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-Hi, my name is Dr. Andrew Lipton and I’m
here with Alan Taylor. -Hi, I’m Alan Taylor. I’m a physician assistant I work with
dr. Lipton and today we’d like to talk to you about allergies. So, the season is full of pollen. If you look out on your car or your windowsill, you see the
pollen there but most pollen in the air is microscopic and you breathe it in
through your nose and it gets into your nose and your sinuses and your chest and
can cause teary eyes, red eyes, stuffy nose, wheezing, and a whole list of
symptoms. We’re here to list some natural alternative therapies in addition to you
people using drugs for their allergies, which are commonly antihistamines, as
eotech and benadryl, nasal steroids; flonase and decongestants.
There are many natural remedies the first being physical things to do to
help improve the drainage of the nose. The nose is one big filter and cleaning
that area, it can be very effective so some cleaning techniques to make the
nose feel better. We recommend hot steam showers multiple, times a day. We recommend a nasal lavage with saline solution and other
natural herbal remedies. So, the saline is very effective you can use a neti pot to help drain the nasal passages. You can use a saline spray, just
to spray and rinse the nose. It’s a filter, pulling out the pollen is
effective and natural herbal remedies are very effective. We’ve used
acupuncture for years to help people with acupuncture points for sinus and
allergies. The classic remedy would be a vitamin C and quercetin and stinging
nettles but there are many many remedies you can use in addition to
cleansing and saline and hot showers. In addition to that, when you come in for
your visit, we also do an osteopathic evaluation and we do some osteopathic
cranial manipulation to help loosen up the lymphatic system in your cranium and
it helps to allow you to drain and get the sinus congestion out of your system.

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