevent a condition to become SSD a person with vertigo or tinnitus advised to not to use tinnitus masker or hearing aids, why doctor? a person who having a tinnitus or a meniere’s disease or SSD should avoid using hearing aids because i have already said these thing happen due to lesion in the cochlea it is no use putting the chill power over the wound and and expecting the wound to heal likewise keep on putting much higher force to the cochlea by keeping a hearing aid or tinnitus masker in the hear canal naturally the force will be much more higher that will eventually destroy the residual hearing capacity ok tinnitus masker or tinnitus pure tone sounds or any hearing aids or even a head phone is not allowed to be used or particularly a person with tinnitus or hearing loss

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