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Leo. Do you want to go up to the chair and keep
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wellbeing and personal development. In this video I’m just going to be sharing
with you my experience going to a holistic doctor and what to expect. Stay tuned to the end of this video where
I will be giving you my tips, thoughts and suggestions on all things holistic doctor
experience, if that’s how you word it. Because I sometimes don’t know how to word
things properly. ADHD. To start off, why was I going to the holistic
doctor, you might be asking yourself, if you are curious and you want to know. I have ADHD. I had taken Adderall in the past and it just
was not splendid. That was before I even got an ADHD diagnosis. You could say it was a shady prescription
and I didn’t handle it with care, so I choose not to take Adderall. I do not judge anybody that does. I wanted to see what a holistic doctor could
offer me in the way of helping me with my ADHD. But also not just that, I actually wanted
to talk to them about what they could do to help my sleep. As some of you might know, sleep is not something
that has been my strength. I struggle to fall asleep and I struggle to
wake up and I never feel refreshed, and I wanted to see if maybe there was more that
they can find out. If I was deficient in something, if there
was something that can prescribe just anything. I’m desperate. I mean, come on, help a girl out. Going to the doctor this time around was interesting. I had scheduled a doctor’s appointment with
this specific doctor’s office three previous times and canceled three times. I didn’t even realize I canceled that many
times until I set the appointment and the lady was like, “Yeah, you’ve canceled three
previous times.” I was a little embarrassed by that, so I did
not want to miss this appointment. I did not want to be that person that cancels
a fourth time and I made sure that I was going to make that appointment. Go figure, my luck, when you want to test
yourself and your strength and your perseverance, the world has a way of providing you that
opportunity. I woke up on the morning of my appointment
with the first snow of the season and it was not unexpectedly early, but compared to last
year, I was not happy with how early snow decided to show its beautifully lovely, frigid
cold face to my life. Woke up, I had probably about three to four
inches of snow to scrape off my car, and of course I woke up not wanting to get up really
tired, wishing I could cancel this said appointment that I’ve already canceled many a times, but
I didn’t and I got up and I went. The little moments in life that we want to
celebrate. So I made it to the doctor’s appointment and
I set this appointment at 12:30 because I suck at waking up and I work at a night job. I was up late the night before at work. By the time I got home, wound down, went to
bed, it was really late into the night. Maybe you can say into the morning. So getting up to make it to a 12:30 appointment
was realistic for me. The motivation that I had, that I use to peel
myself out of bed, was if I get up right now, I will have enough time to go get myself a
Starbucks. A little treat to treat myself for the day. I know that’s a little rewarding. I’m not a dog. I don’t need a treat. I really would just prefer the discipline
to be there, but I motivated myself to get myself out of bed to get to Starbucks in time
to get that coffee so I’d have it on the commute to my doctor’s appointment. I had heard about this office and decided
to make an appointment based on just general referrals and people just saying how wonderful
said doctor’s office was. Now upon making the appointment, I really
had it in my mind that I wanted a certain doctor at the office, which was the female
doctor. Apparently she just was really amazing at
what she did. I think it was more along the lines of just
her personality and just your general overall experience with her. The male doctor is the head of the practice
and he is an MD. He’s wonderful. He’s just a little more reserved and I’m a
pretty emotional person and I wanted somebody that had a little more TLC in them. So in the past I would call, and the female
doctor would be unavailable for about a month out. I could still get in and have a realistic
timeframe of, “it’s not going to be that far away,” and I could plan for it. The male doctor would always be about a week. So when I called this time, she must have
just really gotten extra popular because she didn’t have any available times to be seen
for new patients until May. And it is October at this point when I’m calling,
so I allowed them to go ahead and book me in mid November to see the male doctor and
just was like, “You know what, if I could get my foot in the door, see him, maybe eventually
I can transition into seeing the female doctor and we can go from there.” So I went ahead and booked the appointment
with the male doctor who was an MD, who can prescribe Adderall per se, and things of that
nature. On the day of the doctor’s appointment, I’d
get up super tired from the night before, wake up, realize the mathematical equation. Although timing is not my strength, but the
mathematical equation of if I get up right now, get ready real quick, I could go get
that Starbucks and get to the doctor’s appointment. Pushing it to the last minute like us ADHDers
do, but I really just hadn’t had my Starbucks. Get to the neighborhood. Park in a parking lot. Get out of my car. There is snow everywhere, freezing, walk to
the front of the building and then I realized I am at a dentist office and I’m on the phone
and my sister, praise God, and she proceeds to tell me that, “Yep, you are pretty much
at the wrong place.” I had to get back in my car, get to the doctor’s
