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Jendi: Hello! This is Jendi and I’m here with Joette from Hello
Joette! How are you?  
Joette: I’m doing well. Nice to see you again, Jendi.
  Jendi: It is good to see you. These two weeks
went a little slower but not too much. I was looking at your website a little bit and seeing
how you really have a passion to help moms. You even go into nutrition. You really seemed
like an advocate for the families. So how does that connect with homeopathy?
  Curing and caring for our family
  Joette: Well, it really takes an interest
in the subject. The subject is taking care of your family. Most moms are very interested
in that subject, of course. Just like anything else that’s important in life, it takes
inspiration which is what I hope to offer here, too in addition to homeopathy and perspiration
because there is some work that’s involved in learning this lifestyle.
  I know what it’s like to be at home with
kids. I was a full time mom and I homeschooled my children until high school. But let me
share that when you’re home with them, of course it’s one of the most important jobs
a woman can ever have. It’s pure joy but it’s physically demanding. It takes emotional
stability and it’s nearly fulltime consuming except for one little area.
  We as humans, we moms, for those who love
to learn especially when our kids are babies, we need and crave intellectual stimulation.
I know that I did. If you’re a lifetime learner, that comes automatically. If you’re
homeschooling your children of course, you’re getting that. You’re learning things that
you never caught on to when you were a kid. You learn all kinds of great, new things.
But if you’re not homeschooling your children, there is that desire.
  So ought we take up the study of say Renaissance
Art or how about something like 19th century opera. That’s one of my favorite subjects.
I would love to take that up more thoroughly. But wait! Wait! I’ve got an idea. Why not
learn something that not only satisfies the intellectual appetite but it supports our
lifestyle so thoroughly. Why not learn something that will save our family money? Even more
importantly, put us in control of our own destinies and our family’s. That’s where
homeopathy comes in.  
It’s brilliant! It’s a medicine at its best. You learn biology, anatomy, physiology,
pathology, botany. It’s like going to medical school of sorts without all the junk science
that that attends the profession because you’re not learning how to subdue symptoms with drugs.
You’re actually learning how to cure your family. You get a full understanding of it
with all of these other sciences that are relevant to it.
  Now, I don’t know if anybody really heard
me. You can cure your family, not suppress symptoms, not watch it diminish only to come
back later like pressing down on a water balloon where it bulges out not too long after. You
could actually do this with your family. In fact, that’s the name of one of my books:
Cure Your Family and Self with Homeopathy. So I find this extraordinarily exciting.
  For those who don’t have a grand income,
I urge them to read my blogs. They’re free for goodness’ sakes. Download them. Print
them. Learn them. Study them. Use them. They’re very user-friendly and they’re practical.
I believe in practical homeopathy. For those who want to go the next step, they can get
CDs. They can learn that. They can get other homeopath’s books and other homeopath’s
CDs. If someone wants to go further, they can take courses. I have online courses. Other
homeopaths have online courses. Then of course, there’s tutoring. I did tutoring online.
Other homeopaths do this.  
So this is not just about me but it is about the idea of taking up a hobby of sorts that
becomes your lifestyle. It defines who you are because you not only then can treat your
family for minor issues and sometimes even more confounding issues. But then you become
the community healer, in your church, in your extended family, in your neighborhood. People
will start flocking to you. It’s amazing how this happens. Once they recognize that
you have knowledge and they have a problem, they’re going to ask you. They may not follow
exactly as you say until you gain more and more of a reputation. But that reputation
is gained by knowing this information.  
So I find it and I found it. Now my children are adults now. But I found it very exciting
to learn this because I was protecting, helping. I was a very integral part of the financial
aspect of our lives. We didn’t have health insurance. So this was my insurance and even
if we’d had health insurance, there were times in our lives when we did. Then there
was another time in our lives especially as our children were growing that I don’t know
that I would have gone to a doctor for certain things. I wanted to be able to do it myself.
I took it only as far as I was capable of taking it. It’s amazing for me. Maybe I
lucked out. I think there’s partially luck but a lot of it has to do with the fact that
I took this so seriously so early on that my children didn’t ever have antibiotics.
They didn’t have Tylenol. They didn’t have those drugs that can cause trouble in
the end. So that’s how I advocate for families. Long answer to a short question.
  Jendi: Out of curiosity, do your children
still practice homeopathy in their homes now? A wonderful legacy
  Joette: They do. They do. They still don’t
have Advil or any of those products in their homes. In their home, they all live together
as a matter of fact. It’s kind of fun that my three sons are together. They cook from
scratch. They make full meals every night and they actually eat together every night.
