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hello friends and patience today we look
into a proven DIY hair loss treatment combination that really works to regrow
hair in both men and women we learn everything about the inexpensive derma
rollers plus a miracle secret combo treatment that really works wonders to
cure baldness we’ll also learn how to correctly use derma rollers what else
you can get rid of using these micro needling devices what precautions to
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end now let’s begin what is a derma roller also called
derma rolling micro needling and also collagen induction treatment it’s a
simple DIY procedure in which thousands of little tiny needles are inserted into
the surface of the skin using a rolling or a stamping device do not get scared
though it looks in ways even scary the needles are just about 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm
deep for the task it can be safely used at home without any dermatologist
consultation what does this derma roller actually do that is the mechanism of
action of derma rollers rolling tiny needles on your skin induces minut
microscopic holes underneath the skin layers which induces collagen and
elastin production will not go into the molecular details of this how this
happens but just remember two things that happen after micro needling number
one neo Kola Genesis that is production of new collagen tissue under the skin
and number two neovascularization meaning formation of new blood vessels
of capillaries which happen due to the release of growth factors following
needle piercing of the stratum corneum layer of the skin please watch this
video till the end we’ll demonstrate on how to you
Dermaroller for hair growth and also reveal you the miracle hair growth
formula for guaranteed hair growth well now what are the medical uses of derma
rollers apart from hair regrowth and varnish
treatment it’s primarily used to treat acne scar removal and also for facial
rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment and also for transdermal drug delivery
like PRP and miso therapy that can be combined with derma rolling now what
size derma roller should I select derma roller size is based on its micro needle
size ranging from 0.2 mm to 3 mm depending on what you want to achieve
like for removing deeper scars you may need deeper penetration never use deeper
needles like 1 mm or about without dermatologist consultation and remember
derma rollers greater than 0.3 mm in length are not approved by the FDA that
is the food and drug administration department now what size is recommended
for hair loss treatment for hair growth to use it on a receding hairline or even
to grow on a patchy beard you can use 0.25 mm weekly twice or 0.5 mm derma
roller weekly once they come in stainless steel or titanium needles and
the titanium needles are more durable and the next part of this video is very
important please watch carefully and stay hooked till end how to use derma
roller for Parnas treatment well first of all you must remember to take some
precautions of every use to avoid chances of infection
the first precaution is either use of fresh box pack derma roller every time
all disinfected by soaking in 70% isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol
soak it approximately for 10 to 15 minutes before every use you can also
use 6% hydrogen peroxide solution which is easily available from your local
medical store derma roller is a very inexpensive device it costs anywhere
between five to ten dollars you can purchase it even online it I have
provided the links in the description below the video well the next precaution
to be aware of is never use somebody else derma roller on yourself
this can transfer infections including HIV hepatitis B C
and though it’s very rare it’s better to take safety precautions also be aware
some cheap quality derma roller needles can break into your skin not too much to
worry about if the size is less than 0.5 mm then wash your face with a mild soap
before starting the procedure then local anaesthetic gel or cream on what we call
as the numbing cream is not required for 0.5 mm or less because it will not cause
any pain now how to use derma rollers nothing complicated just place the
device on your receding hairline or the bald patch and roll it 6 to 10 times in
each direction in different directions just to make sure you’re covering the
entire skin for best results keep it like 1 square inch every time roll it in
vertical Direction 6 to 10 times like 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then change to horizontal
direction and roll again 6 to 10 times 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then optionally repeated
in diagonally opposite direction if you wish that’s it
the same derma rollers can be used for acne scar removal or even deep
pigmentation on face you can additionally apply fresh aloe vera gel
or vitamin C serum for much better results especially on face now before
the secret miracle combo treatment for hair loss at least have some side
effects of this derma rolling nothing much the area may develop redness for a
couple of hours or more that’s completely normal nothing to panic and
then also skin may appear a bit swollen and hot for a few hours if irritation
persists please consult a doctor also do not use if you have any bleeding
tendencies then finally the magic treatment for hair loss derma roller
combination with minoxidil has shown great results according to many studies
so what’s the protocol you use 0.25 or 0.3 mm derma roller weekly once
initially then weekly twice along with minoxidil solution you can apply
minoxidil before derma rolling or after derma rolling it doesn’t really matter
you should see the results in 3 to 6 months this has also been successfully
used in androgen etic alopecia alopecia areata
Aalto hair loss in women you can also combine miso therapy with anti hair loss
solution and PRP that is platelet-rich plasma therapy with the derma rollers
you can watch my detailed video on how PRP and miso therapy is done from this n
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  1. Usage of minoxidil in conjunction with roller is quite confusing. Some says u can oly use minoxidil after 24 hrs because miNoxidil hs tendency of blocking collagen production. If u ever use monoxidil right after rollibg, there might be a risk of palpitation among other. Please tell us when to use minoxidil or is there an alternative solutions u can apply on ur scalp after rolling without dealing with side effects?