office, park, run in. “Sorry I’m late.” I felt like a doof. I’m going to be honest, it just was not a
good feeling in that moment. I was like, “I should have probably not gotten
to Starbucks. I never plan for these things. I always forget about parking and about finding
the right location, making sure you know where you’re going before you get there. You never plan for moments like that to come
up.” I get there late, come in, check in. They had paperwork for me to fill out and
it wasn’t that much paperwork. I then pretty much hurried up to be late to
then just wait. Jokes on me. I waited for probably 45 minutes for them
to have a room. The frustrating thing about when I was filling
out the paperwork and I didn’t realize I needed my insurance card was that I needed my insurance
card. Not for the general appointment, because most
places like this don’t take insurance. But if there is something that might require
insurance or insurance might cover, they’re going to send it out of network and see if
your insurance covers it regardless. So I didn’t bring my insurance card because
I just didn’t think I would need it. It was in my wrong purse. So I didn’t get to get my blood work done
that they had suggested I get done for myself. After waiting, finally getting called back,
the medical assistant takes me back and starts asking me general doctor’s office visits questions. “Are you allergic to anything? Are you on any medication? Have you had any past surgeries or any medical
issues that we should be aware of?” And then she started asking about family history
of any disease or anything within my family. At that point she took me back to the back
office and said that that kind of stuff they don’t just do on the floor. Although she was kind of asking some of the
questions out and about, but I’m an open book. In the doctor’s office, she continued to ask
me more questions about certain things that run in my family. Diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and things
of that nature. At this point the doctor comes in and he’s
able to fill in the blanks and follow along with what she had already answered, so he
kind of confirmed everything that she had filled out for me. But then he continues to ask me more questions
and this is when I explained to him why I’m there. That is the first thing you pretty much said
to me is “Why are you here?” Obviously I am there for my sleep issues and
my ADHD. He asked me what kind of sleep issues I had. He asked me about my diagnosis, about what
doctor diagnosed me. He wanted to know a lot of details. I was pretty impressed. He asked me who was my doctor. He started looking it up right then and there
in the office. He wanted to have all of the past medical
records and testings that was done on me at the previous doctor’s office that I had gotten
my ADHD diagnosis at. I couldn’t remember the guy’s name cause I’m
just cool like that. It almost bogged down the session a little
too much, so I wish I was a little bit more prepared, a little more proactive with just
my experience and my time there. While we were sitting there, I did tell him
about my experience with Adderall and why I choose not to take Adderall and he does
have the ability to prescribe it. He isn’t as holistic as the female doctor
was. He’s kind of in between both worlds and he’s
not against prescribing Adderall and he was curious why I didn’t like it. I told him a little bit about my situation
and how I was prescribed it in the past. While I was in the office, it was an interesting
experience because I was trying to explain something to him and I said the wrong thing. The wrong word came out of my mouth and it
didn’t make any sense and I had to clarify and I was like, “See, I do that.” My ADHD means that I don’t say what I mean
to say and it never comes out properly. And he was like, “Well that must be really
frustrating because then that means that your voice isn’t heard, because if you don’t even
realize sometimes that you’re saying the wrong thing or maybe sometimes you do, regardless,
your voice is not being heard the way that you intended to up here because it doesn’t
come out of your mouth the way you expect, so other people aren’t able to completely
get an idea of who you are if you’re not able to eloquently express yourself in a concise
manner.” And that really struck a chord with my heart
because I was like, “That’s so true.” I feel like a lot of us people with ADHD don’t
feel like our voice is heard and we don’t feel like there is validity to what we’re
going through because even explaining having ADHD is hard. After all the research I’ve done, still to
this day when somebody is like, “Well, what is ADHD?” Not that I get that question all the time,
but I have a hard time explaining what it is. I just don’t know how to put it into words
in the moment on the spot. He did ask me a lot of questions about my
ADHD, my sleep, my overall mood, my depression, my anxiety. I shared a lot of things with him back. I can tell that the conclusion of the doctor
visit had arrived. As quickly as this doctor came into my life,
he then quickly left. Pretty much, “Go to the front desk. You’re done.” I go to the front desk, the same medical assistant
that helped me in the beginning and checked my vitals was at the front desk and she checked
me out. She then proceeds to tell me all of the testings
that need to be done and how much the general visit is, which I was prepared for the general
visit. $295. I know. That’s expensive, but when you’re on a quest
for self-discovery and improvement, your wellbeing is priceless. I paid the pretty penny. Then I was proceeded to be prescribed a bunch
of tests that he wants to do with me and some medicine, so the tests were very interesting. This one was a neurotransmitter test and it
