Taking Charge of Your Health

Essential oils are four thousand years old
but they’re brand new to some customers of Honey Bear Health who come in. We have
a lot of customers with no health insurance because of the bad economy. We don’t actually
have health insurance our own selves. So we heal ourselves through nutrition and naturopathic
remedies and herbs. Natural medicine stores say their business
is up as people try to save money with do it yourself healthcare. Really we believe
everyone should use a good multivitamin. One product, Flexcin, used for joint pain has
seen sales in Denver double since January. It does seem to be a good product. It does
seem to help. Steven Smith is a believer. There is always
a trial and error involved when you are doing your own medications especially with the vitamin
supplements. Always better to call before you start the
medications. But Kaiser Permanente clinical pharmacy specialist, Kerry Frieslaben says
be cautious. Herbal medications are not typically regulated by the FDA. They do not have to
show that they are effective or safe, or even that the dosage listed on the bottle are accurate.
Over the counter herbals can have a negative interaction with prescriptions. At least call
your health care team so they can review your current health status to make sure it’s
safe. I am very open and honest with my doctors as to what it is I take. All the way down
to aspirins. Believers say there is a reason why natural
remedies have been around for centuries, perhaps boosted this century by the tough times. We
have a lot of customers get great results. It’s not unheard of for doctors to recommend
natural remedies, for example, fish oil to lower cholesterol. Still medical professionals
say let your doctor know if you begin taking any new supplements or if you begin experiencing
any new symptoms.

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