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hi its Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center many people who adopt a raw vegan diet fine wind up struggling a bit to make the best choices and so one of the guests here fasting with me now has asked me if I can speak a little bit about my own transition and I’m glad to do that it’s probably not a typical situation though so it may not be germane to your own case but I’ll be glad to share with you my own history when I graduate from college 29 years ago and at 23 I’m now 52 within six months I found myself very very sick and was later finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome irritable bowel syndrome chronic sinusitis systemic Candida infection and 57 allergies so I’d become allergic to pretty much everything fruits and vegetables dust pollen mold you name it and it was challenging to do anything at all I spent most of my time sleeping I was working I had I bought a house I had a mortgage and I spent most of my free time resting sleeping as much as I could trying to get well I was actually getting worse with three years of medicine and I tell you some of you know this story but I’m telling you this again because it’s completely germane to my point here my transition was almost instantaneous I mean what I did was I realized at some point when when both medicine and conventional nutrition had failed to help me in any way I wasn’t getting healthier at all I was they were helping me suppress symptoms so I wasn’t actually any healthier when I gave up on them I thought to myself you know if I could figure out what’s natural for the human body what actually belongs in my body maybe that would help me get healthy and so the first thing that occurred to me was well processed foods can’t be part of a natural diet right when it comes in a package if it’s been processed processed in any way it can’t be part of a natural diet for my body so I gave them up I began eating only whole foods I was still cooking but I was buying only whole foods and cooking them myself I also gave up animal products because it became apparent to me that our physiology is completely to our digestive physiology completely different than the digestive physiology of animals eat other animals and so it made sense to me that what was natural for my body had to be what my physiology was adapted for and if my physiology is completely different than that of a meat-eating animal that must not be mean in fact our digestive physiology looks a lot like our closest primate relatives who live on almost exclusively fruit and soft tender leafy greens so it took me about five or so years to make all these realizations but when I did I essentially instantaneously changed my diet as I think I mentioned the other day with raw food I was I was actually you know I’ve been focused on how do I make this more natural how can I improve on this what’s natural for my body and it had never occurred to me that cooking wasn’t natural you know we grew up in a culture of cooking like most people never never make that connection cooking is not natural it doesn’t happen in nature okay it’s something now some people say well anything humans evolved to do is natural to humans okay but I don’t quite look at it that way so when I finally realized cooking wasn’t natural was I was actually at a health conference I was walking from one building to another in a city and I heard just a little bit of a conversation when I heard someone say was raw food and this was just 22 years ago was 22 years ago in October it’ll be 22 years a few weeks later I had already planned to spend a week at my sister’s house a couple hours away over Thanksgiving weekend and I thought you know I’m just going to wait until after Thanksgiving to stop eating cooked food because I you know I just didn’t know how challenging that was going to be or how much of an said it might create and so that’s what I did I continued eating my cooked vegan diet for the next few weeks but Thanksgiving dinner November 1991 was my last scheduled cook meal I’ve eaten cooked food a few times since not very often but that was the last time I said I sat down saying I’m gonna eat some cooked food cooked food the next day I was all wrong percent raw and I made no exceptions I was really clear now what was different with me then is for some other people was I got sick at 23 you see I was a competitive swimmer growing up I play I swam and played water polo in college I rode my bicycle everywhere I was in great shape I’d been at the Air Force Academy and set a record for the cadets on the relay excuse me the obstacle course and here I was just a couple years later barely able to function completely exhausted all the time feeling terrible and understanding a hundred percent that this was not okay where a lot of people wind up doing okay getting by getting through their lives getting to the point where they’re 60 or 70 maybe 55 you know 75 80 and then really feeling bad and thinking yeah but I’m getting old that’s normal I was 23 years old so because I was 23 because I was not willing to accept not feeling fantastic I committed to myself to doing anything I needed to do to get my health back I was completely committed now I meet people all the time and this may be hard for you to believe but I meet people all the time who are absolutely not committed to their health that may sound surprising there are many people who actually are at some level subconsciously choosing to stay right where they are which is ill because in some way it serves them and so they continue maintaining those same choices that you know people who smoke cigarettes and pretend they don’t you know it’s so it’s not gonna hurt me well chances are pretty high it is gonna hurt you I mean the science is really clear about that and yet people do it anyway eating animal products the science has been clear for 50 years that your risk of cancer and heart disease is five times higher if you eat animals than if you don’t this is not a new idea okay the year I was born 1961 52 years ago there was a study published in the journal the American Medical Association your risk is five times higher if you eat animals and if you don’t more recently the China study by T Colin Campbell you know it’s clear like so why do people ignore this because people believe what they want to believe okay but you know if what you’re really committed to is creating the highest level of health and vitality and I want you to know if you’re watching this today and you’re not feeling and functioning as well as you would like to you can your body can heal itself you can create an amazing level of health and vitality if two things one you want it badly enough and two you’re actually committed to creating it you have to be committed because it’s going to be challenging making excellent choices in a world that doesn’t support that can be challenging for some people so if you’re not committed it doesn’t happen if you’re not committed to your relationship what happens as soon as it gets difficult you’re gone you’re looking for somebody else okay as soon as this gets challenging for you’re gonna be looking for something else oh that didn’t work I’ll try something different the best thing you can do if you want to get as healthy as possible give your body a chance to cleanse and heal itself like all you guys are doing right now and then may only the choices that support meeting your body’s needs the way that nature intended for them to be met which means those raw whole unprocessed unblended nuns you know unprocessed things that when you would find in your natural habitat which is the tropics tropical climate that’s what belongs in our body okay you know meeting all of our body’s needs the way nature intended you cannot fail to create an amazing level health but you have to be committed and those people who are not committed will always find reasons why they can’t do it there’s always an excuse it’s too expensive not where I live it won’t work for me you know that that’s nonsense it will work for virtually any body that’s still alive because if you’re still alive your body still has the ability to heal and cleanse to some extent so you can always take your health to a higher level if you’re willing to do what you need to do it requires a level of commitment it requires a level of emotional maturity it may be difficult to do for people that are still very young emotionally because we’re used to using substances to suppress emotions if you’re not willing to deal with your emotions and be with them then you’re gonna wind up burying them under a half gallon of ice cream or a bag of cookies you know whatever it is so that can be more challenging for you but because this all happened to me when I was so young and because I knew not acceptable and I was not willing to accept it and I was completely committed to my own health it was easy for me my transition was that’s it I’m done eating cooked food and I was clear what belong to my body and that’s what I ate from that point on now I have made it some some poor choices from time to time over the last 22 years it’s it’s September so it’s only 21 years and ten months since I went raw I’ve eaten cooked food a few times it’s always been a mistake my body has quickly said to me what are you doing you dumbass why’d you do that that was a mistake now I feel bad now I’ve got to process this crap you know but it’s a clear and strong reminder of why I consistently make excellent choices okay so you know again the first piece is are you truly committed because if you’re committed it’s not challenging and if you’re listening this and thinking yeah but this is too hard you know just stop and understand that you’re giving yourself permission to be make poor choices okay and I would say don’t do that if what you want is to function the highest level possible you can do that if you’re willing to commit will it be challenging it very well might be but most of the things in life that are most worth having requires some effort and they require some growth which means change okay so the transition for me was pretty non-existent because I really desperately wanted my health back if you want yours back get clear you can screw around with other things but there’s nothing that’s going to give you this same result like giving your body a chance to cleanse and heal and then meeting its needs the way nature intended I hope that helps bye bye you

