Taking Charge of Your Health

My name is Mazzi and I’m part of Spice
Of My People. ♫Music Playing♫ I’m originally Syrian. I grew up in
Brazil and then when I was 14 my parents decided to move to Dubai. And one of the
things that stuck with me in Dubai was that how everybody was always trying to
make money. ♫Music Playing♫ At the age of 23 I decided that I wanted to be a millionaire at the age of 30. My father had already made it in his life and he retired at the age of
40 and, so for me, it was kind of like trying to get an achievement that I
could do it before he did. At 23 I started my first business and when I was
30 I had made a few million dollars. I
bought myself a Ferrari for my 30th birthday. About two weeks after I bought
the car I was coming out from a party and I was drinking that night. I got into
a really big accident with five cars and I ended up under a pickup truck. I spent
one night in jail and in that one night that I was in jail was really, really
powerful night because here I was this guy that you know in my own mind and my own ego I had achieved so much but yet I was in the same kind of cell and
everything as everybody else. And I realized that my lifestyle was not
really what I wanted. I thought that you know happiness could be bought and I
would go and stay in 5-star hotels around the world, but I wasn’t happy and
so I left Dubai. I gave away my businesses and I started traveling. I
went to Europe, I went to many places. I backpacked at first. I stayed in hostels.
It was just strange being coming from 5-star kind of hotel life to you know
sharing dorms with people. I basically now I travel mostly in South America. My
base right now is in a place called Vilcabamba, Ecuador and it’s a beautiful
little village in the mountains. ♫Music Playing♫ Every so often I decide to go away for
a few months and go and discover so I don’t get used to being just in that
beautiful place. Now I’m actually living in my van and I’m absolutely loving my
life. ♫Music Playing♫ I bought this van in San Diego. That’s where I started my journey up here to Oregon. This van is a 1985 VW Adventure Wagon. It’s really nice because I can
actually stand up in this van, which is a little different than the Westfalia.
So I can stand up. I can be totally comfortable while I’m cooking while I’m
doing anything here and it’s easy to access my storage area up here. This desk folds down and then over here is where my bed pops out so I lower the seat and
then this unfolds into a double bed. Up here is another bed but for now I’ve
used it mostly for storage and then over here I have a sink and just where you
are over there is where I have a stove. Then I have also a fridge in here. The only
thing I don’t have as a shower, but that I can always go out and get showered
somewhere else. So I’ve started a new business now, but
now this new business that I’ve started has a completely different purpose. Spice
Of My People is basically I buy things from different parts of the world like
stones and medicine from Brazil like tribal medicines and things like that
and I take them to different places where people haven’t heard about them or
things are starting to get known and that’s what we call Spice Of My People.
This is the box of goodies, some of the things that I carry. Some incense here.
These are Frankincense from Ethiopia. I have frankincense from Oman. I carry
Myrrh. I have copal from South America. Sage from the United States and then a bunch of Tibetan Sandalwood. These are also some of the goodies that I carry. These are mouth harps, they’re musical instruments.
It’s one of the oldest musical instruments ever made. *plays* I’m not very good at it, but I’m learning and this is a really cool instrument for meditation
and you know just playing by the fire. it goes really well with the didgeridoo
which is also another instrument that I’ve been carrying as well.
I have portable didgeridoos which are easy to store in the van. And so the most
valuable incense in the world is actually this Omani incense. Boswellia
Sacra is the name of the type of incense and it’s just has such a
wonderful smell and now in Oman, which is near Dubai, they’ve been using
it for treatments of cancer as well. I want to be able to get the best products
out there to the people. All my businesses now which is I have got this business
that I just started and I’ve got a falafel restaurant I started in
Vilcabamba. 50% of everything that I make I donate it to charity. Right now we have
one active center that is in the south of Brazil in this small fishing village
and we’ve set up a little medical clinic for them. We have a full-time doctor and
a full-time nurse that is paid by the government. We’ve donated the house that was on the property and we basically provide services to people completely
for free. The reason why I’ve changed mostly is because I met this really
inspiring woman. Her name is Milena and today she’s my wife. When I first met Milena she got really sick. She’s had two cancers, a bone-marrow transplant,
and then later on a tumor in her thyroid. Basically all the money that I
had mostly made in Dubai went towards buying these properties
and then paying off for medical expenses from her and from people in her family that we helped. Feeling that suffering and seeing that
suffering that she’s going through it was like a direct experience for me even
though I wasn’t actually you know being the one that was sick, but I noticed how
much money we had spent. We’ve spent over a million dollars in hospital bills and
so this project that now we’re doing just seems like the right thing for us
to do and have it completely sustainable. And the way to do that is with this new
business ideas that I’ve been coming up with and just living like a hippie you
know. I’m living like a hippie, but I’m also you know have the mind of a
businessman you know. ♫Music Playing♫ I’ve been realizing that the secret to
my happiness at least has been to detach from a lot of the things that I gathered
over my you know thirty first years of my life. I own properties in Dubai and
and I own properties in different places but it was always a worry or the
money I had in the bank and what’s the interest rate I’m making on this and how
much of that and so now I’ve gotten to the point where most of this is not
important anymore. And so my secret to happiness is to live in the present and
I feel that the more I’m in line with what I’m really here to do, the more I am
happy doing it and and then the right people come my way and the right
situations happen and everything just becomes great. I am happier than I’ve
ever been in my life. I don’t remember ever ever seeing a picture of myself
smiling in it and now I can hardly take the smile off my face whenever I’m going
around you know. I hope that you enjoyed today’s episode. I apologize for not posting for the past three weeks. I’ve been working on a farm out here in
Oregon to replenish my funds so that I can continue to make content for you. But
today, I launched a Patreon campaign that if you would like to support the channel
and become an assistant producer to the content that I produce go over to Contribute as much as you would
like to. It would be greatly appreciated and you would help support the channel
and support the content so that I can produce better content for you. Also over
on the Patreon page I’ll be putting out little bits of content here and there
that is exclusive to patrons and so if you would like to be a member of that
group in that little club that I’m creating go over to and contribute as much as you would like. But anyway, thank you guys and I will see you guys next week!

