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Meniere’s disease is characterized by
tinnitus and ear fundus that is followed by severe spinning attacks that last
hours to days. It is hypothesized that Meniere’s disease is due to an abnormal
increase in fluid within the endolymphatic chamber found within the
inner ear. Here we have the endolymphatic chamber in green and a surrounding perilymphatic chamber in blue. The vestibular membrane separates the endolymphatic
from the perilymphatic chambers. The fluid within each of these chambers are
different and kept in a stable equilibrium. However for unclear reasons
patients with Meniere’s disease will start to suffer from excessive fluid
buildup within the endolymphatic chamber causing the vestibular membrane to start
stretching. When this happens, symptoms of ear
fullness and tinnitus occur. Should enough fluid fill the endolymphatic
chamber, the vestibular membrane will eventually rupture causing the fluids
between the chambers to mix resulting in symptoms of spinning dizziness also
known as vertigo. Over hours to days, the vestibular membrane will slowly heal
back together and the fluid within the endolymphatic and perilymphatic
chambers will revert back to normal resulting in restoration of normal
hearing and balance. In order to prevent fluid from building up in the endolymphatic chamber, patients are often instructed to avoid salt, caffeine, and alcohol.
Diuretics may even be prescribed in order to be help prevent fluid buildup.
Should medical management fail, surgical intervention can be performed with
endolymphatic sac decompression surgery. The bone around the endolymphatic sac is
removed and a shunt placed to physically drain fluid out of the endolymphatic sac
to prevent excessive fluid buildup. In another variation of this surgery
called endolymphatic duct blockage, bone is removed around the duct and a
clip place to prevent fluid that is produced by the sac from building up in
the rest of the inner ear. Finally, if vertigo is still not well
controlled, the nerve going to the inner ear balance system can be cut surgically.
Alternatively, special drugs can be injected into the inner ear to
chemically destroy the balance system.

100 thoughts on “Meniere’s Disease – What Happens in the Inner Ear?

  1. I started hearing noise in my left ear in late 2014 and soon after my hearing gradually got more worse u have experience dizziness 3 times including yesterday with nausea the doctors haven't been helpful or even told me what it is I think I have meniers disease some one please reply and say if u think I do I am only young

  2. I was diagnosed with menieres 2 years ago and its ruining my life. The worst thing is that i have congenital nystagmus (involuntary movement nof the eyes) which diesnt help matters as its a double whammy!!

  3. I am 30 now, last year all of a sudden i lost my balance and couldn't even stand and a week later i lost my hearing. Now my left ear is dead and has continuous ringing in my ears some times heavy and some times like a jet engine and some times low. My right ear had a severe sensorineural hearing loss and now i have improved to moderate sensoreneural hearing loss. i cannot understand speed completely and cannot understand videos or music. Hearing aid wont work for me. Cochlear implants are costly , i cannot go for it. My life has been paused for a year now. Any one any suggestions for balance or tinnitus? Thanks

  4. It could be treated by BetaSERC ( Batahisten )
    It's gonna relax the pre-capillary sphincter and improve the blood circulation in the inner ear.

  5. I was devastated that my mum was diagnosed with this disease I was generally crying when she said the symptoms I just wanted to learn about it and help my mum after seeing her unconscious in A&E😭

  6. I am a physiotherapist. This is the most brilliant animation and explanation I've seen, and underwrites the importance of healthy diet, hydration, activity, and blood pressure in avoiding and recovering from Meniere's. All these things impact fluid balance, plasma and interstitial fluid viscosity, metabolic waste clearance, and inappropriate ion deposition into plaques or crystals.

  7. outstanding video. I have read about the mechanism hundreds of times, but never fully understood until I saw this video.

  8. what's the correlation between this disease intracranial hypertension? I believe my bouts of high intracranial pressure is where this started, as with my last increase I suffered hearing loss. now the ENT says he believes I am suffering early stages of this disease. I lost my hearing for two days and am now in steroids, again. I recall getting a pop on my left ear, could that have been the sac you mentioned?

  9. Guys I'm really scared. I am 18 years old and my hearing keeps degrading.. I never go to concerts, have music on my ears or am exposed to loud noises. I don't want to be deaf by my 20th 🙁 I have tinnitus for a long time now but I have no idea how I got it and why. I am super carefull with my ears and hearing because I want to treasure my hearing but nothing helps.