  2. Better to use castor, coconut, lavender or argan oil (mix them all together evenly) instead of any chemical like minoxidil see, the medical/pharmaceutical industry wants to make money off of your anxiety and desperation; charging 1000s of dollars for operations and procedures. All the while the former and latter should only ever cost several hundred dollars at the most. The drugs have bad side-effects and cost way more than it does to make them. It's a kind of practice that is unethical and immoral.

  3. Hey i got a question. My friend bought me this Roller size 0,75mm For. I should use it For my Hair loss.

    Can i use it as u said or should i buy another smaller one?

  4. I have used this and then onion juice and i have lots of randon long hair strands and also many tiny hairs, i suppose they are the undergrowth layer but am hoping for more long hairs to come, it is a good concept, think of it as sowing tiny seeds, only your head already has the seeds but your skin is covering them and they have no moisture or oxygen to get strong enough to penetrate the skin, same as if you packed soil over your seeds, they would not get they oxygen and light for the seeds to get strong enough to get up through the soil, hence why you must prick the skin.

  5. Also good for hair loss n for re-growth hair is the engine oil from your car when you do oil change keep old oil n use on your scalp/head. Hair will be nice and black and no need for gels or hair wax etc. Make sure oil is cooled down before use. Use once a week next day wash shampoo rinse good and dry naturally.

  6. Should I avoid exposing the treated skin patches to the sun after the treatment? If yes, for how long?

  7. 1000% fake – i have gone thru the real case myself this guys are all cheating , full of lairs and cheaters /scammers on the net

  8. Don't believe v care bastards. I lost 60000 in 2012. Send me ur numbers I got a best doctor. I'll guide u. I cured my baldness completely now. I will help any one

  9. Yeah… scar your pimples with something sharp and spiky and rip your already thinning hair off with it -__-


  11. I dont care I'm bald but I'm happy because I have beautiful sexy wife and beautiful childrens also people love me because I'm rich lol happy and contended!😊😊😊

  12. На русском объясните пожалуйста???кто нибудь очень прошу

  13. No. Do not use minoxidil for 24 hours after dermarolling. You do not want it to interfere with the fresh wounds and get into your blood (causing side effects)

  14. before you use derma roller it is very important to get first a dermatological check on your head skin then get advise form the doctor about instructions – otherwise you will go into deep issues … and inflammation of head skin and lose what is remained of your hair.

  15. I have bald head with oily skin and I hot bald head because of heritage …so which type derma roller should I buy ? And which shampoo should I use to remove oil on my head ? And which company minoxidile should I buy ? Please tell me rout to get new hair on my bald head ?

  16. It will give you bruises and scratches black scars….that’s what the needle does to your scalp..full of craps!..

  17. I got the cure for androgenic alopecia.
    1. Derma roll twice a week
    2. Use onion juice (use a juicer and keep it in the fridge for 3 days), mix it with either castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil before application
    3. Use a wooden brush to massage scalp every day for 2-3 minutes
    4. Take zinc and magensium supplements internally
    5. Place a pillow above your horizontal pillow on the vertical axis at night which will naturally massage your scalp crown area while you sleep.

    Try this for 3 months and you will see for yourself, and if it does not work then there is one secret ingredient that work wonders, I just feel like not telling anyone…. for now.

  18. DO NOT use minoxidil within 24 hours after derma rolling. It is very dangerous if you do use it within the 24 hours. This video is very misleading for this.

  19. I’ve never used something as good as the derma roller. I’ve been using it for a whole year and jeezuz Christ. Don’t believe it? Use it. Minoxidil and derma roller for at least three months, then you can offer me a six pack as thanks. Lol

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