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Peace-Love everybody. This is Sonja from God Wins TV and I’d like to talk to you today about My Cure for Sarcoidosis, if you want to
call it that. I have been sarcoidosis free for
going on thirteen years now and if you want to know how I was diagnosed and
my symptoms and stuff you can go to my video that talks about um… how that all happened. I’ll try to put a link on this video My friends were praying, my church was
praying um… I was going to doctors, I had done everything
the doctors had told me to do for five years. Basically four years i think it at
that point and they had said to me, “We’ve done everything that we can do. There’s nothing else we can do. You
will have this for the rest of your life.” And that was not good enough for me um… Because Jesus had told me otherwise. So I just kept trying different things. So basically the Lord just connected me with the right people and He uh… I came across a like I said a colleague. It was – my husband had worked with this guy and it was like his wife or something like this. And her mom was in to health foods and what have you. and um… alternative healing put it
that way and she said to me – she asked me about my
condition. I told her. And she said,”Oh, well if it’s your lungs, hey? Well I heard that PAPAYA is good for your lungs.” So I’m like, “Papaya! Where I get it?” So I went to the local – well it was a local health food store but
a bit it was like health and foods.You know
like it was like organic foods and you know like you could get all kinds of alternative over-the-counter stuff right and um… This store happened to be called ‘Nutters’
so I don’t know if you don’t have a Nutters you probably have some other kind of alternative health food kind of thing. But I don’t think that’s terribly
necessary because what I got was papaya and in some places you just go down to
your grocery store and get that. Now here in Canada papaya tastes… well it’s pretty gross and um… so I just went to Nutters and I got the dried stuff. Now this … I’ve got some here this is what it looks like and this is this is the dried stuff here and it’s uh… it’s that fruit that kinda looks like a big mango and it’s got this patch in the middle with all these tons
and tons of little black seeds and you basically eat the – uh… you eat the fruit and the seeds you can throw away or you can plant them or whatever you want to do with them. But this I would eat about a handful of this every day and it tastes like uh… I would say it tastes something like tangerines or like a strong orange flavor. And it’s really sweet. Sorry. So if you’re a diabetic you have to watch the sugar, okay? Just really watch the sugar because they are quite sweet okay. And what happened was, I went to Nutters and I just got little – a little bag of the stuff and this one hasn’t got any um… sugar coating or anything like that it’s
just plain and I um… I just ate the bag and I was still sick and I went to the hospital and I had pneumonia again for I don’t know how many times and I went to my specialist’s appointment and he gave me the same old “Yeah, you’re going to have this for the rest of your life.” And then he really looked at the x-rays and he said Well, it does look a little bit better BUT it’s probably nothing. You’re going to have this
the rest of your life. Ah, there’s nothing else we can do you know. And I thought to myself, “You know what? he said that it did look a little tiny bit better. And I went home and I thought, “You know
what? If i’m going to give this papaya a try, I’m going to give it a really good try. so I went back to Nutters and I bought like a twenty pound box! Like they thought I was nuts! They were like, “What are you going to do with it?” I said, “I’m going to eat it.” and um… basically I just divided it up into
little you know, like hand full sizes. You know about
so much – about so much and I just ate that every day. You know kind of like an apple a day keeps the doctor away and a hand full of Papaya a day
keeps the sarcoidosis away. And three months later I went to my specialist again Dr York and my condition had gone from – where am I – from down here ‘fwoop’ up like this my lungs were better – my breathing was better – my – my – you know everything look better in my
chest. It was so much better! And he was – he – I remember sitting in the waiting room and you know like it was one of those all day things. You’ve got to go get your x_-rays come to the doctor… da da da da da and he goes and he looks at the x-rays and he comes running out to the waiting room! and he says “Wow, do your x-rays ever look good!” and then he says “We’ve got to get you off all this medication!” and then he says “I wonder what I did?” And I thought, “Oh yeah, I know that I did!” So I told him about the papaya. He said, “I don’t think it’s the papaya.” So hey, I stopped eating the papaya. and my condition the next three months
it was just didn’t get any worse didn’t get any
better but just stayed the same So three months later I went to the to the doctor and he was like, “oh…
I’m so disappointed. I thought you were getting better So I said “okay I’m going to go on the papaya again.” I went back on and again my condition
went up like that. And so I stayed on the papaya. and it just went away. My sarcoidosis went away and I
have been off – I have been off all medications since may of two
thousand ( May 2000). So that’s papaya. That’s what I did and I’m going to share with you on
another video about some of the other things that I did to – to get better. So I didn’t just do papaya, okay. that was one of the things that I did. but, yeah, if you have sarcoidosis, yeah
get some papaya and um, yeah… We’ll talk to you on the next video okay, peace-love of everybody. Bye