  10. I've always had issues with my ears since I was a baby but at 19 I began to have severe tinnitus and popping in my ears I also got ear infections once every 2 months by age 21 I was diagnosed with Ménière's disease and a lot of information about this disease is unknown and I'm currently 27 and my hearing is so bad I'm going to need hearing aids there is no cure so I hope no one is getting their hopes up watching this video the symptoms can somewhat be controlled but there is no guarantee

  11. All my issues started with wrongful dental procedures that shouldnt never happened. I don't wear headphones I hate loud noise. I been poked in the face by dentist that sent me to the er also suffer with fibromyalgia. Hissing in my ear and damaged jaw bone from dentists messing me over. Nickel poison mercury poison and headaces flare ups too.

  12. Hi, I was diagnosed with meniere's disease about a year ago, I find that whenever I go to the gym an exercise my vertigo seems to get worse, I can have up to 3 strong episodes while i'm at the gym. Is exercise bad for vertigo??

  13. hi
    i was leasing to music with handsite one ear and i fall to sleep , when i wake up i lost hearing more than 95% of this ear,and 5% from borne because i test my hearing by block it with my finger then i release it i found no different same level that can you hear it when you block your normal ear .
    i have no pain
    i have no congestion or cold
    Eustachian tube clear i can feel the drum when i blow my noise in my both ears
    but i have load tinnitus consistently in my ear side
    i take a lot of medic and vitamins and antibiotic for blood cyclization now for a month with no progress
    please help and thank you in advance

  14. I have found relief by using acupressure points on the ridge of the brow over the nose.
    relieves and prevents dizziness, done several times a day.

  15. I have a question and I hope someone answers. I've been having the ringing in my ears since like 5h grade. I used to freak out but I got used to it. Fast forward to 2017 I am now 16 years old and the ringing is still with me. But I feel like it's gotten worse, I can hear it most of the time now and I've been researching and I think I may have this. My ears do feel pressured but I've never fallen down or lost balance. I do feel like I'm going to faint but only when I stand up to fast. And recently I've been feeling very tired and my head is foggy I gotten lazy at school. If I do have mineares, will my hearing loss get worse over the years.will I go completely deaf at one point ? I don't wanna lose so much hearing at such an young age. Will I live a normal life until my 50 or 60? I don't mind losing hearing until then but I'm so young and I've been cursed to have these symptoms. I also am overweight does high blood pressure play a role in the tinnitus? If I lose weight would that help ? I wish I would've gone to a specialist sooner I feel like it's too late now. But I will get checked soon.please someone answer.

  16. My tinnitus started about 9 years ago, vertigo episodes followed about 5 years later. Initially, my Doctor misdiagnosed my condition. I finally saw an EMT about 3 years ago. He says that I have Meniere's. I have constant tinnitus now. I've lost 1/2 of
    the hearing in my left ear, both volume and clarity. Right ear OK. Vertigo attacks usually preceded by drop in left ear hearing, fullness, pressure. Meclizine helps nausea for me. I take a .25mg daily and haven't vomited since last October despite 10-15 vertigo attacks. Some worse than others. I think that mine may be triggered by a sudden head movement also. My situation had gradually worsened, but tolerable. Steroids didn't help. I haven't reached the stage yet when I would consider surgery. Fortunately,
    I am retired. Meniere's would present a challenge if I were still working. I don't know anyone else who has Meniere's. If you do,
    try the diet suggestions and take Meclizine. The BPPV/Epley maneuver won't help you. Good luck and God bless!

  17. since the end og 2016 til now I've been dealing with tinnitus (i only hear it loudly at night in bed), I've always had it but it hadn't been this bad, i do get mild cases of vertigo when i drink caffeine but it's weird cause i get it and sometimes i don't, I'm 34 and fell like my age is catching up, also aggrevated about all this, I'm going to lower my sodium to 0 for the next month, see what happens, i saw the hearing doctor and he said im slightly deaf, like 1 notch, on one ear and sometimes on that ear in the morning it feels swollen inside, doctor said it swimmers ear but i haven't got water in it

  18. hey a final year med student right here. the illustration is great! just some constructing advise tho, don't be afraid to make the narrative a bit more fun! the voice is kind of flat, and the background music doesn't help either. nevertheless, please continue making videos! 🙂

  19. There are a variety of treatments for vertigo including self-care remedies, medications, and physical therapy maneuvers.Learn How To get Rid Of Vertigo ,Dizziness In less Than 15 days with this natural and safe method->

