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Good Morning Preet ji Good Morning ji Sir as your treatment was going on with Doctor Vikram Chauhan for Ulcerative Colitis, i want to ask you when you started suffering from this problem. See in 2004, when I was in Hoshiarpur the frequency of frequent motions started increasing so much. It increased to about 5-6-7-8 times a day. After that it was accompanied by blood. There was an allopathic Hospital where I went for checkup and they diagnosed it to be Colitis. After colitis was diagnosed they gave me certain allopathic medicine. After that I went to Jalandhar where they performed certain advanced tests and they also diagnosed it Colitis. They changed my medicine and gave me more medicine and the medicines were much in quantity. I had treatment with these medicine for about 2 years but I did not feel any improvement. Then I got transferred to Amritsar. In Amritsar also I went for checkup and they gave me same medicines but still there was no improvement. In 2006-07, I shifted to Chandigarh and after shifting, one day in the morning I had a severe colitis attack. On the same day, the frequency of the motions increased about 30 times which was accompanied by increased amount of blood. My colleagues immediately took me to Ivy hospital. I was admitted there and after admission I don’t know exactly what the treatment in allopathy was. I recovered in 4-5 days. The frequency of stools got reduced from 25- 30 to 5-7 times. After this it was alright for 2-3 months and it again continued. Frequency of stool with blood again increased to 10-15 times and during my treatment in the hospital, they gave me a Mesacol tablet. I had Mesacol tablet was 800 mg and I had it regularly but there was no improvement. The problem was still in continuation. After this, I tried so many allopathic doctors in Chandigarh Mohali but, nowhere I got any permanent solution. In 2012. After 2012 the problem of colitis, the disease came to dangerous form in my body. And started feeling severe pain in my joints. Then the frequency of stools was limitless. It was with Water and blood, the frequency was 20-25 per day. That was again Again Again returned to same condition. Returned to the same condition as it was in 2004-05. Tried so many doctors. Wasted so much money on this for various tests. Money was wasted in lakhs not in thousands. Money got wasted in lakhs. And I was not getting any permanent solution for this. In 2012, I was suffering from a condition where my feet were like not working. I had so much pain in my joints, due to which I was not able to put my foot on the floor. My Hb, that came down to 7g. I mean to say that, there was pain in almost every joint. I was in depression. I was under so much depression. At that time I was working in a very good job and my condition was forcing me to leave my job. I understand. My whole family, my wife, my parents all were so much disturbed in those days. One day, my wife encouraged me that Allopathic is not only the treatment available in the world. We must look some options. Then while I was at home, I started searching on internet. Regarding Colitis, what are other alternative treatment for colitis? There I got Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s reference. He had given details there regarding the treatment of ulcerative colitis. The medicine of colitis were even exported abroad. Then, immediately I discussed this with my wife. I called up my colleague and came here to Doctor. Doctor talked to me for one and half hour to two hour. When he came to know about all my history and he felt like this patient is in much need of sympathy than treatment. So, first of all he told me about the whole lifestyle. How should be the lifestyle? As he guided me that moreover it is because of stress and our eating habits. Right right. Not such a kind of disease. After meeting Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I met him approximately 8 months before in 2013. He gave certain medicines. Names of Ayurvedic medicine are very complicated actually. I cannot tell you the name of Ayurvedic medicines in detail. But the medicines he gave me and told all about lifestyle. How should be the routine of my life? He told me about my lifestyle and I followed it. Now after having this course of treatment for 8-10 months, I feel like, 100% fine. But according to Dr. Vikram Chauhan I still need more medicine. For 100% cure of disease medicine still need to be continued for more few time. Sir, I want ask you that as you followed lifestyle and diet, Please tell something what all changes you bought in your lifestyle and diet. Definitely it is very important. I will tell you about my routine. After meeting Doctor all about his guidance and how I changed my lifestyle. Diet is very important. How we bring proper diet in our routine? Number one. Second is discipline as guided by doctor. Discipline of medicine like when and with what medicine should take, must be in great discipline. If I tell you all about my routine of lifestyle as I am feeling 100% cure. After awakening in the morning, the bed tea I use to have… Doctor told me that, an allopathic drug I used to take pantoprazole tablet in the morning has been replaced by hing (asfoetida). Now I use to have hing in the morning as I awake. Then I have 2 glasses of cold water. After that bed tea I use to have is without milk. In breakfast I have 1 chapati and fresh vegetable prepared. I eat one egg. Nothing more than that. Around 11-12 AM I use to have Yakult. Yeah Probiotic drink. Lunch which I use to carry with me is homemade, consisting of Vegetables and 2 chapatis. 2 or 3 sometimes, nothing else i have. Around 3 or 4 P.M I like to have 1 cup of tea. That is too without milk. Pomegranate juice is regular in my diet as prescribed by the doctor. That I use to have in the morning in case of holiday or on working day around 7 or 8 P.M daily. At night I have 2 chapatis and fresh Vegetables. About pulses doctor told me to avoid it totally. I am following it and totally avoiding them. Rice? Rice is not regular in my diet but once a week. That too I asked from doctor and he told me to avoid it but he said, if you want, can have once in a week. Milk at night. Do you have it? I totally avoid milk. I use to have curd sometimes. Once in two days. According to Dr. Vikram Chauhan if you are having curd there is nothing much to worry. So sometime I have curd twice a day. So, sir any message to other colitis patient? As colitis is said to be disease or chronic disease, I had a very bad experience with this disease. As I came to such a condition, that I was almost to an edge to leave such a good job. Message to all my friends who at present, suffering from this disease is that nothing ends in life ever. We must continue fighting every day in our life. Positive attitude. Must keep a positive attitude within and there are so many solutions available in life for every problem. Never feel sad and never lose your heart. Always take yourself ahead. I will try my hard that all the medicines and guidance I had from Doctor… Make them to reach to as many people I can. Informed about it to all my friends and known. I am even uploading it on Facebook making people aware about, that this disease is curable. Even doctor made to discuss this problem with his 2-3 patients. And I told them everything about my daily routine. I came across my certain friends who were suffering from same disease. As I was suffering from this disease so came across many people were also in the same condition. I gave them doctor’s reference and they came here to meet him. As, I am feeling 100% cured in 8 months, and those whose treatment is undergoing since 4-5 months are feeling about 70-80% cure. Your condition was very chronic. Yeah it was very chronic. Those who are in their initial stage, they must have this Ayurvedic treatment. I feel like if it is taking 10-15-20 days for any disease under allopathic treatment and still not feeling any improvement…. Right Ayurveda as per my experience is 100% – 1000% much better than allopathic treatment. We must visit an Ayurvedic doctor immediately. Search about Ayurvedic doctors on internet. Right Very good doctors are available. I recommend everyone as I met Dr. Vikram Chauhan to visit him if they are suffering from any disease. It will get cured 100%. Thank you very much Preet ji. Thank you very much for sharing your views. Thanks a lot.

