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Currently, we’re at Humayunpur in Safdurjung. You know it’s right in the heart of Delhi… but not a lot of people know about this place. There are so many people over here. I’m very excited today because the last time I had Naga, it was just chicken. You did not have Naga food. It’s very sweet you think you had Naga food. Bhut jholkiya. Bhut jholakiya is eaten all over the North-East. Oh. Okay. Just because you tasted Bhut Jholakiya does not mean you had… Naga food. You haven’t. I haven’t had Naga food. But today… that is going to change. Good Morning. Hello. We just came to take a look at what all you’re cooking. These are the items. Okay. These are raw materials from Nagaland… which I prepare here. These are sesame seeds. Mustard seeds. And this is fermented soybean. Fermented soyabean? Yeah. This is Akhuni. Akhuni? This is called Akhuni? Which you’re calling Axone. Axone is written in English. This is the dry one. This is the fresh one. This is the dry one. Everything has a different smell. Very nice. This is fresh bamboo shoot. Wow. This is dry fish. Where is the main thing? The smoked pork. Smoked Pork! Smoked pork is inside my freezer. Oh you get this pork from home? Look at this beautiful piece of… Wow! Like… Meat, fat and skin. Awesome. This is awesome. Looking forward to lunch. I’ll make it. Alright. Thank you. You have any requests or should I place the order? I think we should order Axone for sure. I mean, Akhuni. Sorry, Akhuni. Akhuni. Akhuni. I’m ready to order now. Pork ribs, dry fish chutney… ekraja mirchi… mashed potato chutney and akhuni chutney. Pork with… bamboo shoot and anishi pork. Smoked pork, bamboo shoot without gravy. Chicken with bamboo shoot and king chilli. Some pork intestine. And fried liver and gizzard. So, that’s a big order. Oh, by the way… while waiting for the order… I’m going to play some James Blunt for you, okay? Why would you play James Blunt for me? Surprise! Surprise! What is this? Here. Rice beer. Oh rice beer! Locally brewed rice beer. Oh wow! Is this real beer? Cheers! Very nice. So good. It’s got a little pungent smell. But what I’ve realized is pungent… is equal to very tasty. Sonali is like… don’t wanna talk about it, just wanna eat it. Look at this. Why do you wanna waste time talking? How easily is it cutting? The meat from the bone. Yeah because it’s already cut like that… and can you see each piece is fat… meat and skin. That’s amazing. So this is Bhut Jholakiya. Be careful. Take very little and taste a bit first. Because these things are very spicy. Really? I think I can handle some spice. I can handle spice. For sure. While eating, you won’t feel that sudden heat. Five minutes. And your condition is f***. I think less than five minutes. But it’s so interesting… so many different kinds of… food here and pork is the main meat. Vegetables also look nice. You like pork, right? I love pork. I do. This is the dry fish chutney no? Yeah, this is the one with Raja mirchi. This is one cuisine that is enjoyed… with hands. Okay. Also, it’s a little hard. Not that… meaty. All meats are hard. Okay. If it’s smoked. If it’s cooked it becomes soft. If it’s… smoked, it’s hard. Did you try the chutney? Is it spicy? Very nice. I think the chilli really adds the flavor to it. I don’t think I’ve eaten meat like this a lot. In my life. Let me try this with Akhuni chutney. It’s not that spicy right? You will feel it after some time, not right now. It’s not much. Chicken. This is the liver and gizzard. This is chicken. That was like… tough part there. You want something? I don’t like liver. Even I’m not the biggest fan. A chicken’s liver is this big? Yeah. That is the liver and that is the gizzard. What’s the difference between liver and gizzard? What is gizzard? I don’t want to explain it right now. It’s just another organ next to the liver. I’ll tell you later. Very good. You haven’t had this. Cheers. You didn’t like it? No. I mean I like it… I think it’s got an aftertaste. But it’s not something… I’ve had before. This is really interesting. What is this? This is the pork intestine. I thought it’ll be long. Like this. No it’s chopped. Oh it’s chopped. Of course it is. I’m gonna have this with some chilli. Chutney. Different. Right? Very. Meat is like meat. This is like meat. You don’t use a lot of ground spices and all of that. You just use this ingredients… you boil it and… pancook it in that. One of my favorite things is the chutney. I think I can have the chutney with everything. Lentils, rice… Many northeastern students… because… they don’t find… these kinds of foods. Like you miss home, you miss these flavors… so they get chutneys because it’s not always possible to cook. So they get these chutneys… they get these dry fried meats. I can’t believe I’m having rice and rice beer. It’s made from rice only? Why is all the food kept at your side? Pass it. Do you want it with lentils or do you want it with gravy? Because I’ll have a little bit of both. I’ve come to a new place. I have lentils everyday. I like a little bit of lentils. Okay. You said there’s no oil in it. There’s a lot of oil. The pork is cooked in it’s own oil. Do you know how fatty pork is? You don’t add any extra oil. So this is not added from outside? No. This is already in the pork? Hmm. That is bamboo shoot and anishi. The ingredients that you’ve seen. Yeah. Anishi? Anishi is the leaf of taro root. This smells fantastic. I will smell this… Akshay… will you pass it to me? Sorry. Sorry. Of course. Sorry. He’s eating alone. Take the bamboo shoot. Alright. Should I have this with rice or no rice? Of course you’ll have it with rice. Why is potato… Potato chutney, bro. One of the basic things. Here, try this potato chutney… You said it’s basic. Eat it first. Should I eat this first or that? Eat it together. Oh, this pork is amazing! How’s the flavor? Very good and works well. Like I can peel that bamboo… where I feel that the bamboo is very well cooked into the meat. It’s like giving you different things, but… together also it tastes… The texture of the meat… you’ve seen how it’s… not soft. It’s chewy. It’s chewy. So does that mean it’s good meat? It’s not about good meat. It’s about how it’s cooked. For anyone who has a spicy pallette, this is it. This is really spicy. Feeling spicy. Now taste the… smoked pork. This is smoked pork? This is the fresh pork. That is the smoked pork. I know you’re the expert but I’ll debate you on this.
