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Welcome to AyuGyaan This is Dr Swarali Shendye.
today I m going to show one recepie it is known as mudga yush it is Also commonly known
as green gram soup or moong soup. The Green gram have been roasted now. I m going to spread
them in a dish and let them cool for a while. green gram have been so overnight Afor about
8 hrs I have taken about 1/4 th katori(pot) of soaked green gram. I m going to put them
in big vessel to cook them. Now i m going to put 14 to 16 time water that is round 3
to 4 katori in these green grams. I am going to check if the grains are cooked. You can see it can be easily crushed. it’s cooked now I am going to turn off the gas(stove)
and then strain this Moong soup in a bowl. I m going to crash the Grains. If you want to eat this as a light dinner
you should not take these grains And take juat the liquid part Add salt to taste and
black pepper powder if you want to eat it as a meal replacement you can eat it with
a Tadka if you want to use it as healthy dinner or light dinner you should not put tadka on
it as oil or ghee is heavy. It is known as mudga yush in Ayurveda it reduces the Kapha
dosha in the body and is often used as diet replacement after Panchakarma treatments you can also
put little ghee and can also be used as baby food or older person and debilitated person.
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videos. thank you. namaste.

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