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In this video I am sharing with you menopause symptoms and home remedies. Symptoms of Menopasue- Excessive Sweating Increased Heart Beat Hot Flashes Insomnia Increased abdominal fat Dry Vagina Urinary Tract Infections Joint and muscle pain Stress Mood Swings Depression Life style changes to cope up with Menopause symptoms Include Organic fruits and vegetables in your diet Include kale, broccoli and cabbage in your diet Include soaked almonds and flax seeds in your diet Drink beetroot and carrot juice. Consume Pumpkin seeds. It will redcuce mood swings. Consume Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds contain natural Estrogen. Use virgin coconut oil, pal oil and olive oil in cooking Consume 1 spoon of mulethi powder daily. Drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Say no to Processed and packaged food. Avoid carbonated drinks Do yoga Everyday Meditate daily. It will reduce your emotional stress. Make a social circle. Connect with People Pursue your hobbies Sleep for at least 7 hours daily

7 thoughts on “Menopause Symptoms in Hindi | Home remedies & Tips to reduce Menopause Symptoms| Menopause Diet

  1. Madam my age 39.nov 21st start period. 25th finish. After 17days 8th Dec one-day period normal one-day. After not coming period. Any menopause sympitems mam

  2. Pooja mam excellent video!! My age is 37 I am in menopause stage my weight is not decreasing I am yoga regularly since 4 months but nowadays I am having little knee pain in my right leg & kat kat sound is coming can you pls tell how to deal with this problem & can you pls suggest some diet chart for weight loss & can I do intermittent fasting to lose weight sorry for the descriptive comments but I think you can understand me pls reply if you can

  3. Mam sirf 30 years ki hui hn isi sal..shadi ko 10 ho gae bache nahin hn sab symptoms pichle ek sal se mjhme hn …or mera weights b jadi barh raha he..bht preshan hn plz help me

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