It’s really very nice. I’m really happy that it’s worked out that way. I don’t
know how long that will last. They each have to go their own ways eventually but at least
at this point, they’ve taken it on, yes.  
Jendi:  That’s all they knew so it’s probably almost second nature.
  Joette: Right, well I just got off the phone
with my oldest son. He was having lunch and I said, “So what do you do at lunch at work?
Do you buy the lunch there?” And I was curious as to see if lunch means that he’s buying
it. Oh no. He says, “My brother and I made dinner last night and it’s soup.” They
used bone stock. He made some soup. He brought it to work with him that day or today. So
it warms my heart to hear that.  
Jendi: That is awesome because how many young guys do you know that will do that? They got
old already.  
Joette: I know, I know. Well I emphasized it. When the boys were being raised, I taught
them how to make yogurt, keefir, how to grind the flour and make bread. I taught them the
importance of making bone stocks, the importance of using a lot of good animal fats, butter,
lard, tallow, et cetera. So it just became a part of who they were. Because I’m Italian,
I love to cook. I love preparing meals. I love eating. I love cooking and everything
around food. So I think they took that on as well which is really very satisfying.
  Jendi: That will help them with their health
the rest of their life.  
Joette: Oh, I hope so and I believe so, yes, yes.
  Jendi: So I didn’t know anything about
these homeopathic remedies until I talked to you. So replacing the drugs is new to me
but I can honestly say I’ve always been leery of them. Even growing up, it was always
like a last resort. We did chiropractor if we had headaches, not Tylenol.
  Joette: Great! Great!
  Jendi: So now I’m still really leery but
when they were little and if you call the doctor, right away they say, “Go get this
medicine off the store shelf and use it.” So right now I have twins, three about twin-aged
children. Can homeopathy cover any illness that they get?
  A cure for any illness of all ages
  Joette: Yes, yes, it can. It seems counterintuitive
to give someone something that not only doesn’t cure, addressing what you were talking about
before. But worse yet is a synthetic, commercial product that causes side effects. It’s almost
as though you’re rubbing salt in the wound. When someone is sick, that’s when you give
them chemicals? It doesn’t even make sense. It flies in the face of common sense. But
unfortunately, we have been told repeatedly over the past 80 years that this is all there
is. I’m here to say it’s not all there is. In fact, there’s a whole world.
  You know how when the first time you go snorkeling
or scuba diving, you knew that under that water there was a luscious world of color
and depth and excitement? But it’s not until you put that mask on and you go down, or you
lay on the surface and float on the surface, and you see it, and you experience it yourself
firsthand that you realize the depth and breadth of what’s under that water on a coral reef
for example. That’s what it is to get involved in homeopathy. You knew that there had to
be another way. Intuitively we all know there’s got to be another way. This stuff, these drugs
are problematic at best. So there had to be another way. Would God make it so difficult
for us to be able to take care of our families that we have to use something that has blue
dyes and unpronounceable ingredients? No! There is another way. So that’s homeopathy.
That world is once we put our goggles and mask on, we’ll see a whole new world.
  It doesn’t take long for us to figure out
that the drugs are not going to cure. We don’t kick someone when they’re down. It also
was not uncommon for folks to start questions, just like you did. You wonder is the emperor
wearing clothing. After a while you start seeing that he’s naked. Wait a minute! This
has been false all this time. I think I said earlier in other podcasts, it’s not that
I believe that all of modern medicine is unworthy. But I would say certainly surgery and I think
I’ve talked about this before is incredible. What they’ve done with surgical procedures
is downright remarkable.  
But when it comes to mothering a child and taking care of ear infections and otitis media,
conjunctivitis, strep throat, bee stings, injuries that are not terribly serious, the
list goes on and on. You have a sickness after having eaten the wrong foods or a post Halloween
stomachache or diarrhea or something. That’s something every mother can take care of. There’s
absolutely no doubt in my mind. Not only do I know this personally in having raised my
children this way but I’ve been teaching this close to 28 years. I’ve taught it in
many arenas and schools and in churches and educational institutions and colleges. People
come back and tell me, “Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe what this did for my child’s ear
infection. That’s the end of the ear infections. We used to see them every three months. We
don’t see them at all anymore and it was repetitive. So yes, this is medicine. This
is the medicine we’ve all been looking for. It is applicable in just about every situation
except for strictly surgical needs.  
Jendi: Even things that we think aren’t really an illness like pimples, some of the
cosmetic things homeopathy helps with.  