says “a home collection test to assess neurotransmitter levels that affect overall health and wellbeing.” And this one was a hormone test kit, which
is “a simple, convenient and noninvasive home collection kit to evaluate your hormone health.” This was based off of my time with a doctor. He does wonder if I have hormone issues because
of my sleep and or adrenal issues and thyroid issues, so I ran the gamut of issues. Now these tests were pretty penny. The hormone test kit is 140 and the neurotransmitter
testing kit was 219, and in that moment I thought they were just like expecting me to
pay for it right then and there. But you take it home, you fill it out, and
send the payment in via snail mail. I can do it in my own time whenever I want. I did get sent home with one medication which
was little pellets and it said homeopathic medicine, Aurum Met, which means Aurum Metallicum. Never heard of it. I’ve never done the homeopathic medicine. I asked the lady what it was for and she said
it was for my ADHD. I am simply charmed by the fact that I was
prescribed gold for my ADD. Upon researching this, I found out that a
lot of people are given it because of anxiety and depression. Confusing though because on the bottle it
says fever or nasal congestion, so we will see. I was prescribed three pellets underneath
my tongue to dissolve twice daily and I’m supposed to come back in a month to be seen
again. The rates to be seen again at the doctor I
was at is 130. The general rate to be seen for the first
time for holistic doctor visits is 200 to 400 average, and then the followups are usually
like one to 200 average. So I will be going back in a month. If you want to hear about my followup, let
me know about that in the comment section below. I’ve been taking those little pellets and
it has a really metallic-y smell. It smells like paint. I don’t know how good of a thing that is,
but it tastes sweet, so it doesn’t taste bad. I don’t know what to expect. So far so good. So far nothing’s changed. We will see what happens, but I am hopeful
and I am curious. Now, to conclude this video, I just want to
run down a couple tips, suggestions and thoughts that I have on what you can experience and
things I think that you should take to mind whenever you go to see a holistic doctor. I recommend finding a good one. Obviously do this by simple things such as
going on Yelp, reading reviews, Google reviews, and definitely word of mouth. Try to find groups on Facebook and things
like that and see what people are talking about. Holistic support groups and Facebook groups
in your local area. I just recommend doing your research to give
yourself the best chances of finding a really good doctor. My other recommendation is to leave early
enough to get a Starbucks before you get there. I’m kidding, but I’m not. Trying to motivate yourself to get out of
the house early enough to where you’re not running late. If you do get lost or you do get confused
or there’s traffic or there’s construction, that you are there early enough to be able
to fill out all the paperwork. Don’t lose your appointment by showing up
late because you never know what their policy is on that. My other tip is to set the appointment time
at a realistic time. Make sure that you’re not setting it too early
to where you won’t get up to make it. Make the appointment time workable within
your day so you don’t find excuses to cancel the appointment so that you’ll actually make
it to the appointment. My other suggestion is to go in with the idea
of what you’re going to be talking about to the doctor so that you’re not taken aback
or confused or caught off guard with different questions that they have, but I would recommend
going in prepared. With ADHD, I know we’d like to trail off and
we get lost in our own conversations and we have a tendency to squirrel, but go in respectfully
with an idea of what you want to say and what you want to talk about, but also for the reason
that you don’t leave having forgotten to talk about something. It just makes your doctor visit that much
more pleasant. My other suggestion is to go into the doctor’s
office with an open mind. This is not a general doctor’s visit that
we’re used to. It’s holistic, it’s natural. It’s homeopathic. For me, my mindset was, “What do I have to
lose?” Other thing I have to say about going to a
holistic doctor is know that you might wait. I know we’ve already discussed this, but know
that you’re going to be waiting, be patient with the staff and don’t get upset because
it’s just not going to go the way you expect it to. You’re not writhing in pain. You don’t have a broken leg. It’s not a 15 minute chiropractic adjustment. It is a holistic doctor and they do things
a little differently. Another thought I have for you is to bring
your insurance card. Visionaries, I know, it seems like a general
no duh, but I knew that they don’t really take insurance and I didn’t bring it. They were like, “Oh, well we do for blood.” So yeah, that was a little awkward. My last thought for you with going to a holistic
doctor is to expect to pay a little bit more. It’s just going to be more expensive. Not just the general first time visit and
the followup visits, but the testings that they have you do. It’s expensive, and if you want to go the
holistic route, just know that you’re going to pay a little bit more and most of it is
going to be out of pocket. Now that is all I have for you today. I really hope that you got something out of
this video. If you did, please let me know by sharing
your thoughts in the comment section below. Don’t forget to let me know that you’d like
this video by giving it one big thumbs up. Please subscribe to my channel and click that
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please know that you are all in my prayers and have a good rest of your week. I will see you next Wednesday. Bye-bye.

