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most effective home remedies for
fibroids fibroids are abnormal tumors that grow in woman’s womb breast and the
uterine walls number one garlic garlic plays a major role in balancing female
hormones it is packed with vitamins such as b6 C and some minerals beside
minerals properties it also works as a proper antioxidant and has
anti-inflammatory properties number 2 ginger ginger as a herb is a very useful
remedy to cure many different types of disorders it helps to reduce
inflammation in any part of the body for fibroids it cools the inflammation in
ovaries and uterus number 3 olive oil olive oil wood block and decrease the
east Rajan level in a female body generally women face reproductive issues
when there is an elevation in Eastridge in levels number 4 lemon juice juice of
lemon would work as an effective natural remedy for shrinking fibroids the juice
has the goodness of citric acid which works as an excellent antioxidant and
give energy to the body to heal on its own number 5 apple cider vinegar this
solution is one of the best home remedies to cure many disorders apple
cider vinegar balances the acidic level in the body and also bring down and kind
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