  20. I believe my inner ear part is infected behind the ear drum. I put peroxide in it to help with the infection, the sever itchyness on my eardrum and around it and the muscle spasms it feels like. I heard it was ok, Ive done it before. I used a ear drop. It started to bubble all of the way out my ear it was crazy my whole inner ear must be infected. within an instant it felt like it went behind my ear druminto my inner ear and i felt a spike of pain I have never felt in my life. it felt like I was stabbed or forcefully pushed in the ear but a thick needle. It hurt so goddamn bad. Ill never do that again. I did a few times before and each time the pain got worse. It flarred up my tinnitus too and now its louder than its been in months. I totally regret it, now i Have sore inner ear and my tinnitus is ridiculously loud when I alrrady have it in both ears. I also have 2 different kinds of ringing in my ear too. Ive never heard of this beforre besides myself. It sucks. One that sounds like a low pitch but its loud and constant, the other high pitched piercing ringing sound thats goes to one ear to the other at the back of the head. the lower high pitch one goes straight out the ear. I basically have a ringing in my skull and one coming out my ear, both coming out the same ear. I'm only 28 and have had ear issues since I was kid. Doctors never do anything, I cant afford the ear drops, though ive tried them all. They write down my visits like its the first time ive been there over and over again. Its takena big toll oon my life. ill never expierence what Silence islike for the rest of my life. Ill never know Silence again. Im severely depressed now. I've accepted that things will never get better now. I just want to make the rest of my life comfortable now. Play video games, drown my severe ringing out with music or games. Smoke some pot to forget and help sleep. All I need now is some opiates to help me be comfortable. Im only 28 and I cry and struggle every night because of this. I wanted more in life.

  21. Hello friends.. i was suffering from meniers disease since last 3 yrs.. i visited many doctor but no improvement.. i was feeling imbalanced.. vertigo.. and ringing in my ear.. lastly one person told me about a aayurveda doctor in rajasthan.. i went there.. he is a old man arount 75 yrs old.. i told every thing that was happening with me last 3 yrs.. he gave me 10 days medicine and i feel improvement.. after that he gave me 2 month medicine.. my vertigo is gone.. and 90% imbalance cure.. ringing in ear also decreased by around 60 to 70%.. and now i can hear with my effected ear easily.. he is not only a doctor but also a god for me.. i suggest you to please meet him.. if you r in problem you ccan contact me..

  22. This dizziness vertigo treatment “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) took away my head spinning and aided with my dizziness. I get vertigo a few times each year will so this be my go to item for now on. This method is non-drowse, so I`m not bothered of dozing off at the job. This therapy is right for me!

  23. I've been diagnosed with Menieres disease. Can I still listen to headphones? I don't know if this will effect my balance and I'm scared to even try.

  24. Dizziness had various phases for my spouse for four to five years, so I offered him the dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it). Four days later, he started to get a clearer head for a long time period, but not yet completely. I`m hoping this treatment will be the solution and also he will have no more dizziness issues to endure.

  25. I obtain vertigo episodes a lot! The episodes usually last for about 7 days. It was demanding and bad. I started taking dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) when I was battling a small vertigo attack right after enduring a week long episode in March. The vertigo seemed to disappear rather quickly.

  26. I obtain vertigo episodes a lot! The episodes usually last for about a week. It was nerve-racking and bad. In March, I experienced attack a week-long vertigo that prompted me to use the dizziness vertigo treatment “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it). Lastly, I found an item which delivered vertigo away completely.

  27. 3 years being in remission my meniere's came back with an attack that lasted 12 hours and I had the whole works.


  28. Sad terrible condition man.. If u see this comment Anthony hit like.. Trying to see if my comments will show up when u view what I send

  29. This is one of the worse conditions to ever have to face and deal with.. Not enough words will ever allow a person to feel what this is like unless they actually go thru it themselves💔💔🤢🤢😢😢😢

  30. The Constant pressure in my right 👂, along with ongoing tinnitus, and vertigo makes me wonder if I'm actually dying smh. Lord grant us all who suffers from any type of VD strength to live a normal life some way.. Thank u Jesus in advance for any healing that u may provide. I would not wish this on anyone except ppl who torture animals or evil ppl. 😨😨😨😨