28 thoughts on “My First Holistic Doctor Visit | ADHD Story Time

  1. Interesting Ardelle. I love trying new things and am very open to it too. I tried accupuncture and accupressure but NO results.

  2. Oh my gosh ARDELLE! I completely empathize! That is such a huge issue for me…. conveying what I mean, into words. That is an executive function issue which, for me is partly a language processing input/output issue. Now compound that with the emotional dishrag elation that results because of the frustration from the impairment. BOOM! Welcome to my ADHD world!

  3. Umm what did you say? Sorry I was distracted by those forever eyes 🙂 great video and tips and glad it was a positive experience? Beam me up Scotty ?

  4. I've started taking Lion's Mane mushroom extract and Dopa Mucuna. Not sure yet how well it works. BTW, I don't know if it's my Dyslexia or my ADHD but I originally thought your channels name was AdderallVision, LOL

  5. Night jobs bad idea for us. Lots of evidence coming forth to indicate that artificial blue light is bad for us ie LED lights or flourescent lights and computer/smartphone screens. Switch to oil lamps or candle read you will get bored with the book and fall asleep.

  6. About 5 months ago I was prescribed adderall. Took it for a month and found it to be insanely powerful, and not in a good way. It felt like I was getting high and crashing everyday. It just wasn’t sustainable for me. I went on a journey and committed to curing myself naturally. Since then I’ve changed my life around for the better. Not sure if I “cured” myself but I am so much happier and focused.

    The big one for me was deep spiritual meditation and pranayama breathing. It actually has made it so I require less sleep. The other natural medicines that really worked for me:

    Bacopa Monnieri – this is an auyervedic medicine used specifically to treat ADHD
    L-theanine – an amino acid that is a miracle cure for anxiety. It is like a natural Xanax. This really works for me. Also works great with caffeine.
    Ashwanganda (KSM 66) – great auyervedic medicine for focus, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and general energy.
    Fish oil

    I take these everyday with my protein shake. I am so glad I got off adderall and went natural. I still struggle from time to time but not like I used to. Dare I say, I feel normal.

  7. For sleep you need Vitamin D from the sun it's hard to get from supplements virgin cod liver oil might be the only one. Also take a magnesium supplement and Omega 3 if you are all not already. These things combined with or without CBD oil should help you can look into box breathing also and try to do that while you are laying down to help you sleep. Also needs to be very dark and cool cooler temperature than you were exposed to during the daytime

  8. What ever there is to do it's going to take longer and cost more than anticipated. I hope it works for you . Stimulant medication helps me even though it's not perfect and filling the perception is a pain in the other brain ?

  9. Great video. Didn't realise how much of an issue ADHD was until I came across it a few months ago. Never heard or come across a holistic doctor before.

  10. Mental health and wellness is the most important thing to take care of ourselves, It's great you had this experience

  11. I recently switched to a holistic dentist. Crazy experience! But great. I would like to add a holistic doctor as well.

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