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I hate motion sickness seriously I really don’t like it and I used to get it all the time but thankfully now I
know what to do so I’m going to spread that knowledge with you but now I’ve got a flight to catch So I’m in Barcelona this week for some video work and I thought to myself why don’t I make this week’s video in one of my favourite cities remember the initial scenario where you’re in a car plane or train and let’s say you’re doing your work
on your phone or on your laptop and it suddenly hits you the motion sickness
well here’s why happens so when you’re focused on things in a moving vehicle
like let’s say your phone the signals from your eyes to your brain are telling
it that your position is stationary you’re not moving whereas you’re balancing
mechanisms are telling it the opposite thing they’re telling it you’re moving and
these conflicting messages are what causes the symptoms of motion sickness
excellent it’s really warm here and sunny so it won’t look too good but
it’s got to be done because I’ve got to go and film some other stuff soon
motion sickness affects a lot of people now you may remember a couple of months
ago we were in Malta and I made a film about how to stop snoring now whilst we
were filming on this boat Dave who’s probably one of the strongest people I
know got really really bad motion sickness and we kind of had to abort
filming and get back onto land so the moral of this story was that everyone
can get motion sickness to some degree no matter who you are and only 5 to 15
percent of people are unaffected by it if you know you get motion sickness I’d
probably say the number one most important thing you can do to prevent it
from coming on is don’t focus on things like your phone, your laptop, your books,
movies whilst traveling basically don’t distract your brain from where you are
instead close your eyes or sleep for the whole journey or listen to an audio book
whilst you’re doing these, these all reduce the positional signals from your
eyes to your brain and reduces the confusion that we spoke about earlier
now if you want to be a bit of a rebel and you don’t want to close your eyes
whilst traveling I definitely recommend that you don’t look at moving objects
like waves and cars because it’ll make you feel more ill instead look ahead in
the direction you’re traveling in at a fixed point like the horizon, aww yeah
that was the one even they liked it now where you sit can also be really helpful so you can minimise the motion by sitting in the front seat of a car, over
the wings of the plane and in the middle of a boat strong smells can sometimes
trigger me so try and breathe fresh air so if you’re in a car open a window
slightly or turn the AC on and if you’re on a boat avoid the cafeteria area and
the engine area another quick tip is to avoid heavy meals before traveling so
keep it light and there’s also some good research that shows that ginger is quite
good for motion sickness so you can take that as a tablet a biscuit or tea I’ve
never tried it so if anyone has leave a comment below and let us know how you
get on and stay hydrated but remember small sips now if you’re thinking to yourself but Abraham I’ve tried all these and I’m still struggling well not to worry because Abraham the pharmacist has got you covered so I thought we’d film this bit in front of the pharmacy so there are
several medicines available that you can buy over-the-counter which block the
signals which confuse your brain and cause the motion sickness so for motion
sickness hyoscine is usually the most effective over-the-counter treatment you
can get it comes as a tablet and a patch so it can be quite useful
there are antihistamines available like cinnarizine but it’s not usually as
effective for motion type sickness so these medicines are all best taken
before the journey and as always with any medicine always read the information
leaflet and speak to your pharmacist before you take it as they do cause
drowsiness and they may interact with your medicine and that’s the end of the
video I hope you find these tips useful and if you have any of your own tips
that’ll help with motion sickness then leave a comment below because I’d love
to read it I’d love to try them myself too please share this video to anyone who’ll find it useful or inform them what you’ve
learnt today hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new
weekly videos we’ve actually got a real life pharmacist or a technician or someone in the video now to your brain and I forgot my lines he looks so cool, obviously cause he works in pharmacy he’s really cool below and let us know ehmmm I was meant to say something else now but I can’t remember

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  1. IN THE CAR!! I ALWAYS GET IT IN THE CAR WHEN I LOOK AT MY PHONE! Hope you had fun in Barcelona Abraham it looks beautiful

  2. For me for long journeys I have to be cool (ie be able to remove clothing jumper, coat ect), have a drink handy at all times, some sweets but not eat too many at once and depending who I'm with, a distraction – I can read a book as I'm focused on something, but I can't read things on my phone. If I remember them I will also will use pressure point travel bands on my wrists, I find these really help.

  3. what if its the other way around? so your sitting down and watching a video with lots of camera shaking and your stomach is suddenly turning while your watching. what do you do?

  4. Once I got air sick on the plane I threw up in the bag and then my mum put her hand in the bag and touched my vomit

  5. I feel motion sickness but only if the Sun is out.
    If it's night time or cloudy I'm good.
    Any advice?

    Edit : I don't use phones, laptop inside the car already.