57 thoughts on “My Sarcoidosis Cure – Part 1 of 2

  1. I have had sarcoidosis since 2005, it comes and goes. My lymph nodes swell in my chest and breathing is hard. Im in a middle of a flare up today but im going to try your Papya advice and see what happens. Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for the information, I will have my son try it, the Doctor said he has Neuro-Sarcoidosis. I know there is a cure, along with prayer He will conquer this.

  3. Here in Africa we eat papaya regularly.  Young babies are given papaya from an early age.  Even as early as 1 week old.  And papaya tastes good here, the varieties we grow are really sweet and fleshy.  Papaya has enzymes that kind of regulate our systems.  It is an excellent health food.  You should have it in your regular diet.

  4. Hello, what is the quickest time you have seen or heard, regarding using papaya for sarcoidosis?

    I had some and i don't know if its placebo or really the papaya?

    I felt relief in my breathing and upped energy levels in less than 24 hrs!



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    how to cure treating sarcoidosis naturally   try Greega Sarcoidosis Guru (do a search on google ) ?  Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got great success  with it.

  6. I received my book….didn't realize it was coming from Canada which explains the delay.    What a wonderful read!!! No matter what you are dealing with in life from the physical to the emotional or to the mental(depression) this book speaks to you of God's grace and mercy. Buy it!!!  Sonja are you still on the papaya regimen?  I tried the dried papaya and it was so sweet that I almost gagged and had to throw it all out after purchasing loads of it.  But yet most people tolerate it well and even like it.    I was so discouraged.

  7. Thanks for this. I tried to igonre my sarcoidosis but a recent chest x-ray showed it has significantly progressed in the last 5 years. I have been put back on prednisolone which I'm not happy about. I have had active sarcoidosis for at least 7 years now with no end in sight. I will definitely try this. I also found that manuka honey helped with the general symptoms as did iron rich water.

  8. There is no cure for sarcoidosis, Some people sarcoidosis will go away on it's own, while others will have systemic chronic. You are never cured, it can recur anytime.

  9. Hi there, I got thees dried papaya from Wallmart and I had to toss it in the garbage after I ,ve checked the ingredients .It scared me all that sulphytes and tartrazine .Where you buy it and does it have that many chemicals like mine?

  10. Thanks for sharing. Food is the best medicine. Just be careful because much of that fruit is genetic modified. Try to get it organic or at least verified it is non gmo.

  11. Tried the pure natural, papaya juice, my wife's condition has not improved one iota. Leading me to believe this is what it appears to be, BULLSHIT!!! If you truly have sarcoidosis, this crap will not help you.

  12. I don't have x-Rays laying around my house, and would not know how to post an X-ray in any case. X-ray or no X-ray if it was working I would not need an X-ray to prove it, and if it were not working I would not need an X-ray for that either.

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  18. I wish I saw this before my Sarcoidosis spread, it's now in my liver, brain & nerves so my Sarcoidosis progressed to Neurosarcoidosis.

  19. I told my son who was diagnosed with neuro sarcoidosis about your video and the papaya. we found the dried papaya in our local store. he ate a handful everyday, he has not had any seizures for a year and a half. he have been doing really good. I believe this helped along with prayer and exercise. he changed his diet….somewhat, but thanks for sharing.

  20. I had sarcoidosis since 2002 and I still have it. Now. Inflammation of the skin tissue I have on every part of my body.


    1) "Carob molasses" its a thick paste like product, take two teaspoons twice a day, one in the morning one in the evening for a month.

    2) "Dried Lavandula stoechas" (French lavender, Spanish lavender, or topped lavender) its lavender but this variety has a bigger bud. When buying make sure its sealed and not left open in the store, it needs to still have the lavender smell.

