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hey everyone today’s topic is healthy teeth I am in front of my dentist’s office dr. James he’ll tell he’s a holistic dentist he likes to be natural and this is why I’m here to show you what options there are for having good teeth and how important having healthy teeth is people come in from all of the country to see this guy they get hotel rooms and they wait to be on the waiting list there’s more of them all out there but I want to show you how good a dentist can be how healthy and natural they can be forget about the pain it’s not what it used to be the radiation levels a lot less it’s it’s not what you think it is so it’s important because if your teeth are messed up your whole body’s messed up what’s really cool about this guy is he has all this stuff which backs up everything that I’ve been saying in my book heal your face it shows that your teeth are connected to your body parts and if your teeth are messed up your body’s messed up and he also uses ozone you saw my youtube video on ozone he likes to use ozone he has homeopathics and he also doesn’t believe in pulling body parts out like teeth so the whole purpose is to heal yourself naturally and not have to have body parts removed and get yourself as healthy and clean as possible so that’s what we’re here to show you what we do here more uniquely as we do biologic dentistry and that’s conventional or traditional – treat with additional attention – relationship with the teeth – to the organs or the rest of the body come here for a second real quick this is just show this this is you can see the teeth here just like in my book heal your face how each tooth connects to different body parts so if it’s – starts messing up it affects the other body parts or vice versa so everything in the body is connected and this is so important guys your teeth are connected to everything everything is connected and this guy knows this and that’s why I’m here but people need to understand the importance your mouth is connected to everything so it’s not just a matter of don’t eat sugar people don’t realize the mouth can be like the dirtiest part of the human body right well exactly and we find that the people with the with the the best health do you have the the best teeth the teeth are in the best condition and it just vice versa people with some of the most chronic Gail health issues have in the past history of work for teeth yeah what people don’t understand is when your your gums are bleeding that’s a dangerous sign it’s serious problem there can be as many as 600 to a thousand different organisms there in our mouths our hygienist takes a sample of the patients plaque from beneath the gum line put them on a microscope slide and then she can bring that up for her to see in the patient to see and many times we find some pathogenic organisms on there in other words what he’s saying is they put your crap from your teeth on a slide put on a microscope and they look for parasites there’s some pretty bad ones out there and if they get in your bloodstream they can get to your heart and then okay bad news and right yeah exactly right and along with the parasites or amoebas it’s a one-celled animal and you can actually see them moving across the screen and they’re attacking the white blood cells and once that happens and then it brings in more white blood cells and then there’s just a frenzy and it just just creates more more feed or food or fodder for the for the parasites and so it’s important to really get rid of those commonly people have other organisms that are pathogenic or bad for us that are creating that gum or internal disease when you do see these amoebas or parasites and the spirochetes or in other words the bacterial worm like bacteria it’s cousin you know is one that creates lyme disease one spirochete you know that is a bacteria okay that’s a bacteria v ir KS this is a worm type thing that’s in your mouth we usually see quite a little bleeding when those those are present and that again shows up on the on the slide from the from the goo sample that hygienist takes a from beneath the gut and and it’s it’s pretty pretty obvious once we see that on the slide that we know what we’re looking at and most commonly we prescribe an herbal regimen for that to eliminate those and it’s we find that antibiotics and researchers have found the antibiotics aren’t necessarily the cure-all for those bacteria because they go into a spore stage and then once they do that then they can kind of hide out from the bacteria are they to the antibiotics and they’re difficult to eliminate these bacteria can screw their way into the tissue and and create bleeding so commonly if a person has a great deal of bleeding their tissues commonly we find spirochetes associate with that parasites is a big issue and of course you eat sugar or anything that’s you know bad it’s going to feed that stuff and then you just you know so it’s really important obviously eating right and being healthy is important second issue is mercury people know and people say well what do I do about this I hear it’s bad for me how do I get it out of here what do I replace it with that’s one of the specialties of these guys here so telling about that part 50% of black or silver fillings is mercury there’s a careful order call or process that we use to eliminate these fillings and do this revision from the fillings to white fillings for example or or crowns if necessary and it has to be done a safe manner so we’ve got several layers of protection for for the patients with that might example you have a thing this is a suction device here yes it is that’s dead air back and that will that’s used to pull the vapor away from the patient’s face as the fillings are being removed right and I also noticed something that you I love about use you use ozone in your treatments yes I have a video on ozone and how it helps it’s used as a as a cancer therapy it’s a really good way of neutralizing toxins and you tell them tell them why you’re using it this is a great a guy excited what I hear easy well ozone has a wonderful dental application we use it to a disinfect the teeth safely we use a medical grade oxygen to create the ozone and we use ozonated water to cleanse the tea prior to placing the fillings for example in much deeper areas where there’s a deep decay for example we use always own gas actually after the ozonated water and that gas can be in a smaller molecule the gases then say the water it can penetrate to the deficit tooth and through those dead those very small dentinal tubules and kill bacteria and give the tooth a greater chance of making it so speaking it most people are afraid of the dentist they’re afraid of the pain the archaic