Joette: Yes, because it’s not necessarily illnesses. It’s also conditions. Think of
it that way. Skin problem is often just a condition. We don’t call it a disease if
someone doesn’t have acne vulgaris or rosacea or something extreme like that, although I
just offered a class. I just finished it last night which has been recorded. We’ll have
it up and running at some point soon on that specifically, on how to treat acne vulgaris
and rosacea and eczema and psoriasis and skin issues. So yes, it covers everything. I can’t
think of anything it doesn’t cover other than as I said requirement for a surgical
Jendi: Yes and especially if you’re a family that’s really watching your budget, when
you have something like that, you don’t necessarily go to a dermatologist for it.
  Joette: Right.
  Jendi: Because it costs extra time, extra
Joette: Oh, how about that time, how about that time? Can you imagine? I’ve thought
about it and I’ve talked to other people who spend a lot of time in doctors’ offices.
Usually it’s the elderly. It’s very sad to me because it’s a lifestyle that it becomes
myopic. All they can think about is the next doctor appointment. That almost becomes their
outing. It’s depressing. I’ve seen it happen too many times. I’ve seen it in my
elderly relatives.  
Thankfully my parents are not caught up on that conveyor belt, partially because my mother
was of this ilk as well. My mother was not unlike your mother. We went to chiropractors
who I believe in. By the way, I believe very strongly in chiropractic. I think everyone
should have a good chiropractor. My mother made our food from scratch. Not that we didn’t
have Oreos and potato chips once in a while. But for the most part, everything was made
from scratch because she was at home tending her children. There was a nice dinner every
night, so between that and my mother eschewing the idea of drugs in the first place.
  My grandparents were from Sicily. When they
came to this country and I don’t believe that it’s all that unusual but when they
came to this country, they were suspicious of doctors. They were suspicious that when
you went to the hospital, you went there to die. Of course now it was a different time.
It was back in the 1920s, 1930s, et cetera. But they were very suspicious of their nostrums
and they wanted to use their own ways. So my mother took that up. She’s now in her
late 80s. I was raised that way myself even though we did succumb to drugs. There’s
no doubt about it because we didn’t have these other tools.
  But you see homeopathy offers the tool. This
gives us what we’ve been lacking as mothers for all these years, for these last many decades.
Because homeopathy was in every educated home. I say educated because those were the women
who took it on. Louisa May Alcott wrote about it in Little Women. How they used Belladonna for
a fever that I think Jo had or maybe her sister. So all families that were educated, the mothers,
the women were educated in learning how to treat their families with homeopathy. It was
just a given throughout the United States and of course Europe, and India, South America,
et cetera. .
Jendi: Now, a lot of the moms are busy working out of the house, getting the kids places
and I noticed you have this CD that you wrote on your website. Put it in your car and listen
to it over and over. Then you can learn and then you can have this stuff in your cupboard
so that you know what to grab and give to your children.
  Treating colds
  Joette: Right. It should become second nature
after a while and it will. At first it seems insurmountable but it really is not, particularly
if you have a family where your children are prone to colds. If they get colds too frequently
or when they get them, they’re too extreme or they last too long, the remedy you want
to have on hand isCalc carb 200, Calcarea carbonica, Calc carb is an abbreviation, Calcarea
carbonica 200. When it’s used every other day over a period of months, many and most
families find that the colds start diminishing or they abort altogether. This is not a remedy
that we would use for someone who doesn’t get colds frequently. You don’t use it and
say, “Oh well, it’s coming up the cold season. I think I’ll take this.” No, no,
no, no, no, this is specifically for someone who has a problem with immunity to colds and
flus and infections like that. It’s one of my favorite all time remedies.
  It can be used in a 200 potency. That’s Calc
carb 200 every other day or if you have a homeopathy kit and you happen to have it
in the 30, that’s a Calc carb 30 then it can be used once daily. Many times, families
use it every single day for a few months and they watch their children not miss school.
They don’t miss piano lessons. They’re actually robust and back into the game. It’s
a wonderful remedy that every family should own. Sometimes you’ll find it in homeopathy
kits. Your kit is a little box with 100 remedies and my office sells them. If folks are ever
interested, you can get them on these kits online. So you’ll find this remedy readily
available. And it is one of my favorites.  
Jendi: If you do want to just protect against colds, do you have a suggestion for that or
is it just like vitamin C?  
Joette: No, I would say it’s Calc Carb to protect against colds. Now, if you’re talking
about someone who doesn’t get colds very frequently and you just want to be a little
extra cautious then vitamin C. But I would not take vitamin C. I would eat foods with
Vitamin C. I don’t like vitamins. I’ll be honest with you. They’re usually synthetic.
