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I am not a typical Punjabi boy,
as in I don’t listen to latest Punjabi songs. I don’t necessarily break into bhanghra
every time I hear “tunak tunak tun”. I am more of a those type of guys. And I can’t speak too much punjabi other than…
God I love punjabi abuses, man. But there’s one thing that makes me truly punjabi… Food. I am in love with Butter chicken. Summer is Lassi and I had so
much Chole Bhature that I myself became one. Dude all my life people thought I am South Indian. More specifically a Malayali. People confuse the Nayar for Nair. That’s why I think, I have
a certain kind of bond with South Indians. They always think I am one of them. Then they realise I am not. I wonder whether the only Malayali in office… Josh a.k.a Joshua a.k.a Joshua Moraes thought I was Punjabi from the beginning only or a Malayali? Or did he just not care? Bro I just thought, you were irritating. Just to clarify Josh might look like a typical Mallu,
with his curly hair and love for coconuts… but he was born and raised in Delhi. Sure, but there’s one thing I do understand: it’s the food. Whether it’s the spicy Meen curry, the Buff roast or the Uppums that are just light as air. Malayali food is so much
more than Bananas and Coconuts. That’s why I am taking Akshay to
Mahabelly for an authentic experience.Oh okay I am from Trivandrum. I am from Noida. This restaurant was started by Thomas and his partner. Basically because they were tired of
eating Dosas in the name of South Indian food, in Delhi. I did Economics from St. Stephen’s. Economics and then now running a restaurant? Well you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. And from St. Stephen’s. Malayali Stephenian. No stereotypes at all. I spent my early years in Dubai, if it helps. In Dubai? Yeah. Reeling them out. Yeah. In Dubai where? I was in Karama. Same. Yeah, I stayed there. Where? Al Futtaim This is actually a conversation
that happens with a lot of Malayali. This is like, quintessentially like a place for all Malayalis. For everyone. We’re at the National Capital, sir. For everyone to come and try authentic Malayali food. Absolutely. You have nothing exclusively for like, North Indians? We got Paneer, if that works? So you have a Paneer dish? Yeah we got Paneer. One Paneer dish. Roll with Paneer, yeah. There are few food items that are part of my life. Whenever I go back home or
back to Trivandrum or whatever… that’s the kind of food that I have. That’s the kind of food that they serve over here. Hope so, yeah. So, I want to take you through that journey. Oh I am feeling so important today. And he also specifically mentioned no Paneer today. No Paneer today?
Right. I am sorry man. I’m fine with this. I had to do that. Everyone has heard jokes of
Malayalis going to the Gulf, going to Dubai. Facts, more like facts. Man even it’s written on the poster there,
‘Dijo went to Dubai’. ‘Geeta’s husband is a Gelf return’. You have to bring something
back when you went there, right? Yeah, something. So we got the Shajar shake. Shajar shake. Yeah. Shajar shake is basically dates, Horlicks , milk.
This one has Ice cream. There it is. Look at that. Can you taste the banana in this? I can. I am not the biggest fan of Bananas. And you came to a Malayali restaurant? Man, that’s all our cuisine Bananas and coconut. Man Coconut oil is good for
your hair, it’s good for your skin. It’s good for the food. Yes. It’s everything, I mean if you cut my veins it will probably have coconut oil spilling out of it. Is it? Let’s not try it right now. Parachute, are you listening? After the meal. So did you like it man? Too good. So it was a good start? Good start. I see you are distracted. So basically one of the most beautiful
looking dishes have come in front of me. So what is it?
And what it is called? This is Erachi fry man. Erachi Fry. This is called kind of Lachha paratha, in North. Where we come from, it’s called Malabar paratha. Malabar Paratha. Yes, Malabar Paratha. We go back home, my aunt will sit and make this big tub full of this. It’s like we don’t care, you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, can have it like an evening snack. This food is what Coconuts
were discovered for, I think man. You can taste the coconut in it, yeah. Coconut and the way it is mixing with the meat, perfect. This is it, man, Josh. You’ve just changed it,
I mean you’ve just changed my life today. Thanks. Dude Thomas this is some freaking killer food. Foodwise also and people-wise it’s very simple right? Easy going. Because my friend got married,
the family lives in South India. Like when everyone came for the wedding you could just see who all are Delhites and who all are South Indians. Weddings are also a completely different scene… like North Indians you go out there and there’s a buffet and everything, right? In Malayali weddings the ceremony happens and you sit and people keep serving you food. And whatever food it is you eat and eat and eat. Till you are done and then… sold and go. So you guys don’t drink and… Not at the function, maybe we
will have something separately Yeah that’s what, I’m shocked because I thought, what my, not mine actually people’s stereotypes are like… MALLU..MALLU…
and all that stuff. We do love our booze man. You do love your booze right? Highest consumption rate of alcohol is apparently in Kerala. You know this is a Malayali restaurant and
there’s a theka right across the road. What is this? You got here Cuppa and Meen curry. Cuppa is basically Tapioka and Sabudana. Yeah, Sabudana. Is it true that all Malayalis do not how to speak Hindi. No. Who are these people who say such things? I don’t know, they are just
stereotypical people from Noida, man. Then you speak in Hindi and tell them. Who are they? This is what they usually serve in Toddy shops. Damn man!!! You want to dig in?