memories like this Frankenstein guy ripping your low eye but when I came here he put some arnica on my teeth which numbed it out I didn’t yeah I didn’t even need the the numbing the buddy call it the we cause that is the anesthetic I didn’t even need it he just drilled away and I was fine not everybody’s like this but I mean it’s amazing how I didn’t feel any pain and and how little pain it is nowadays especially if you take care of yourself but anyway so it’s really so what do you see a lot of in people and what do you what advice do you give them so they don’t get into a position where they’re losing their teeth one thing that I should you know put the caution out for is a lot of times people are on prescription medication and and that can dry the mouth up and so we we recommend you know that you lose that the buffering action the saliva when that happens and so we recommend xylitol many times to to eliminate or a lesson at least lessen them out of plaque or goo you might call it from around the teeth and so it’s it’s a it’s a natural sugar and it comes in various forms via gum or or granules similar it looks exactly like sugar but it’s not synthetic it is natural volatile is made from birch trees the good stuff that that’s that’s made from corn but the good stuff some birch trees and even though it’s in the sugar family it doesn’t corrode away stuff inside you like sugar does it’s actually good for you and it helps sexy fight bacteria in your mouth yeah bacteria they don’t they don’t like it they can’t they don’t see it as food like they do sugar right and so they’re just just your population just goes down dramatically so listen let you see a lot of and people that come here still see a lot of silver mercury fillings a lot of those are still out there with the recurrent decay around some of those fillings just a pressure of chewing and something hot going across those fillings has been shown through scientific articles that mercury does vaporize from those fillings and that leaves a gap between the filling and the tooth and then with that gap there this live an end of plaque and all can cause recurrent decay around those joints from underneath so we see a lot of decay underneath the older fillings what a lot of people don’t understand is teeth are living things right it’s not just a hard rock it’s their porous they actually have life force running through them they’re little tiny tubes exactly there’s a artery normally think of well that the tooth and the nerve they seem to be associated but not only that but there is an artery and a vein associated just like anywhere else in the body so all be it’s a very small entry point you know through the root end of the tooth inside to a larger area whether we call it a pulp it’s its life that’s what you know they are in the vain transfer transportation of nutrients to within the tooth makes it continue to be viable or vital vital to teeth a porous right think they’re not just solid like ceramic well exactly yeah there’s there’s still there’s fluid movement from outside the tooth to within the tooth as well so there’s there’s this movement through the like I described through the route and you on the artery and vein and then through the outer parameters the tooth as well so any poisons that you have in your mouth and actually go kids suck through your tooth inhale well yeah exactly that’s that’s why it’s you know that it’s really very important to keep the teeth as clean as possible rushing twice a day and then flossing once or if it’s not philosophy if it’s easier to use a interdental pick or water pick yes certainly any of those aids are useable do you notice any difference between certain foods and certain people ate and people that are they’re dosing up on more carbohydrates certainly you know their teeth are in worse condition you know so you have a sense of who’s more conscious about their health and taking better care of their their health and and their teeth reflect that what do you replace the mercury with what’s it made out of in office ceramic most commonly a composite material we use a high quality company this is what we use is formulated in Germany people are concerned about radiation you know and additional x-rays and one thing the first thing we want to do is ask people if they have any current x-rays you know dental x-rays if they do then we get them commonly emailed over to our office and so we can utilize those through with you know a year to old and they’re most likely useful and we do have digital x-rays here which is which is great because there’s so much less radiation with that it’s minimal kinetic and compared to the old standard x-rays you know dentistry has changed you know it’s it has gotten a lot easier in many respects and we’re not out to take out all your teeth by any means we want to save virtually every tooth we can and do it in a healthy manner for for you the patient and so we find that patients are grateful for what we’re able to do for them and their most most often very comfortable get that done he’s a holistic dentist here in Las Vegas and I hear people actually fly out here from all over the country get a hotel room and wait to be Z I am but I’m sure there are other holistic dentist in the country right I mean are there only a few of you or I mean people there on the East Coast and there are people like you around oh absolutely there are some organizations that that have dentists that dealt with with like like mind is my own holistic Dental Association is is is one international academy of oral medicine toxicology so it’s a Oh MT I am T dot org and then there’s International Academy of biologic dentistry and medicine IA BDM and sometimes many of us are members of all three of those organizations but but contacting those organizations can can help them help you find somebody if you’re on the East Coast or Midwest you know there’s people across the country right well internationally at this point too yeah yeah well I think this is the last country to actually catch on is that people had had to go to other countries to get decent stuff so I want you guys to know there are options don’t be afraid of your teen carrier mouth because it’s so important because if you wait too long you’re going to really have some problems and regret it and it’s going to affect your whole body so again I’m bringing you stuff that’s really important for your health it’s really important thank you doctor help so for my pleasure like without letting letting these people know that people like you exist it’s really important this is not the stone Age’s anymore it’s not necessarily a painful experience so this is something you definitely have to take care of it’s really important and thank you again sure absolutely pleasure