  What you can use is rosehips. I have rosehip
plants in my garden. I harvest the rosehips. They’re little cherry-like sized hips that
taste quite good. You can buy them at the health food store. They’re dehydrated and
ground up and then put in little capsules. They’re loaded with vitamin C naturally.
I like the food with the substance rather than the synthetic version of it because most
vitamins are a synthetic version of the real thing. I like the genuine. I can’t help
but consider always looking for those products, homeopathic remedies as well as food substances
that smell real to me, that feel real to me. That’s what I’m looking for. I don’t
want anything tinkered with.  
Jendi: If there was only one homeopathic remedy that every family should have and understand
how to use, what should it be? Remedies worth having all the time
  Joette: Yes, good question. Certainly that Calcarea
Carbonica 30 or 200 but I’m going to actually step outside of the box and offer
two. One is Nux vomica, N-U-X; second word is vomica, V-O-M-I-C-A, Nux vomica. It can
be used to the 30th potency or 200 potency. What I love about Nux vomica is that it’s
great for overdoing. So too much candy from Halloween, too much food after thanksgiving,
too much alcohol in an adult after New Year’s Eve, overstressing, becoming overwhelmed by
city life or fast paced life.  
It’s excellent for husbands because they have so much responsibility and they often
work very, very hard in an intellectual setting. If it’s not an intellectual setting, it
might not be quite as useful. It’s great for kids when they overstudy, when they’re
worried too much about exams and they start getting stomach or gastrointestinal issues
such as constipation or diarrhea or both, and alternating between both. So I love Nux
I actually tell a story about Nux vomica because it’s great for hangovers. When my sons were
younger, you may already know this story. When my sons were younger, they knew homeopathy.
I taught it to them as part of their homeschooling curriculum. Nux vomica was one of them.
They quickly learned that Nux vomica is for hangovers. So when they got to the age
where they were interested in drinking alcohol, I hid all the Nux vomica. I said, “If
you’re going to drink because you know that’s against the rules, if you’re going to drink
alcohol especially underage or you’re going to over drink even of age, you’re going
to suffer. You need to suffer. If you don’t suffer, you’re not going to learn your lesson.
I’m not going to give you a little pill that’s going to take away that groggy, painful
head, disoriented stomach. You’re going to live with it.” Well, I thought that I
was successful in this but then one day, I found in one of my son’s cars a bottle of Nux
vomica. He had gone out and bought one. But I took it. We, mothers have that prerogative.
  So Nux vomica, Calcarea Carbonica, and
there’s one more. This is the one most people learned when they first start learning homeopathy.
It’s Arnica Montana, A-R-N-I-C-A,Arnica Montana, like the state of Montana. It’s
a fabulous remedy for injuries. Injuries to the head, I like 200 potency for that. Injuries
to soft parts, injuries even before surgery, after surgery, for broken bones, for ecchymosis
which is black and blue, particularly after surgery and any injuries after. It’s great
for sports injuries. So those are my top three. I’ve got so many more, of course. I could
go on all day but we can start with those three.
  Jendi: Now the Nux Vomica, you said it’s
for stress and worry. If a family is stressing about moving or finances or something, how
often should you take it?  
Joette: The more extreme the condition, the more frequently you would take it. So if it’s
very extreme, someone is vomiting relentlessly for example then it would be say every hour
or two. If it’s not so extreme and they’re feeling just logy and out of sorts then it
might be twice a day. Anywhere in between would be a consideration.
  Jendi: My 10-year-old daughter, when we have
something big that’s going to happen, she tends to stress the day before. I recognized
that, know that and just try to calm her down. But this is something that would help?
  Joette: It’s possible that it would. I’m
not going to say. It is not specific for that. It’s more when they overstudy so they’ve
overworked their brain. Now their body is paying for it particularly if it’s a gastrointestinal
Jendi: What would be your parting advice for moms and families that we can take to
the bank?  
Essence of motherhood  
Joette: Okay. Well, I believe that knowing how to cure your family is the epitome of
womanhood. It’s the essence of who we are. It’s what we do best. It comes from us deep
on a soul level. When you learn how to do this, it’s what I would call parental exceptionalism.
This is what takes us to the next level of parenting. This is what puts us, excuse me,
but in a class on our own. This makes us the kind of parent that gives us a legacy, more
than just the love, training them up properly, teaching them what’s important in life.
But it also teaches them how to then teach their children so that we can break this cycle
of drug after drug after drug for even minor or major issues. So those are my parting words.
  Jendi: Thank you so much. Thank you for teaching
and for being an example of it.  
Joette: Oh well, thank you for noticing. Yes, it’s a pleasure. Thank you.
  Thank you for listening to this podcast with
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