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hi this is Lauren Lachman I’m coming to you from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica and I’m here with my friend and client Naomi who is on the 15th day of her water fast Pammy yeah last time we checked in with you it was a big day for you was your 65th birthday yeah you had some interesting things going on and some interesting observations tell us what’s been happening for you since then well I spent spending a lot more time inside I know I do show up for you to cut in the morning but Wester by Kay really is listening to live 365 on the healing station which is wonderful and look at whatever comes up okay great and reviewing and feeling into this bad event cleared one of the things I wanted to talk about Lauren in this particular video is to let people in on one of the major reasons that I came here which is great a terrible addiction to gluten which means anything with bread most grains most screens yep and I was in this very disempowering cycle which had me feeling very out of control and inspecting my self-esteem where I was craving what was making me sick no screaming bread I was really it was bad I would eat fresh wonderful organic fruit and beautiful salad all day and a 10 o’clock at night it was like what can I get my hands on yeah oh yeah the quarter store is open I know this white bread is all the formats absolutely poisoned better than by its would she eat four slices in a row before and the next morning IBS foggy brain right NICUs aches and pains Lucas yeah oh it’s like I knew I was poisoned by itself I would talk to myself all the way to the store and all at each bite that I was putting in my mouth and I was on this cycle it was for me that’s my version of help so having this chance to interrupts that pattern without those things around me first of all it’s a bread free facility just and you know it’s like yeah sure certainly can and regaining a sense of authority in my life so I’m really looking forward to eating to live and bring up all that time energy and attention and waking up a lot clearer yeah so if any of you have similar cycles going on whether it’s sugar whatever it is for you I can’t recommend this kind of intervention about 30 days in the tropics you know great well let me ask you some questions because you know we get a lot of inquiries and questions we post these things and people are always wondering yeah but you know how can you possibly be ok you haven’t eaten anything now and 15 is your 15th day you’ve had only water right so maybe you can talk a little about mental clarity and energy and whatever else has been going on for you what are you noticing what we’re taking the vital signs we’re getting you on the scale and yeah what have you seen happen so far well um I am a little bit weaker than I am normally so I just walk slowly but I can get up around my mental clarity it’s pretty darn sharp and creative ideas are just coming so fast yeah I had a wonderful session yesterday and help clarify who I want to serve the world and how I want to help them I had been struggling with this for six years hmm so that gives you just a sense of I’ve been able to show up in community here demonstrates for me because I believe the sacred mirror I am valuable I feel inspired not to not to sounds well and in fact most people fast and become very sensitive in every way sight sound all the senses become super acute yes totally appreciating it’s my it’s my pleasure I feel privileged to be here with you and with anybody that’s truly committed to themselves in their own health and growth so let’s check in next week I know that I run into some people out there that are following this process and I want to reassure you that I feel great I think you Invo terrific thanks Naomi

9 thoughts on “Naomi: Day 15 of her 30 Day Water Fast

  1. Seems like you are doing well with this, Naomi, and that you are also in good hands. I hope you continue to get the results you want. Best to you!

    (this is Jay in San Francisco)

  2. Do you think its better just to eat a cooked 80% raw vegan diet(with starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes) and water fast rather than to go 100% raw and water fast?

    I mean raw only detoxes and heals the body up to a certain point, but the whole thing is pointless when I can just eat a cooked vegan diet and do a water fast.

  3. No I don't agree. No diet detoxes the body; an optimal raw diet allows the body to detoxify itself as efficiently as is possible if eating. All cooked foods are toxic to the body, & starches are no exception. Cooking starch creates carcinogenic acrylamide. Your body is constantly getting more toxic & then trying to fix it w/fasting. Get the body as clean as possible w/fasting & then make the best choices & your health will soar, guaranteed.

  4. What do you suggest to people who are too skinny or are emaciated at 80 pounds? Should they continue with raw foods and water fast?

    Do you suggest they stop water fasting for a while, but instead do some weight lifting exercises to bring back musculature and physique?

    I am saying that once they got there muscle back, they could go back water fasting.

  5. Each situation is different, but one with no reserves Cannot fast. If not eating, they are starving, not fasting. Often one who can't build muscle is not digesting/absorbing/assimilating very well & would benefit from fasting. But fasting is not a lifestyle; Fast once a year or so & only w/proper supervision. The key is to make excellent choices the rest of the time. Once the body is clean & efficient, building muscle is easy. recommend body-weight exercises.

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