Taking Charge of Your Health

IQBNM-that’s where I started. That was the start of this University. We started in a hotel, then we were at Dr.
Drouin’s house for many years. Now we have 160 people. Back then we were at 15, 12, 17. It was just wonderful. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I’m an engineer. I have a Masters in Business. The Natural Health was my gift to the world. It is still my gift to the world. I bought the [quantum biofeedback device]
and when I started working with it I said, “Oh my God! I need more tools, I need more information,
I need more knowledge.” And my first class that I went to in L.A.
I met Dr. Drouin and he was starting his university, his study at the time, and I enrolled, and
I finished. It has been a wonderful journey, it’s been
a wonderful ride, and it’s just the beginning. He’s trying to push me for the Ph.D. Actually,
I have a book that I’m writing, so he might be interested in it. It’s actually trauma from conception to
birth, which is, “Love and Compassion from Humanity to Humanity.” That’s the name of the book. So, maybe you will see me next year, or in
two years, who knows. It’s been a wonderful ride and I really
thank Dr. Drouin because I learned a lot. I was one of the first ones I didn’t have
to do any line…We actually had to sit and put up with him for hours, and hours, and
hours, and days…It was a two-way street. But it was a wonderful learning experience,
and we built beautiful friendships. Actually there’s two of our first generation
right here- BJ. BJ will fly from HI to San Diego, and I will
fly from El Paso to San Diego, and we have classes from Wednesday till Sunday. So, we’ll fly in on Tuesday afternoon, be
there Wednesday all day, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’ll fly back on the red eye special to
be back to work on Monday. Most of us did that. It’s been a beautiful journey. Dr. Drouin put up with us in his house, in
his bathroom and everything, you know, we had to use all that stuff. It was a lot of fun. He made great teas, that’s true. Well, enjoy the journey.

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