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hey guys I’m Nisa homey and welcome
back to my channel today’s video is a highly requested video and I am showing
you how to make moringa powder at home moringa or drumstick leaves are
considered as one of the most nutritious plant and is best known as the miracle
tree and Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of the tree. The benefits
of Moringa leaves are numerous. moringa helps to burn fat especially belly fat.
it helps to accelerate your metabolism and thus it helps in weight loss, supply
natural energy, control and lower blood pressure, gives a clear smooth and
glowing skin, helps to balance hormones, and hence it is a very good dietary
supplement for those with hormonal issues like thyroid and PCOS. Moringa
builds up the body’s immune system and helps to resist infections, they create
good cholesterol, reduces allergy issues, relax and soothe the nervous system, they
have an amazing high level of antioxidants, helps to reduce
inflammation of the body so moringa is a good natural remedy to reduce water
retention. the high calcium content in moringa helps to protect and nourish your
bones, so if you have a calcium deficiencies, arthritis then include moringa
in your diet and these are some of the reason why I include moringa in my
recipes. now to make moringa powder at home. first you need to shade dry the
leaves. once you get some fresh leaves wash them thoroughly since moringa is
found in most backyards here in Kerala it is completely organic, but there may
be some dirt, dust

100 thoughts on “Moringa Powder – How To Make Moringa Powder At Home – Drumstick Leaves Powder – Skinny Recipes

  1. Hello dear i am 49years old lady i have multiple health problems pls share some remdies for backpain and low hemoglobin thanks a lot

  2. Thanks Madam for the details. I remember my grandma saying about not using moringa during certain period but I couldn’t recollect. 😊😊

  3. maam i am diabetic and having kashayam .so can i drink murinya juice without honey and lemon juice? will it work for weight loss for me without lemon and honey?please guide.

  4. I'm a fan of your videos!! My health journey has become so much easier with the help of your recipes.

  5. I very much like ur recipieces good job and ilikeur ideas very much than u sooòooooo much andi

  6. Please one video for white hair how to black in natural way and also how to get rid of diabetic

  7. Hello ma'am, can I mix moringa powder along with turmeric tea mix and have it as a moringa-turmeric tea early in the morning?

  8. सहजन चूर्ण powder । देसी नाम भी बताना चाहिए ।

  9. How to use the moringa powder?
    One teaspoon in a glass of water and boil it or have it with out boiling?

  10. hey your videos are amazing. As I find you to be a person close to nature and responsible, I have a request can you please keep a big vessel in sink  when you wash any leave/ fruit/ vegetable like you did in this video and use that water in your garden. 🙂 save water

  11. Thanks so much .Now in USA it is in season .Powder in stores is very expensive so I can make my own powder and keep it for later use .

  12. Thank you for this great information! I live in a humid climate, so I dry the leaves in a dehydrator.

  13. This is a plant human friendly. Just get a small thick stick and just fix it in your garden it will start growing. Even if you do not have space just fix it on the road side or at a convenient place it will start giving you leaves in no time. It is useful to you and also many people gets benefitted for their needs.

  14. Thank you for sharing this simple and helpful process! I am glad to know a coffee grinder can be used for powdering moringa leaves. Subbed. 😊💕

  15. Hi mam this powder I can use in moringa weight loss drink

  16. मोरिंगा पाउडर के लिएसम्पर्क करें

  17. മലയാളത്തിൽ പറഞ്ഞു തരൂ നല്ല കാര്യംപ്ലസ് അറിയാനുള്ള കൊതി ഉപയോഗമുള്ളതു കൊഡാനു പ്ലസ്സ്‌സ് നന്ദി

  18. My mom she cooks it with Dal& coconut!! And also we can make delicious item steam with rice flour+ leaves + jaggery+ coconut!!

  19. Honey how long does this powdered moringa last? I mean will it still be okay to use after 1month, 2months , so on?

  20. Thank you for sharing. I am about to harvest some moringa leaves from my tree so this video was very helpful. How long does your powder last once you store it in the glass container?

  21. We have fresh moringa tree on our frontyard, what if i dont want to turn it into powder? any other ways to drink it?

  22. everybody powder it,in every video….not one time i didnt see somebody eat that! is there video where peoples actualy eat moringa????

  23. So mistakenly forgot the 3rd step, which is to dry the moringa .. i immediately removed the leaves while wet, and mine looks so dead now, brown not green. Is this still okay to be powdered? Please need help.

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