This tastes smokey. Try that. Okay. So what I’m eating now is smoked pork. Yup. You were eating fresh pork before this. Yeah. Okay. I’ll put it in the lettuce after this. Get the difference? Yeah. When I start eating it the smoked pork is not that different. But then I can feel that smoky flavor. It’s very nice. How are you saying it’s not different? When you break it… by hand, you see the textures.. Oh texture wise. I was talking taste wise. Look at this color. And look at that one’s. So when you break the one that is not smoked… it is whitish in color but this is pinkish. It is not cooked. No because it’s smoked. Because it’s smoked. Low, painstinkingly smoked over two days. Oh it’s smoked over two days. Not just like an hour or something. No. You can feel it this is cooked with a lot of… to be cliched, heart. I can feel the heart in this cooking. Like it’s… There are things on this menu that you haven’t tried. This is the smoked pork bamboo shoot. Dry. Now the gravy. Chutney is making this dish on another level. Yup. That’s why I ordered three chutneys. It’s the best friend I never knew I needed. Tell me about the bland potato. What were you saying? Potato is a little… it’s a little intimidating. It’s not the potato I’m used to. Even the potato has spice in it. But it’s good and nice. There’s only Buttercup here. The potato has swag. Buttercup. Blossom. Okay. I’m going for it. This is Akhuni pork, right? No this is bamboo shoot pork dried. And it’s smoked. Legit. I’m not overhyping this… this is the best meal I’ve had in my life hands down. Speaking of spicy, Raja mirchi chicken. Yeah. Okay! With bamboo shoot. Not after you. This potato is for me but anyway… Eat. Curry and spice work very well with the chicken. Look at Akshay’s face right now. Medium spice. It’s red. You can see it? You’re talking in a different language now. My name is Akshay. I don’t know because I wanna express it. Like some things you cannot express. It’s very spicy though. In between. You don’t feel it? What? Don’t feel it at all? It’s not that spicy. It’s medium spicy. Give me a tissue please. Because this spice is giving me an issue. Are you serious? I want to eat chocolate after this. There must be dessert. Must be some thing in the dessert. What dessert? How can you not have dessert? We don’t do dessert. What do you mean? That was the only reason I was eating all of this. But let me please… advise anyone who’s interested in trying… despite not having spicy food regularly… NO! NO! You will… you will not be able to survive. Nothing like that. You will cry. Sonali is… from Assam. From North East. Listen I’m not used to spice myself. Infact… Assamese food is way blander than this. Though it’s the land of Bhut Jholakiya. But… anyone who doesn’t like spicy food or is not used to spicy food… you can just come here and tell them. Tell them I don’t like it spicy and make it bland. They’ll make it according to your taste. You wanted to be a hero then eat these medium spicy dishes. That is very nice. That’s how you eat. Otherwise you’ll die because it’s spicy. So we’ve eaten everything at the table now. Yup. So what did you like best? I loved the smoked pork. Which one? This one. Akhuni? Akhuni. Axone. Axone. I liked axone. Amazing.v My favorite. This is very interesting. But it’s not for me. It’s too chewy for me. But I really enjoyed Akhuni. I think it’s got… a lot of spice and I love the chutney. I think the Akhuni and the chutney… both win it for me. This is also not bad… but it’s okay. Loved it. Freakin loved it. Now can we eat dessert? You said there was something for dessert. You’re still thinking about dessert? Yes. Because spice… Like I told you, there is no dessert. But they do have sweet snacks. So let’s go see if we can buy some. So you can treat that as dessert. Dessert time. Yes! It’s there. Raja Mirchi Chocolates. What? Raja Mirchi Chocolate? Chocolate from the same chilli we ate? Medium spicy chocolate. Ukhrul, Manipur. This has been made in Ukhrul, Manipur. It’s dark. It’s really fine chocolate. Oh I love dark chocolate, man. The chocolate quality is so fine. Can you feel the chilli? No. Okay, yeah. It’s medium spicy. You seem very happy. I’m very happy. Amazing. Kickass experience. I never expected a day like this. Thank you Sonali, it’s been fabulous. The food’s insane… not only the cuisine but the whole culture i’ve been exposed to. You should definitely come for this experience. I’m telling you, you’re not gonna regret it. Definitely. You might the next morning, but… it’s totally worth it. Sure. It’s very spicy. Yeah, so try our Naga cuisine. And while you’re at it, Like, Share, Subscribe… tell us in the comments what you want us to do next. And Subsrice to OK TESTED. You said subscribe two times.

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