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Hello I am Dr. Dhananjay Chavan Dermatologist
and hair transplant surgeon at hair MD and clear skin Pune
We will discuss about minoxidil today that is formulation 2% minoxidil 5% minoxidil
and there are 10% minoxidil solution 3% minoxidil solution 7% minoxidil lot of percentage
medicine has come into the market will discuss something about that first of all US FDA
has approved minoxidil for postponding or preventing the baldness or thinning of hair
especially in pattern baldness that is either male pattern baldness and female pattern
baldness initially 2% minoxidil was approved for baldness in both in female also and male
also but 5% immediately it was again approved especially or mainly for male pattern
baldness because it was proved that instead of 2% 5% minoxidil gives better results in
male but in case of female if you use 5% or if you use 2% it doesn’t make any
difference as per results so in female they have restricted use of minoxidil to 2% only
because 5% minoxidil especially in female may lead to unwanted hair growth or other
adverse effect 2 percent minoxidil yes if a person is more than 18 years of old when
he is having pattern baldness or whenever family
hair loss history is there or you are a diagnosed as baldness person male pattern
baldness or female pattern baldness then 2% minoxidil is useful it has to be used in twice
a day for 1 ml in the morning 1 ml at night and minimum 2 to 4 months it takes to
show its results if your hair loss or thinning of hair doesn’t show any improvement
in 4 months time then minoxidil is useless for your hair loss or your baldness
it is not working in your case then you should stop initially after application of
Minoxidil in couple of weeks or in moths time you may see that your hair loss is increased
yes this thing happens because with minoxidil the Telogen
hair they are Shade off and new anagen phase start this is positive sign that minoxidil
is working in your case so don’t get frightened just due to Excess hair loss it
might be good sign but if after applying minoxidil 2% after one month or two months
still you continue your hair loss excessive hair loss then minoxidil is not working in
your case you should consult your Dermatologist now what about 2% minoxidil
when it is used especially in female it should be avoided in pregnant female lactating female
they should not use it is avoided in children and it is avoided in any other hormonal
hair loss other than pattern baldness especially drug induce hair loss telogen effvilum
or cicatricial alopecia or hair loss due to any hair related
treatment and all this things especially in these cases it may not be useful even not
each and every female or each and every male will respond very well to the 2% minoxidil
or 5% minoxidil minoxidil response is unpredictable in few patient it gives very good
results but in few patients it may not give good results at all then after 4 months you
should stop about 5% minoxidil especially it is recommended for male pattern baldness
and male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia
in male again more than 18 years of age female they should avoid 5% because there
is no advantage of it or in males more than 18
years of age not in 16 years or 15 years or in children it should not be used in male
also it has to be applied twice a day morning 1
ml and night 1 ml and especially if you cut your
hair small then chances of minoxidil to get applied over the scalp instead of the hair
shaft will be more so 1 ml minoxidil will sufficient
to cover whole scalp area which is going to become bald or which is thinning so having
short hair will increase efficacy of minoxidil in
majority of person again here also not all mens will respond similarly to the minoxidil
its response is unpredictable so some patients
may respond well some may not respond well the
time duration if it doesn’t respond in 4 months time better to stop instead of continuously
using it initial shedding of hair and all the things same like 2% what we use third
important thing about 2% and 5% minoxidil is how to
use when to use already I have explained in another
video how to use weather after bath and all the things when to stop minoxidil yes especially
after 4 months if you don’t get respond better stop
it and consult your Dermatologist again revive what may be
the cause for your hair loss if you are you don’t have got any family history of thinning
or loss and all the thing then chances that your hair loss might be due to some other
causes remember one thing 10% minoxidil 3% minoxidil or there are so many other
combination of minoxidil not much study and not much FDA approval is there evidence base
in some patient especially the patients in which hair loss is for a longer time grade
5 grades 6 hair loss is there then in some patient 10% minoxidil is working in better
form but it is not proved beyond doubt in some patient it will not respond suppose a
person respond to male especially in female nothing
more than 2% but in male suppose somebody uses 10% minoxidil it is very difficult to
come down to 5% in majority of patient if they respond well to 10% minoxidil and
after sometime after 6 months 1 year if that person reapply 10% instead of 10%
5% minoxidil then hair loss may increased so
before starting 10% minoxidil you have to think 10 times before starting 10%
minoxidil because it is not US FDA approved it is evidence based and in few patient
it may give results twice a day application for minimum 4 months is important when you
will stop use of minoxidil what will happen whatever thinning of your hair has occurred
on premature anagen phase usually occurs in those baldness patient in those patient again
effect of minoxidil vanishes if you stop in couple of months or two three months time
and then again shedding start thinning start and
then the patient may feel that after stopping minoxidil my hair loss has increased
or my badness has increased more than what it was it is going to because temporary minoxidil
postponds your baldness temporary minoxidil whenever apply then it reduces thinning it
makes hair thin it increases anagen phase whenever you will stop again nature will take
hormones will have their own actions and baldnesss will start so before starting minoxidil
you should think you should have consultation of dermatologist so that he can
help you how to take out the minoxidil I think other combination minoxidil with aminexil
minoxidil with finasteride and minoxidil with capaxinel and all these things studies
are going on when minoxidil itself it’s action is when not predited then all these
combinations live apart its action also not predited in some patients it may give action
some patient may not give action in receding hairline also majority of patient
they do not get respond but few patient get response with either 2% or 5%
minoxidil response to minoxidil is unpredictable if you get you are lucky if
you don’t get don’t feel shy there are other ways
where we can treat it if you got still anymore a difficulty or some any
questions regarding minoxidil yes write down or Email us we will try to answer you
or visit our website where we update information
about hair loss and management of hair loss there also you can ask questions
we will try to answer it as early as possible or you can subscribe to our
YouTube channel also will try to update you as early as possible thank you thank
you very much