42 thoughts on “My Transition to a Raw Vegan Diet

  1. Sickness is definitely a strong motivation to change eating habits. Thanks for sharing your story. God bless! 🙂

  2. This video is the one video that speaks to me the most. This is exactly my story. Sick as hell at 23. Found amazing health through fasting and a raw food diet at Tanglewood. Only difference is I squandered this awesome gift by slipping back into a shitty diet. My excuse is "I'm going back to Tanglewood in January and That's when I'll start my optimal diet forever". What I need to do is ask myself what I really want I'm sure. See you soon bud.

  3. Loren, i feel you : ( difficult situation and very glad that you came out of it. thanks for sharing, as always. by the way, what you were studying in college on those times? 

  4. You're 52? Wow! No offense, but I think you look WAY older than that. I would have guessed mid 60's minimum. I'll stear clear of fasting if it prematurely ages the face!

  5. Hi Mr. Lockman, I was wondering what your opinion is on starches just as potatos, rice, these kinds of things. Do you believe starches are healthy to eat? I eat starches and fruit and vegetables. And if you do believe starches are healthy when do you believe is the best time to each them for lunch or dinner along with vegetables?

  6. Great video! I've been curious about the raw vegan diet for a while now, and hearing u talk about it makes me want to try it, or at least a mostly raw diet. And I just have to say that I disagree with the comment about u looking older than your age. The only thing that might make u look older is the gray hair, but otherwise u have a very healthy, youthful (and handsome) appearance. 

  7. "it's been proven for 50 years that your risk of heart disease and cancer is 5 times higher if u eat animal products (and obviously, animals). Why choose that?

  8. Sorry you have to deal with these trolls, Loren!

    You're an amazing man and teacher. Period.

    I'm a 25 year old male who has pretty much always eaten everything there is in a typical U.S. diet, raw and cooked my whole life. I started raw/cooked Paleo only a couple months ago. I was very scientific about it, tracking my weight, my gut circumference, my bowel movments, my sleep, etc. My health improved greatly. But then some symptoms returned from before, such as acne, fatigue, and constipation.

    The past week however, I have switched to a raw vegan diet of eating mostly fruit and romaine lettuce. Let me tell you, almost all my acne is cleared, I have peach fuzz hairs turning dark after years of hair loss (!!!!), my energy is amazing, my attitude is much more positive, my bowel movements (don't get me started) are better than ever… I lost about 4 pounds of shit and 5 cm of gut circumference just this week!! And most people have always considered me a skinny guy! The only bad thing is that I have so much energy, I have trouble sleeping!!

