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100 thoughts on “Monica’s Dermal Filler treatment to cheeks, lips, temples, forehead

  1. She looks SO much better without looking over worked! Why is it so hard to find plastic surgeons that are actual artists like this man is? Also, I was told by a surgeon last week that filler couldn’t be put in the forehead (he said it would end up looking lumpy and uneven) but now I know that’s a lie. I know this doctor sounds like he’s from Australia or something but any chance he does any work in California? I need to see someone like him, there’s too many quacks around here!

  2. Where's her sleep study? Did you get an exclusionary CBCT to check her airway? This can effect not just dark circles, but energy level and psychiatric conditions. Airway focused orthodontic treatment by someone who knows about it – uses CBCT… may help. Many do protractive orthodontics anyway, but some are still doing retractive (pushing closer to the airway).

  3. What people don't really care about is the side effect of these injections in the long run
    But who cares once you've became beautiful health is not that interesting LMAO !

  4. I live in the uae and I have noticed a lot of doctors here just blindly insert fillers in you and every woman looks like a blow up fake doll. But this man is an artist he made her look so natural. Like where can I find doctors like that !

  5. More of theese people need just a psychological help. It's nothing about fisical appirianse. But , yes that create a huge and successful business.

  6. Does anywhere like this screen for Body dysmorphic disorder? I could come into your practice, and after hearing all the things confirmed that I feel are wrong with my face, I might off myself.

  7. Why dont the dr use filler on his own face .? He too needs filler seems like. Think it.filkers n botox actually accelerate aging process

  8. Seeing celebrities with tons of money get horrible outcomes I thought there was no hope. I am an artist, and I can always tell when someone's had cheek & lip fillers and they look ridiculous. Then, I found your channel, and here is a Renaissance man in a doctor's coat, creating works of art. This young woman looks blessed by nature. Who knew Father Nature was alive and well and living in Australia? 🙂

  9. Who knew Father Nature was alive and well, and living in Australia? You are the Da Vinci of plastic surgeons and your approach to the human face blends science and art to the highest level. Kudos to you from the States, wish you were here!

  10. You have done a great job her face looks really fresh and natural and that's really difficult. I want to know if there is any permanent fillers or if their results are temporary

  11. I hate how the before and after pictures are always using tricks to enhance the after picture. Like angle of the head, lighting, make up, smirking or smiling versus not. Very misleading.

  12. Do you HAVE to jab the needles back and forth? Her face is probably mostly swollen.
    I think all she needed was to drink more water.

  13. Life is exhausting and our bodies show it the older we get. If we now have the technology to hide some of our physical stresses and look more youthful (which is what men/women are attracted to), then why not?! If you don’t want to no one is forcing you to do so, but don’t put down the people who are trying to make themselves happy. Happiness doesn’t just show up, you have to work for it. It also contributes to a longer lifespan. 😁

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  15. Why can people not see the beauty they naturally possess?
    What have we done to make these young people believe otherwise?

  16. amazing! I love when surgeons are able to bring out the real beauty of a person, and this is exactly what he did!

  17. I don't like the lips. I can tell that it's not natural BUT the rest is top-notch! She looks like a younger more fresher self. I wish I could have you fly to California to do some injections for me. Dreams…

  18. She is so stunningly beautiful without anything. Anyway the after result is also fantastic – this doc is an artist.

  19. There is more and more people who are turning to fillers and plastic surgery. It’s becoming normal. And this to me is sad. I have a beautiful young daughter who I fear will grow up in this superficial world where spending thousands on your appearance is more important then feeding the starving or housing the homeless. What an empty soulless world is becoming. This girl is stunning. She never needed fillers. Ugh.

  20. Pretty please do MATURE women 40s and up. Who are really dealing with age and menopause issues messing with their skin.. Easy to pick up and fix someone who is still young. Also it would be nice to get a person who's NOT a model.

  21. I'm thinking of having fillers done, but what are some other ways to prevent volume loss as we age? (Or stimulate collagen production, if possible) Also, how would you address the first signs of facial sagging/descension on a younger (late 20s) patient?

  22. Amazing !! You are amazing !
    I had botox injection for the first time one month ago , but my upper eyelids look droopy some how ! Is there any thing that i can do to lift them up ??

  23. Omg I want yo go to him!!! Hope the dr I’m gonna go to in my town is just as thorough and artistic!!! 🤞🤞

  24. Lip Doctor, Non-surgical cosmetic treatment Services. Dr. Bector and his team provides Dermal Fillers cosmetic treatments to their customers at their clinic in Canada. He is a family physician. I will highly recommend their services. They provide high quality services at reasonable packages. Dermal Fillers or Cosmetic Fillers have become so popular because they are extremely safe to use and create lifted, youthful results which once required costly, invasive
    procedures such as surgical face lifts.

  25. She looks good. The problem is one needs to keep getting them done. Even face lifts have an expiration date. Are women supposed to get procedures until they die? I swear in our self-obsessed society the bravest thing a woman will do is embrace that she is aging and not care what anyone thinks.

  26. I live in Jordan 🇯🇴 and wanting to have a makeover like this but can't trust any dr.
    My question is can I trust someone who's been trained and certified in the UK?

  27. Guuurrlll by 2020 it'll just be your hair after so much yuck/fill.. That thumbnail is str8 up low key fakery. Also, you don't even need work.

  28. Didn't you just make a video saying dermal fillers dont dissolve easily and it remains in some cases longer period inwhich case you did not approve of dermal fillers?????

  29. Hey, I'm 26 and when I was 23 I lost 25 lbs due to an eating disorder, I went from 135 to 115. The fat volume in my cheeks (always naturally had a fat face) is gone. At my age what should I do? I look like this girl before she got fillers, is this the right way to go as long as I get them dissolved? Btw I'm at my normal weight 135 and my face does not look the same as it did before I lost weight.

  30. You have totally changed my perspective on injectables. She looks beautiful before and after – and I had no idea such things could be done with filler. Amazing. I really appreciate your videos and honesty. You are an artist. Thanks for sharing this!

  31. That is such a Great result! She looks like herself Just well rested. Nothing is overdone. You are truly an artist

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