  31. Hi I am Diane and I have mrnirres disease in2 ears and Dr Robinson made my left ear surgically deaf but my right ear is acting like my left ear cause I have menirtes disease in 2 ears and it not good feeling I hate in

  32. Hi I am Diane and I have mrnirres disease in2 ears and Dr Robinson made my left ear surgically deaf but my right ear is acting like my left ear cause I have menirtes disease in 2 ears and it not good feeling I hate in I had it since I was 24 YRS OLD AND I AM GOING ON 60 YRS old

  33. Hey im struggling with these dizziness and nausea that nasty things. I lost my left ear hearing last year. My doc diagnosed me its sudden hearing loss which is he said i have never back my left ear hearing. Pls tell me is there any difference between Meniere disease and sudden hearing loss?

  34. I was diagnosed last June and had tinnitus and spells of vertigo. I stopped taking the diuretics my doctor prescribed and moved on to Gingko and various other natural supplements. I also started intermittent fasting as I heard it could help rejuvenate cells. I haven't had any dizziness since last September and only have mild tinnitus now. I hope that you will also be able to recover. You need to drink less coffee and alcohol, exercise, stay hydrated and eat healthily at a minimum.

  35. I have it right now😭😭😭… Isit that scary??.. Can it happen to the other ear??… I cant even study or go to school properly

  36. I have been diagnosed with menieres disease. Totally ruin my life. 24hour vertigo and spinning. No comfort even at night or day . plz help me…

  37. I have all of the symptoms of meneirs except vomiting, also I have hearing loss, but I keep passing the hearing tests, like a few weeks ago my sister was standing next to me talking in my ear and I didn't even notice. My mom was like "umm Emilee, she's talking to you!!" I didn't even realize it.

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  39. I've been dealing with this disease for 3 years now. I know some been having it longer. But as of late this disease have been getting stronger. I'm frequently getting dizzy, nausea and ringing of the ears. It's so bad that I have to call in from work on some days. Because the episodes can last for a day. Luckily my job have the family emergency leave act (FMLA). Which means I can call off from work, and use my sick leave without management harassing me for calling ins. But yeah, this disease can only be maintain by medicines and treatments. Yes the the disease is incurable.

  40. I am 23 The hardest thing about menieres that hurt me the most was that I had high hopes in joining the foreign legion I would study the language 35 hours a week excerise to my fullest extent & even keep a job I’d work at for 40hours a week thinking that I could make my dreams a reality but now things are looking dark and lonely it’s hard to even work with this disease anxiety hits me every time not knowing when the next attack is coming I hope they find a cure for us all I’m not a Christian but I’ve been praying on the clock now

  41. Very good video. This perfectly explains our disorder. It can be an absolute hell. I'm "bilateral" meaning I have this in both ears. It's taken my hearing in my right ear and I've had the Endolyphatic decompression sack (shunt) installed on that side and we are considering cutting the nerve because I'm having progressively more frequent attacks. I'd love if this page could reproduce the sensations and sounds we hear with the tinnitus and Diplacusis.

  42. my belief is that many people are misdiagnosed with menieres, they were born with perfectly normal ears, at some point in their life they cause damage to the brainstem (whiplash, car accident ect…) have a sore neck for a few years then 15 years after the accident they get the terrible symptoms that bring their life to a standstill (symptoms mimicking menieres almost perfectly) the brainstem houses the 12 cranial many diseases like trigeminal neuralgia, myasthenia gravis ect…the nerve endpoint is blamed (nerves of the face) when the culprit is scar tissue and inflammatory process of the medula, like an autoimmune reaction. the number of people who have had neck trauma and later diagnosed with menieres is staggering. i put my head through a windshield exactly 15 years before i had my first symptoms…

  43. All my symptoms point at this disease. I get attacks once or twice a day. Each time it happens I feel like the world was yanked out under my feet. I trip and nearly fall at times doing nothing but simple task. I went to a urgent care clinic and all they said was one of my tubes was inflamed(no infection) gave me some anti bodies and sent me on my way. Needless to say it did not help at all. I'm going Monday to my local doc and will bring up this disease.

  44. Been living with this for 30 years. I am 60. I used to have attacks daily. Lost my hearing in that ear. A product has changed my life. It's called Vertisil. Nonprescription. 1 in the morning, another around 6pm. No side effects. Completely natural ingredients. I have been on it for several years now, and honestly, I don't know how long it's been since my last attack. You can get it on Amazon. Highly recommend.

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