    I absolutely plan to fast at your wellness center in the coming few years! Thank you for helping to save my health, Loren!! I hope to be alive to see you live to be 130!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey publicly Loren . Yes , you have shared this ( not in such detail ) before , but reinforcement is always good . Yes , on the ' cooked food experience ' = POISON , or so it feels anyhow ! Cheers Loren . . .

  10. I'm really happy that I found your channel, really REALLY!!
    The thing is, I'm from Portugal, but currently I'm living in London, because I'm studying and I believe in here we don't have clinics that promote fasting.
    In the past I had an eating disorder. I think this is important to know.
    I'm vegan 6 months now, and I've been eating cooked food… The problem is, I am always bloated..
    My question is, What can I do to stop this? I want to go raw, but I don't want to loose weight. Can you tell me what I can eat in a daily basis? I'm 20 by the way.
    Fasting is not an option because in London they dont have it, and I don't want to do myself. So, what can I do?

  11. Hi Dr loren..i m a vegan..every time i try to go raw vegan …i feel sick..with brain fog..every time a drink a smoothie..can you tell me wat is wrong?

  12. I want off my med/ been going on the second month exercise no bread no cheese no meats at all, used to eat chicken some Wild  salmon. No more. Feel fine. Eat organic lost 6 lbs so   far. I am 67. two med been decreased thyroid from 100 to  .88 and  Depoke from 875 Depoke to  750.  I want thyroid healed. I feel great.  Sleep though the night till 4:30 daily. Sleep get out of bed 6am.  S o I eat healthly my med goes down or go off.

  13. Great story, Loren! I love to listen to your stories and knowledge! It's not that often that I'm suprised about what I'm hearing and seeing but your videos are really inspiring! Love, love, LOVE <3

  14. how many greens do you eat in week? is it enough for your protein intake? do we really nead as much protein as doctors say? thank you

  15. your talk about sick people keeping themselves sick with bad food reminds me of things we teach in rehabilitation centers about the six stages of change. I think a food addict is similar to a drug addict.

  16. After almost 2 months on this raw "optimal diet" its TOTALLY clear to me, feel so much gratitude and love to what is being taught here,
    I had a few experiences this week where I kind of cheated/was testing myself and INDEED,
    when eating that chocolate ("raw" organic) or dried dates, my body goes: WHAAT, REALLY? OK HERE I GIVE YOU SOME STINKY
    SMELLS RIGHT BACK AT YA, from armpits or downbelow, you can have both because you deserve it haha…
    karma = every action has a reaction right?

    I needed this video after the experience, because I can also feel the addiction creeping up again for cacao for example…
    Intellectual understanding as the first step is key when coming from a society full of nonsense education!
    COMITTMENT is what I needed to hear about, thank you…
    David Sonelin

  17. Hi Loren, thank you for this video. I have and have not been committed to my health . When i was committed i did a 21 day water only fast twice, 100% raw diet several times , vegetarian for years …i made it happen!!! but when i wasn't committed, i continued to eat meat, cooked foods, and make excuses like there isn't any good fruit in my area of "Florida" that's why i can't be 100% raw: lol ..thanks for speaking up . Your videos explains things so regular people can understand

  18. You make a lot of sense, but not everyone lives in a tropical climate. People are dispersed all over Earth, including the polar regions. That said, I applaud and admire your integrity!

  19. Good video as usual . Wow I never really felt as sick as many of the people who go vegan or raw do . I actually sometimes wish the SAD diet made me feel terrible . And wish the vegan junk food made me feel bad . But perhaps it does and I'm not feeling optimal and just don't know it because never have . Seems the ones who got sick really can go Raw easier . Listen to John Kohler vegan channel explain how the raw diet literally saved his life it's very inspirational .

  20. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🧘🧘🧘🧘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍌

  21. Hello Loren,
    What happens when someone just starts eating all raw fruit one day?
    What side effects or symptoms are expected?
    Could it possibly shock the system and cause problems?
    If yes what problems?
    Thank you

  22. This is how it is done! Peace Pilgrim advises making quick relinquishments when we recognize the error in our ways. But, sometimes we are only able to admit the truth secretly, and in the braver moments we are honest with ourselves.
    Bob Dylan has a lyric, "If something's not right, it's wrong." There are gray areas, but humans are masters of rationalization.
    Recovering alcoholics sometimes say AA complicated/worsened their drinking. Once we know truth, we can't un-know it — even when we evade the work of letting go with grace.
    Your unusual ability to seek true information and honor it when found has governed your choices well for the duration of your thriving lifestyle. This would have been very helpful when I was first learning to transition to Raw. I will be sharing and I hope others do as well.
    BRAVO, Loren.

  23. Yes!! Commitment Is Crucial Thanks! Loren for sharing yourself so freely. We all appreciate you so very much! Awesome Talk

  24. I’m on a very long water only fast. Thanks to Loren Lockmans’ videos Im doing it with an understanding of what my body is doing throughout this process. That’s invaluable information! I can cooperate rather than resist all the things my body feels, things which actually inspire me through this process. Thank you Loren Lockman for the hours you’ve put into these videos. I’m a lifer, I’m committed to living this clean life in optimal health. It helps that I grew up on an island in the Caribbean eating lots and lots of fruit every day😊

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