100 thoughts on “MILLIONAIRE GIVES Away MONEY and LIVES in VW Van

  1. Mazzi you radiate such peaceful vibes. May you continue to do good for those around you and have health and happiness ?

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    Money on million dollar level. Or at the very least see what’s goin on out there .

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  5. Cool story, glad you found out what life is really about. It's really not about the color green. You sre a good person .peace and light to you brother, its a shame more don't see and understand your ways

  6. You are crazy. Here I am looking for a job and you are giving away your fortune. Money makes not happiness, it buys the yach and money to buy it. And you don't make money in Dubai just because you make money in Dubai. You make money in Dubai because your dad is a millionaire. Secret to happiness is money my friend. No money, no nothing.

  7. Well he didnt gave up lying for profit… growing a beard and showing his old school campervan, who believes that shit xD

  8. Another example of another person who proves the theory that "People who say Money isnt everything, has never been poor." I guarantee you he didnt make that money with out a an huge investment from his Dad. Cause if he had started from scratch, he would have never given it up. It takes a lot to build an empire, what ever you define as an empire. When you do, you wont ever give it up.

  9. being humble and becoming one with the earth and nature is real life living…Living a simple life is LIFE!!!!He is perfect example how must of us should be living and helping eachother out…

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  12. Stories like these are beautiful. I'm so glad he found enlightenment and is now living happily.
    But I do think they help the negative stigma of money prevail.
    The truth is: the more money you make, the more people you can help. Your friends, your family, your favorite charity, etc.
    As for what it does to you, money won't change you. It just helps you become what you truly are. If you get money and become a party-loving, greedy and selfish individual, that was always you. You just didn't have the means to manifest it.

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