100 thoughts on “Minoxidil 2% vs 5% vs 10% for male & female hair loss | HairMD, Pune

  1. Sir,i am using minoxidil 10% from last 7,8 months,new hairs grows initially .but after few months their is no such improvement in hair growing..should i go to 12% or should i reduce minoxidil to 7%.???please suggest…

  2. Sir my doctor recommended me 3% minoxidril of curlz-f 3% brand is it right or not my age 21 (male)
    Problem is execive hair loss

  3. Sir….I buy a mx2 solution..but I don't know how to wash after apply the solution…can I wash hair by using shampoo or with plain water…

  4. Sir, Maine pehle Regaine 5 use karta tha, recently I shift to Morr F5.. Regaine use karne ke baad scalp dry hone me 1 se 2 hours time laagta tha, aur yeh normal hai Maine suna… Lekin Morr F 5 use karne ke 20 minutes ke andaar dry ho jata hai scalp… Is platform me ap koi brand name use nahi kaarte hai, but aap please itna bataiye ki scalp jaaldi aur der se dry hone ka reason keya hai? Please sir.

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  9. Sir mene 5% minoxidil use kiya, usse hairs bhi aaye lekin vo ab grow nahi kar rahe, or purane long hair bhi jhad gaye, or me 5% 5 month se continue use kar raha hu, to kya ab growth nhi ho rahi , baby hairs ko continue bada karne or jhadne se rokne k liye 10% minoxidil use karna shuru karu???

  10. Sir, meri age 28 years h…Female.
    Mere very long hairs hai..lekin thin hai aur last 1 year se…mere hairs bahot fall ho gye hai…jisse mere skalp ki back side wale area me mere hairs itna fall ho gye hai ki…mere skalp clearly dikhta hai…
    Pls guide me…

  11. Thank you sir for this valuable video. I don't remember exactly what my mother used last time 5 or 2% probably was 5%. Thank you for giving this medical advice free of cost for us. Other then all the bs videos going on youtube of no worth medical videos are a treasure. Thank you again

  12. Iam just 21 and loosing so much of hair daily now having a M shaped baldness ,does using minoxidil will solve my problems and after using it for many month if I stopped using minoxidil will my hair will again fall??

  13. Sir maine ek month 10% use kiya to results dikhne lage fir maine next month se 5% suru kr dia 3 month ho gaye 5% use karte hue baal poore thick ho gaye hai lekin mujhe lagta hai result kam aa rahe hai 10 ke mukable …abh 5% hi continue rakhu ya 10% use kru

  14. Sir i used regane 5% for only 2 months it showed good results but then their was hair fall i am below 18 age now i am using torr 5%

  15. Sir Minoxin 5% use krnay se female harmones disturbed hotay hain kia ? Or menstual cycle ruk jaty han ? For females

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  18. Hi sir, Does biotin supplements helps in improving hair growth. Also, I ve read minoxidil can also cause libido and some says using minoxidil worsened their hairloss

  19. Sir meri age 22..h and my hair growth nhi ho rhi h….aur mere hair day by day ptle ho gye h…aur kai Jgh se skin dikhne lgi h….can l use minoxidil for hair growth Tell me please…….

  20. Hi Dr. Dhananjay,
    I used Minoxidil 5% for 1 year & 10% for 1.5 years. After 2.5 years there was around 30% more hair on my head, people thought I am wearing a wig! I was very happy with the results ,but now the hairfall has again started & there is a notable baldness.
    I am 32 and still using mintop 10% twice a day, can you let me know why this is happening and will my hair ever grow back again?

  21. Hi Dr. Dhananjay,

    I am using minoxidil 2% and it controls my hair fall pretty well. Do i still need to use 5% minoxidil.
    My age is 28 and i am a male. I had stopped using it for around 3 or 4 months but again my hair fall started and i started using 2% minoxidil.

    I went to a doctor as well he prescribed me 10% minoxidil. Please help me out here, i am really confused.