  6. I can tell you put a lot of effort into putting this video together and I just want to say thank you! This was super informative. The times when I've taken motion sickness medication it works almost as a sleeping pill and I'm not comfortable sleeping in a moving vehicle so the other tips are super appreciated. Thank you!

  7. relax your neck and let your head sway with the motion of the vehicle. just like those bobbing head dolls on car dashboard. you don't have to anticipate the motion that much.

  8. When I ride any vehicle except motorcycles My stomach hurts so bad its like when you ate something you wont eat ever in your life

  9. Chewing mint gum, breathing exercises, having the ac blow at you. Also be the driver! Driving helps and I don’t feel nearly as sick as if I were to be a passenger. All helps me. I still feel a little sick. I was in a car for most of 2 weeks traveling around the U.S. and I would always have to stop and catch my breath outside.

  10. the fact that i don’t like rollercoasters, whenever i go on an easy one that might have an easy drop, i just have that feeling, and it makes me sick uhgghhhhh

  11. Which medicine is the best for motion sickens?! i will be on a ferry for 2 hours and i worry how i will travel.

  12. I never really had a problem with a motion sickness until I moved to Tenerife and suffered very bad gastroenteritis since then my stomach is even more sensitive..going up to north by bus from lost gigantes to Puerto de la cruz there are curvy roads for one hour..even if not eating I was sick twice and once I was sick just after I got off the bus and went to the loo dizzy..the pills I took I thow them out too.,was trying to eat ginger biscuit small amount ,breathing deeply in and out ,concentrating at the front of the bus on the screen or something…if I don't feel nausea my brain pushing my bladder to go to have a wee even if I went just beafore taking the bus,the  brain is manipuilatingup with our bodies.

  13. I always vomit when i go inside a car or ride a jeep(there's a lot of jeeps here in the philippines) that's why i always bring plastic bags, anyways thanks for posting this video, i'll try this

  14. Airline food is the worst offender…….never an issue for me before. But, now I get so nauseated as soon as the coffee is brewing, awe man. How ever do you manage?

  15. I'm 13 years old and get really bad motion sickness in cars. Long car rides give me headaches, nausea, and weakness. I always get nausea in a car I'm not use to, so usually a friend's car. I never actually throw up but man it sucks

  16. I get motion sick anywhere. 🤷‍♀️ I take Travacalm, it makes me drowsy, but it works super well!

  17. For me it’s different. It always happens to me when I’m playing any video game in first person. I’ve been debating whether this is motion sickness. Is it?

  18. When I go to the car and just sit in it without moving I feel sick and I really hate it so I begin to try to sleep or eat or listen to songs and get in the mood and it really helps so good

  19. I and many other people may get nauseous due to the foul smell of the airplane – what I’ve done in the past that has helped is either chew gum and focus on the smell of it or take some type of absorbent cloth, put it in a baggie and put some lavender or other extract scents onto the cloth and keep it in the baggy and when you feel nauseous, make sure to smell the baggie inside. And of course, I as well take Dramamine for motion sickness – works like a charm every time!!

  20. I get motion sickness from sound. The beat of music, people talking, being in a grocery store with the buggies smashing around, Sitting still not moving. Laying down, eyes closed, eyes open. They keep saying I have bppv except I've had over 14 Epley maneuvers and 12 of the other ones and I can't remember the name. And every time I leave that place I am worse off than I went in. This is all day everyday and know there's no possibility of pregnancy diabetes are brain tumors. And after the MRI and the cat-scan there's no possibility of it being Meniere's disease. Oh yeah and after I eat. And it doesn't matter what either. It's like being bulimic. I've gone from 160 lb to 132 in just four months. Without dieting it's just everything I eat comes flying back out.

  21. Oh yeah! I used to get motion sickness and my mum always gave me a whole pack of ginger biscuits 🍪

  22. I feel really stupid when I get travel sickness. My mom got it and I got it, we both get really easy travel sickness. And it is worst for me when I got to travel during the morning. It's my worst nightmare!!!

  23. Weirdly enough, I got rid of car sickness by watching this. Pausing the video and looking out the window, even in front, caused it to come back.

  24. I've tried everything and nothing works. So I tried other brand of medicine and it finally worked. I didn't vomit through the whole 5-6 hours trip!

  25. I’m not scared of heights but whenever I look down from a high height I get nauseous. I don’t get nauseous in the car. I don’t know if it’s motion sickness or not?