    Take 2 teaspoons (4 or 5 big buds) and place them in a pot with a glass of boiling water and boil for 7 minutes, drain out the buds and let the tea cool down and drink a glass before bed and a glass in the morning.

    3) Nigella Sativa or Black Seed Oil as its commonly known.

    Take one tablespoon "BEFORE YOU GO TO BED" this way it will actually help you to get a really good sleep. This i have tried personally and find it definitely help with sleep.



    I have found the above cures from a well educated Chemist, I will try and contact him regarding how long this should be taken.

    Sorry @godwinstv I dont mean to barge into your post like this, i just wanted to share some info. I will be buying "Dried Papaya" right now. Your video inspired me to find the info i posted.

    Also people have faith! be positive! mind over matter you can win! There is no illness that has no cure! Peace

  22. Since 2004 I have had this disease. My sister had it first. I went to doctor find out I had the disease. Doctor told me that it does not run in the family. This is not true. Fours years ago my niece had the disease thn my son last year. I have not been on prednisone for a long time. It is a scary disease. There is no cure for sarcoid only prednisone. It is not a great medicine to be on.

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  24. There are a few things for solving sarcoidosis naturally
    Consider adjusting your Diet – In some cases sarcoidosis has been associated with celiac disease, such as a reaction to certain protein chains commonly referred to as glutens found in some cereal grains such as wheat.
    You could also take different Natural supplements, herbs, and vitamins
    Also the use of anti-oxidants and natural anti-inflammatory supplements could be of benefit.
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  30. I have had Neurosarcoidosis and transverse myelitus brain inflammation and spinal nerve damage So far my doctor tells me I'm not disabled but that's another story I have never had it affect my lungs which is the most common Wonder if papaya might be beneficial to me. I understand that stress can bring on relapse so I have to chill out.

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  32. This info appears out of date due that it is ignoring successful treatments using antibiotics. I first became aware of the antibiotic approach after stumbling upon an article in a basic Google search: Bernie Mac didn't have to die pervasive misconceptions about sarcoidosis. Two sarcoidosis antibiotic papers were referenced in this article dating 2003 and 2004. After forwarding the papers to my doctor she found newer papers dated 2014 and 2017 using a CLEAR regimen. My sarcoidosis manifested itself in my eyes but no other obvious symptoms. Still waiting for contrast CT scan results since standard chest x-ray was inconclusive. It appears some doctors are ignoring the very high correlation to mycobacterial infection. The CLEAR treatment regimen consists of levofloxacin, ethanbutal, Azithromycin, rifampin or rifabutin. We decided to use a belt and suspenders approach and follow the first papers antibiotic regimen from 2003/4. I'm taking prednisone AC 1% eye drops 4x daily, prednisone 20 mg 2 tablets 1x a day, sulfamethoxazole tmp ss 400-80 1 tablet 2x a day, minocycline 50 mg 1 capsule 1x a day, Azithromycin 250 mg 1 tab 1x a day. I'm two weeks into my treatment and hope to eliminate this infection rather than treat symptoms like these most doctors are recommending.

  33. Its better to always eat the natural fruit in its natural state. Make a smoothie out of it if u dont like the taste

  34. How did you get rid of the joint pain that goes with Sarcoidosis? I’ve tried turmeric, ginger everything and nothing seems to take the pain away.

  35. I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis since 1991 a freshman in high school, that's 29 years. All my doctors I've had were all are saying the same thing no cure and I'll have to live with it but I refuse to take the Prednisone anymore. The sarcoid has been found in several places but not any organs. It's been in my stomach for quite some time now and causing havoc, UGH! I was on the prednisone for a full year at one point which made me feel better but deep down I knew it wasn't curing me and probably hurting my body more than the sarcoid, not to mention I gained 60 pounds on top of it. So I decided to stop taking them yelp went cold turkey and search for a natural remedy. I have found taking turmeric and pure MSM help me greatly my joint pain and the biggest change was my diet. I have to cut down on my sugar intake and gluten as was also diagnosed with celiac. I'm going to try the papayas. With Gods help I know I can overcome this. Knowledge is power, thanks for sharing.

  36. por favor, soy española y no entiendo, solo entiendo la palabra papaya.Quereis decir que la papaya es buena para bajar la inflamacion de los granulomas pulmonares? si alguien me lo traduce se lo agradeceria

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