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  1. विक्रम महोदय,

    मेरे छोटे भाई (उम्र २८ वर्ष) को ७-८ साल से Ulcerative Colitis है, अलोपथी दवाई (ऐसकोल & लोपमेड ) ले रहे है, लेकीन अब उन्हें खून भरी दस्त हो रही है, में गुजरात के कच्छ इलाके में रहता हूँ, क्रिपिया  करके मुझे कोई रास्ता बताईये जिससे मेरे भाई को इश रोग से मुक्ति मिले.

  2. thanks sir, apake problem kam hai meri problem kafi tension mai tha aur kafi stress mai tha kaise karu kya karu. apaka video dekh kar kafi courage aya hai. lagata hai mai bhi apani daily routine same rakho. I hope meri bhi problem solve jaldi clear ho apako dekhane bad.   

  3. Is it possible to get the phone number of the Person being interviewed. Please. have to ask something before approaching a Doctor.

  4. Hi i woulk like to give very good home remedies for Ulcerative Colitis  PLEASE DRINK  Apple & Ginger Juice you will see Massive difference ,it is really helping me i want those who suffering with this painful disease .i pray every one get well soon and this home easy remedie help every one , take two organic Apple and small piece of Ginger  size1 & Half inch . tast would be strange & bitter but u have to drink  . hope it will make feel better

  5. Tell us something about Amebiasis also to cure from ayurved. To stop the Entamoeba histolytic groth and repair the harmed(inflamed) from Entamoeba histolytica and all like direeaha, gas e.t.c

  6. नमस्ते डॉक्टर साहब मेरा नाम निर्मल शर्मा है मेरा फिस्टुला की सर्जरी जनवरी 2015 में हुई थी जून माह में मेरा घाव पूरी तरह ठीक हो गया था व् मेरे फिस्टुला biopsy में टी बी आई थी जिसकी दवा में ले रहा था लेकिन जून माह में मेरे मल के साथ mucose आने लगा जो की बढ़ते बढ़ते ज्यादा आने लगा व् बार बार टॉयलेट जाने लगा जब डॉक्टर को बताया तो उन्होंने कॉलोनस्कोपि की जिसमे colon and rectum में ulcer आये । मेरे पुरे लक्षण ulceratative colitis के हैं सर में आप से पूछना चाहता हूँ क्या मुझे टी बी की दवा से ulcer हो सकते है। और आपकी दवा से blood एंड mucose आना कब तक बंद हो जायेगा।

  7. You said you take chapati. I'm wondering how you make the chapati. If it is made from white flour or whole wheat flour, isn't it bad for ulcerative colitis (UC)?