  26. I was so done with being unsteady, out of balance and dizzy that I began seeking for a medicine to take. I found this dizziness vertigo treatment method “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) and tried it. The signs or symptoms have enhanced greatly. The woozy, off balance feeling I got each and every day, is about gone. .

  27. Hi,I’m going to Greece and the flight is 9 hours I throw up a lot on planes and I hate how it feels because I never stop because I throw up and the taste makes me throw up mores and I hate it do u have any advice for that?

  28. I’ve been saved by this dizziness vertigo treatment “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it). I used to be dizzy with vertigo as well as would have weakening episodes. This specific will make me stressed when I am driving my automobile. In Four months, I have applied the guidebook 2 times every day with no fail and also the final results are awesome. I have not experienced queasiness or feeling giddy. .

  29. I'm watching this because I want to be able to play Minecraft in vr without feeling like "this." If minecraft had an Oculus Store comfort rating, it would be something like super hyper intense.

  30. i get motion sickness when i go on rollercoasters!!!! just started happening this year. i really love them so much but i have to stop myself sometimes 😔 also, the car, and while on a swing.

  31. i always get headaches in the car even if i’m not focusing on my phone or work (etc) and looking at the horizon. i don’t know how to help it! 😤

  32. Never had motion sickness anywhere, even when deep sea fishing or on a plane, except when trying to read while I'm riding in a car! It's not as bad for me in a big truck or SUV where I'm sitting up higher from the road, but it gets bad in a car. Gives me a headache and a nauseating swimmy feeling. blech

  33. For some reason I get motion sickness when at home, on my bed

  34. When i get in the car i can't sleep . When i wanted to sleep it seems that the objects are surrounding me .Please tell me why this happen?????????????

  35. I’ll be honest I’ve never gotten motion sickness in my whole life 😭😭😭 I never get travel sickness in cars or on planes either.

  36. I'm weird.
    I dont mind being up high
    I get scared looking up at something high
    I don't get bad motion sickness when I'm traveling long distances
    I get bad motion sickness on short distances
    I dont like going over little hills in my car
    I love going over big hills in my car
    I like prawn cocktail crisps
    I dont like prawn cocktails

  37. 17 hour flight ahead of me Ethiopia to my home, Newark nj. I have really bad Nausea and a fear of vomit. Hope these work tho

  38. I ate too many pancakes, can someone please tell me how to prevent vomit them cause i fell bad. (please faster)

  39. I feel motion sickness when i go for pillion seat on a bike…as soon as the rider rises the accelerator, i start to feel my intestines comes out of my mouth…
    I dont know why…i cry to stop in the middle of the road…by pressing on the shoulders of the rider so hard…so annoying..
    I dont feel anything while i ride instead…
    It onky happens when anything that moves not in my control

  40. I wanted to become a flight attendant but during my international flight, i puke on thr plane 2 times. So yeah, right now im kinda not sure about it anymore. 😔

  41. I've never had motion sickness and I don't think I ever will. I'm watching this for my friend cause we go to camp and stuff and she always feels terrible in the car

  42. Nobody has answered me straight if what exactly had triggered me dizziness. I experimented with this dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) on a wish and also whoa, right after Two days of intake my light headedness had been gone, I continued to apply for another 20 or so. The dizziness I had is currently gone just after I tested out stopping my treatment. This is certainly completely recommendable. .

  43. 0:38 ok what about cases where it’s the vice versa of that: signals from eyes to brain are telling you you’re moving but your balancing mechanisms tell you you’re stationary. For me this usually occurs by playing POV video games or looking through binoculars.

  44. If you’re curious as to why you begin to feel sick as a result of the contradicting signals being sent to your brain, your brain speculates this feeling is a direct result of having a virus in your system. So it goes through the motions of trying to expel the non existent virus. This is why you begin to feel feverish and nauseous.

  45. I am right now in a bus driving from berlin to lithuania and i am in poland right now and i feel so sick 🤢 bus always gives me motion sickness

  46. If you are in the backseat or passenger seat then I recommend dramamine. It does NOT work for everyone and I would reccomend reading up on the risks or side effects of dramamine before taking it. It went very well for me and I fell asleep within an hour. Stayed asleep for about three hours, then kept me feeling refreshed the rest of the trip (full day car trip). Only negative part for me is that I would throw up what I would've thrown up on the road late at night.

  47. The thing is I hate sleeping during flights or car rides because when I wake up I always feel sick then most likely throw up. All I do is look out of the window and I'm still sick. I've tried most over the counter medications for things and prescription medication but nothing has helped. I'm going on a flight in 4 days so I'm going to try some of your tips. Thank you!

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