    Thanks for your help

  22. Sir, when i started to use the minoxidal,then after one a month i feel positive result but during two to three month my hair fall occuring and i use the minoxidl continue please give me any tips

  23. hii dr
    i used it for beard….for 6 month…it grown….medium….after shave will it grow??…OR ….will i apply oil on beard to strengthen it befor shave?????

  24. मैने डाक्टर को बाल दिखाए उन्होंने मुझे mx-5 दिया, पर mx- नहीं था मेडिकल पर तो उन्होंने मुझे mx-10 दिया, मेरी उम्र 18+ है क्या इसे लगाने से कोई प्राब्लम थोड़ी होगी, मुझे सुबह शाम 1ml लगाने को बताया है.plz reply

  25. Sir .. I was using minoxidil 5% & it was working.. but it causes some facial hair growth.. so what should I do . If switching on minoxidil 2 be effective? Plz suggest me

  26. Hello sir I'm suffering from alopecia areata since 5 years. Tell me minoxidil solution is better for me or not.and which percent minoxidil solution give better result.

  27. Hi Dr,

    I was priscribed to use minoxidil 5% as a part of treatment. But I jst found a warning telling that it should not be used in women of reproductive age group. Should I continue using it

  28. Sir i am using minoxidil 5.0% from last 1.5months but my hair is falling like hell….i have lost my hair while combing oiling shampoo…it is full right from the roots…what to do please suggest

  29. Sir I'm 19yrs I'm using minoxidil from 1 month my hair is falling more and when I keep minoxidil at night it is not getting dried till mrng
    It is wet

  30. Sir minoxydil ke jagah mor f 5 % kaisa h. Fda approved h ya ni
    Mere dermatologist ne suggest kiya
    Apki ray janna chahta hu
    Plz rreply

  31. Sir I am suffering from hormonal imbalance and have ovarian cyst. For baldness , skin doctor recommended me 5% , should I use it.

  32. Minoxidil Ka use ek din m only Raat ko kr skte h ya morning or night dono m hi krna important h ,,,plz reply

  33. Hello sir iam akshay 24 year old . Iam started using of minoxidil but during initial stage (12 days ) my hair loss is increased as compared to before use of minoxidil . can I continue or stop using

  34. Sir I am 27 year old..from last 3 years my hair getting los and now I have very thin hair..I have never consult to doctor..when I used medicine of kedney stone my hair loss started….My father have also same thin hair…what should I do sir is my hai loss is genetic or due to use of medicine ..

  35. Sir. Me 4 mth se 2% use kr rhi hu…new hair to grw huwa thoda but hair fall bhut bar gya ha…mne jb 5% use ki this meri 2 mth me hair fall bandh ho gyi thi…plz help me…

  36. Hello sir!!
    I have been using 5%minoxidile since a month , I didn't knew that it's not for female .
    Will it wouldn't be beneficial for me and there is any side effects also of it ?

  37. Hello sir I am from chennai i have one question can we apply oil daily at night while using hair 4u .please tell me when apply oil

  38. Sir main morr f 5% 1ml day night use kr rha hu. Iske sath koi oil balo me use krna chyta hu to plz aap bta dijiye kaise or kab use kr skta hu

  39. Dr. Said hair loss due to low protein I started eating 4-6 eggs daily No Improvement now I'm addicted to egg become eggetarian from vegitarian. Dr. Said Hair loss due to DHT I started drinking carrot juice No Improvement !

  40. Can i use in my whole scalp or not ….

    I have vary hair loss problm

    What can i do
    Plzzz tell me and i am 23+

  41. Hello this is farhan
    I have hair loss problem from last many years but i dont have total hair loss my hairs was less it has gap between plz recommend me something
    And i am also suffer from vitiligo from last 14 years j have some spots on legs and face and from scalp and private parts plz sir suggest me something
    Thank you

  42. Sir meri age 28 he muje white hair ki aana start huva hai to kese isko rok sakti hu sir plz. Bataiye….. or muje hair fall ke liye dermetolist ne minoxidil 5% diya he vo lagati hu 1 ml subah or sham….mere hair already start to ho gya tha white hona… minoxidil se huva aesa nahi kahti me…..minoxidil start kiya vo 2 month huva hai …. to sir plz bataiye white hair ke liye ….

  43. Hello sir,
    I have male type of alopecia and first, I’ve used mintop pro for 2 months which was prescribed by my doctor. And after that, I’ve used Hair Joy foam (5%) for another 2months. The results was good those days. But Now I’m using Minoxidil 10% (by Mintop) and my hair fall increased. Should I back to minoxidil 5% ? Please help me sir.

  44. Sir can i use it for my beard growth.. Now iam 18.. Still there is no beard for me . Please reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  45. Hello sir, im 27yrs old and im having hair fall since last 1.5yrs.One of my doctor told me that their are no issues with my hair its a normal hairfall but other doctor suggested me mintop 5%, plz tell me should i use this or not.

  46. Hello sir, I am having hair loss and I consulted dermatologist… she asked me to use chymotra solution but it doesn't available in the medical…shall I use minoxidil?

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