  8. hello dr vikram chauhan,
    I am 23 year old and suffering from ulcerative colitis from last 6 months and taking mesacol od table 2 times a day but not getting well.and because of this medicines my face and back side having a lots pimples. Please can u give me a proper suggestions to cure ulcerative colitis.

  9. Dr.Vikram Sir,, I am Dheeraj Gadge from Akola (Maharashtra) Iam suffering Colitis just in this month ( Dec.2015) I have done Colonscopi in Nagpur, they told me u have problem with colitis, they gave me 2 months medicine. And they told me this medicine is long life. Please suggest me and help me, please give me your Cell No. and your other details. Please help me.

  10. thank you for the inspiration. I don't Want to manage my UC, I want to cure it. I've been suffering for 3 years and I want to cure it. this disease has destroyed my body and tormented my life. I understand what your saying about nutrition and foods, but my problem seems to be physical. when I was first diagnosed with colitis and every flare up I get is caused by a physical activity that I did. (I used to be and still want to be a excerise freak) so working out is a big goal I have. but every time I try to exercise, lift, twist, or any extraneous activity, I start to bleed or get cramps and get a flare up. so my question is, is it possible to get flare up from physical stress and can I still work out to get the body I want whilst curing myself? Thanks!

  11. Hi your information is good what else we can eat? Could u plz help me too my son recently got this problem being a mother I am v worried plaze help me


  13. AOA Dr sb ma pakistan sy msg kr rha hon Dr sb mj 4 salon sy ulcerative colitis hy bhuth elij krwaya magr bilkul b fida ni howa ma ap sy elij krwna chata hon plz Dr sb apna rabta number send kryn & my mobile number is / 0310 1649032 imran/ from pakistan;

  14. hy sir…am asia frm pakistan my age23.. 6 month mje motion rhy pehly samjh nh ayi tb test krwya to pta chla UC hua h mje ab 1 sal ho gya bht elaj krwya koi faida nh hu pehly tblt li masacol 400mg koi faida nh hua phr pantasa 500mg li is sa b faida nh hua ab 8.9 tme stool hota h joints ma b pain rhta h thakan hoti h bht…mra c section hua tha i hve baby boy…us k bd ya bemri strt hui bht parishn hu plz help me plzzz

  15. Hi sirMera name Ramkumar h mein crohns cilitios se peedit hu mujhe lagta h apke trethment se mein sahi hi jaunga magar   apka address ni mil paa rhaa h ki aapka. Clinic kaha h

  16. Do we know how much time it will take to get well from this disease ? I have sent reports to provided email id but didn't receive any reply yet.

  17. Sir mjhe stool ke sath mucus ata h mitali ulti ke tarah bna rhata h…4 years phle mjhe 3_4 month tk lusmosan hua tb se ye problem ne phle ibs bataya or ab colitis gad batate h Sir meri age 27 year h…plzzzz Sir mjhe medicine bataiy plzzzz

  18. मेरी उम्र 35 yrs है
    Potty करने बाद सफ़ेद चिपचिपा लिक्विड आता है कभी कभार 10 15 दिन बाद आता है
    पिंडलियां दर्द करती रहती है जब 2-3 घण्टे खड़ा रहता हूं
    प्लीज सुगेस्ट यह क्या है प्लीज गाइड

  19. sir mujhe 2-3 month se ulcerative colities h ,av to blood nhi ata utna, pr stool bhot bnta h kuch v alg waisa kha lene se milk product ya thoda v spicy.. nahi to fr thk rhta bikul sada khana khane se, mai kya karu sir, medicines lene hoge. ya diet sahi lene se hi thik ho skta h

  20. I'm suffering from 6 years crohns disease I am from Hyderabad please can you help me out can you give me a treatment in Hyderabad

  21. The best way to treat this illness is change the way you react to situations that bring stress and not with medicines, There is no cure for UC..This disease is born when our mind and soul are not in harmony with mother nature

  22. Mai abhi 21 ka hua hu or mujhe or mujhe 7 year se yeh problem hai jab mai 14 saal ka tha or mai allopathic ki medicine lera hu but mujhe aaram nhi lag rha or mai bhut weak ho gya hu ,,,,

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