Taking Charge of Your Health

(uplifting music) – Hello everybody. Monday is back and so is your
dose of Monday health booster. And in today’s Monday health booster, I’ll be explaining you the difference in between Ayurvedic nutrition
and the regular nutrition, so that you know how to choose
more wisely for yourself. I never mean to say that normal
nutrition is really bad or, you know, has nothing to offer, but I just want to show you
how deep Ayurveda goes within. Now, I’m doctor Shivani Sood, I’m the director of Shivani Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic doctor and consultant. And I’m gonna give you the
tips on how to differentiate in between Ayurvedic nutrition
and the regular nutrition. Now, the regular nutrition
talks about carbohydrates, protein, fat, and the
components of the food and how we can eat it properly. This is of course, one
part of the eating science. But then, it doesn’t talk about how we can absorb our
food better into the gut. And that’s where Ayurveda goes deeper, it really offers you remedies
to make your absorption better and to make sure that the
food what you’re eating is showing the vitality and it’s getting into your
system in a proper way. So that’s the first difference. Second difference. Regular nutrition talks about
nutritional deficiencies, about the various vitamins missing and how to fulfill them and make the body healthy. Now, Ayurveda talks about deeper things. So, Ayurveda talks about how to really solve the
core of your problem. For example, if you’re gaining weight how you can really
increase your metabolism. If your body is acidic in the gut how can you change the pH of your blood. So it really goes deeper, rather than just correcting deficiency. It goes on correcting the root of the problem, and thereby your overall
health and well-being improves. Third point. Regular nutrition has very little on about the effect of food on mind and it’s so essential to know that food has an effect on mind. For example, you know
when you drink coffee you feel more alert. How did this happen? Because coffee influences
your nervous system. So there are other food which
influence your nervous system, your mood, they can slow you down, make you fast, make you happy. And Ayurveda talks about
all of these aspects of nutrition so that you can understand that eating food is not only
a physical responsibility, it’s a psychological
responsibility as well. So, taking this in mind, Ayurveda designs different nutrition for different people and
doesn’t just the food, it talks about really you
and your digestive system and how you can make it better and whenever you cannot,
there is advisors to do so. So, that’s the top three differences in between regular nutrition
and Ayurvedic nutrition. And I have to tell you that, that I’m a certified food
and nutritionist as well. So, I did study that aspect to get the best into Ayurveda. So, I hope you enjoyed
this Monday health booster and I’ll be back in the next one, offering you more advices on how to make your health (uplifting music)
and happiness better. Until then, stay healthy and keep smiling.

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