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the mole proving who was carried out in 2012 although the mole have been caught by the dog that we had then previously a couple of years earlier and there was the mole just just been killed and and I took a knife and cut off his paws and here they are the mole paws so this is the the tincture that we used for the proving in 2012 now like like the rest of us who have gardens and lawns we have a mixed feeling about moles I mean they’re amazing creatures for sure and you know when they come when they surface and if they perchance get into your hands that you better take care because they’re vicious and they bite and yeah I would have imagined the dog might have come off rather badly from his encounter with the mole they they fight for their lives of course they do and in order to avoid encounters with predators their game is to live in in holes under the ground and never to come out or almost never to come out most of their lives are spent in the perpetual dark of a tunnel system and when they push up the earth for them to creating the molehill it’s just to extend their tunnel system the good news for those who hate moles is mow hills is that once the tunnel system is completed no more mole hills will come so it’s just the new ground that is being excavated by the moles that gives rise to the mole hills but it certainly has created a business quite a large business in mole traps mole killers mole inhibitors things that squeak in the ground and are meant to be distasteful to moles that have sensitive hearing and so forth none of which really work consistently or well I in the end you learn that the best thing to do with moles is to get ins given the space – to persevere they’re great persevere as there they’re amazing survivors they live on a diet of earthworms and they plow in through their tunnels to pick out the worms as they fall it’s great system do you think a food supply right there it requires the moles however to work continuously they they have a very high metabolic rate in fact of the the little creatures that are on this planet they are the most industrious of them all the most industrious mammal is a mole and that is the primary way I guess the primary feature that distinguishes mole from other mammals they are the most testosterone laden and vigorous of creatures the the paws what one of the main adaptions of the mole that is the poor and that which powers it this girdle and no the ability just power their way to move this enormous weight of soil almost almost 24/7 they do sleep but when they’re not sleeping they’re working that’s that’s that that’s mole and bone structure is is especially adapted and that’s also associated with very high levels of testosterone this development of bone is related to that hormone it means the females and males are amazingly similar in structure sure they have different sexual systems but outside of that they’re there they are indistinguishable one from another so I’m not sure whether this was a male or a female mole actually I think I think he was a male but could have been a female it’s very hard to tell how do you sex a mole you have to look closely for sure so what else can we say about mole and the proving well after the proving came this extreme the typical mammal really and love of nature connection with nature connection with the earth connection with earth energies and a a distrust of anything that wasn’t earthy unsafe if you said I mean so any any and any environment that they encountered in as provers that wasn’t as familiar and safe was threatening but in general the mole is not threatened by predate predators their life is safe and secure and that came across very strongly as well but as I say the the features of family collection connection with nature looking after children being responsible for family and group is his is in all mammals and certainly is in the mole he even even though they are very territorial and live in an eye you know they come out and meet for mating and that’s it apart from that it’s one one female or one male in their territory and that’s how they live out their lives and as I say the extreme industry the extreme testosterone-driven industry is the the cardinal feature if you wanted to match it for a human patient this was what you would have to see along with all the mammalian characteristics already identified to the proving so you get plenty of detail out of the page

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