You want to open that up? I want to do a lot of things to this food. I mean eat it only. It looks like from a distance, if you look at it up close then you can make out that it’s mashed together. See how it tastes on it’s own. It tastes nice but it’s a little dry. It’s quite dry. Add this. These two things are supposed to be added together? Yeah. And it’s really spicy. Spicy works for me. Good.
Want more? No no, I guess that’s it. I am just estimating it. Tell Josh what are the
kind of stereotypes about Malayalis that… you’ve heard that really annoy you, is there anything like that? That we all love gold. You don’t love gold? As in, we love gold as much as a nice person. Fair. I thought you guys like this thing called Kerala gold.
Something like that is there, I’ve heard it. What is that? That gold I heard everybody likes. Yeah people do like that, it’s a little hard to get that.
It’s a little rare. It’s not easy to get. I have never tried getting it, so I wouldn’t know how to tell you how to get it. Okay. But I know a friend, who knows a friend
so that friend can get in touch with your other friend. Stereotyping things. It’s good man. This can be a segment on its own. Going back to Dubai Sharja for this. Have a bit of Fish with that. They mix up and you get. If you just eat the Cuppa
alone, it’s really dry according to me. You put the curry on it, it
tastes very nice and the spice kicks in. Fish is what I think completes the entire flavor with it. Spice does not eat you at first, it will eat you a little bit later like you take… two three bites and then suddenly you are like ‘Oh s**t okay’. I can feel that and it’s nice. Very good spice, it’s like… it creeps up on you. Comfortable spice. When I was a kid I was growing I just used to, just, for breakfast loved eating eggs and bread. I mean you can give it to me for months in a row. My mom once in a while, she will make Uppums to Egg Curry or whatever it is. One day she just cracked an egg over this, my mind was blown I was like ‘Bro Wow!!!’. One okay thing, one great thing not a
bad thing let’s bring it together and I had that. I only recently found that this is a
normal thing and not some… great invention the Moraes’
family secret or something. Looks so good yaar. Is there any kind of eating etiquette? Because someone closer to me told me that they burp very loudly to show that bro the food was amazing. Is there something like that in Kerala? That’s why when Kerala and Tamil Nadu split we gave them Coimbatore only. I think it’s a general Indian thing, man. When we like good food we burp. Burp. So basically in the last video Sonali was
telling me how Nagaland… people and people from North-East like Highlanders. And we like Mainlanders. So is there something like that you know like, Dravid-ians and Dhoni-ians? Is there? C’mon. No, I mean not really. Let’s dig in. Let’s go for it man. What I am doing is, I have devised the way to eat this. Rip the chicken apart also. I take this, I dip it in the yolk. I have the bit of the bite. Perfect way to have yolk, I am not a big yolk fan. And then I eat the chicken. Perfection. Where’s the stew? Oh yeah, where’s the stew? It’s lightly sweet. I am flabbergasted with the stew. I do not like stew man. You don’t like stew? I think I am falling in love with coconuts dude. That sounds wrong, but yeah. No man, the whole states loves coconuts. I wanna share some of my
favorite Malayali songs with you. If I may, can I?
I really enjoy. Okay go for it, I probably don’t know them.Is that Tamil? Okay. I knew it, I knew it that it had to be Tamil. Tell me where is the rice, Mr. Moraes? No rice. I just wanted to take you away from the rice based stuff, I wanted to give you the Malabar paratha… I wanted to give you the Cuppa. I wanted to give you the Egg Uppum. I really enjoyed it because I
actually was expecting everything to be rice based. I thought rice would be everywhere. Tell me what are we going to have now? We are going to have some dessert man. What’s up?
What’s up for dessert man? Pisum man, you had Pisum? Yeah I have had Pisum before. Oh South Indian Seviyan. Yeah you could say that, people say that I guess. That’s what it is dude. It’s Seviyan only. Yeah. It’s a bit different. Yeah a bit. What is it made of? It’s got coconut in it. Coconut? That is serious. This is Pisum, & this is another Pisum. All of that was very easy to eat, now I am a little confused about the permutation and combination. It’s a Banana. Fried? Fried banana. It’s very healthy then. It’s very different very new, but
it does not taste like dessert to me. This is something we usually had at tea time. Dude amazing, I have had freaking Malayali Pakora today dude. Is it safe to say that, it’s a Malayali pakora because it’s like a Malayali thing or it’s like everybody does it? No I mean, this is a Malayali thing. Okay. Now I am going for some Pisum and I am not going to have some of it, I am going to have all of it. This is life. This is good. Oh, I can taste lots of coconuts also.
Nice!!! Dude Josh you are like glowing. Bro you should have this. I have not seen Josh glow, Josh. Have this. It’s the coconut
inside is coming out on my face. I mean Pisum is good but that is something else. Perfect ending. All the chechi and chetta out there… If you like this video then don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and… SUBSCRIBE to ‘OK TESTED’. Cheers good sir!!! Cheers man. Thodi si zyada hogai.

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