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Gun Glory Sad Ending when I’m done telling my long story we will have to part ways… Dear Joseph, every day here in Joseon has been peaceful for me what is “Love”? would you like to do it with me? actually, I should take it back let’s do it. Love with me let’s do it together I’m Ae Sin of the Go family I’m Eugene Choi, the acting consul
for the American legation it is nice to meet you it was my pleasure meeting you you look like you want to
shoot me with one so I must die because of “love”? exchange of names, handshake, hug what comes next… I thought I was close but I might have to go even further one more step into the flame Joseph, it seems like I’m in big trouble will recognize each other
even in the next life they will fall in love again they’ll live the life,
they failed to in this one

9 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine Tribute – Greensleeves | Good Day | See You Again

  1. Very nice. This certainly was the most stunning cinematography wise of any Asian drama I've watched so far. A truly beautiful work.

  2. I love it, this drama is perfect 😍
    I cried a lot with his death, I wait that, but i couldn't believe that was real. :'v godbye mr sunshine…

  3. As of today I can't get over this series I love the story the characters eugene and aeshin I love that couple their love story was amazing for me the story from the start until the end was great I almost got cried when the 2trusting person of aeshin side was died and ep 23 when aeshin saw eugene after 3 yrs the way she hug him OMG you feel love no need to be intimate you feel it pure love they have strong chemistry and the story great world class 👍👍

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