Taking Charge of Your Health

Have you ever told of how illogical it is,
when you would go into a physician’s office with a compromised immune system, sit in that
office waiting…with how many other people have compromised immune systems? Only to see
a physician who has no training in nutrition and to get a man-made pharmaceutical drug
that’s toxic and create symptoms they have to take more drugs for. It’s very interesting
system. On the other hand you can go to a wide number
of different health practitioners from naturepaths, homeopath, to doctor’s of naturalmedicine,
to doctor’s of nutrition, to herbal medicine, etc., etc., etc.,. In order to find out, what’s
the underlying cause and help your body engage in it’s natural healing processes to help
it heal effectively rather than simply manage the symptoms. For more info on my Mobile Health Clinic
and how it can assess over 60,000 issues go to 14751 – 34A Ave
Surrey, BC V4P 0B3 (604) 764-5203 Want to know your best choices for alternative
health? Dr Holly offers a Mobile Health Clinic which can work with you in the comfort of
your own home or even virtually through the internet.
– Dr. Holly Fourchalk (604) 764-5203

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