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  1. Hey Markus, Do you know anyone who's remineralized their teeth?  I want to be able to remineralize my teeth (front and top especially) and I haven't found any solid info online.  Some promote consuming animal products like Ramiel Nagel from www. curetoothdecay . com for tooth health and I am not on that boat.    Aloha,  Nicolas

  2. I feel like you did this video just for me Markus. I'm on a mission to make my teeth regenerate and heal their own cavities. I just bought "Heal Your Face" — I've been thinking about buying it since it came out, but now I finally have. I would like to know what herbs he recommends for the various parasites!!!

  3. Thanks a lot Markus! 😉 nice.
     i have searching about teeths and mouth…What about crooked teeths?!
    I saw a Doctor saying that he knew about a kid that have crooked teeths and in some years his teeths got straight…cuz he start to have a good diet (stop candies and other things)… MARKUS since you have some connects (with good doctors) it will be awesome if you ask this for them … cuz i really really believe that Human body with the right nutrition can cure NATURALY anything.
    i keep alert about your vids (sory my english)

  4. I had 2 mercury fillings installed when i wan a kid ( mom didnt know any better) and a few years ago i discovered the consequences of amalgam fillings via researching depression i had. i was very depressed and had no money to have them removed. with debilitating depression i had nothing to loose so i went to Lowes and bought the smallest drill bit they had, came home, put it in my drill, stood in front of the mirror, crossed my fingers and drilled them out.   i used activated charcoal to rinse and spit in a jar. went on detox/ cleanse and my life has changed  in ways i could have never imagined.   

  5. This was very good Markus, thanks.  I'm glad I never had a liking for silver fillings.  However, there is something I wanted to share in case it may help someone.  I have been on 100% raw food for nearly a year now (thanks again, Markus!), and feel the many benefits which go with it.  I brush my teeth with a homemade mix of coconut oil and baking soda.  But over the years, and especially over this last 'raw' year, my teeth have started to decalcify, discolour and hurt (from excess sensitivity).  Much of this can be put down to my stressful life situation, but I finally understood the physical cause for it – a vitamin D deficiency, or more precisely – a lack of sunlight.  I have been living in Ireland for 21 years, and this is a country which hardly ever sees the Sun.  I can rarely go out here, because it's forever raining here, there are icy winds blowing nearly always, and my body just cannot take the cold dampness.  I probably kept my D-levels above water by eating a lot of eggs before, but in the raw food diet there is really nothing to get it from in useful amounts.  Except mushrooms.  But I ate so many raw mushrooms a year ago, that I haven't fancied them since…  So my teeth, and probably bones, were wasting away from lack of vitamin D.  I sourced a good vegetarian brand of vitamin D (Nature's Answer, 2000iu drops in xtra virgin olive oil) a few weeks ago, and hey!  Just 2 weeks into taking it my teeth have started to become whiter, stronger, and  less sensitive.  That quickly.  The D also makes me calmer, sleep better and shake off colds (if I feel something coming on, I temporarily double the dose). Usually I take 10000iu per day, as in 5 drops.  During the summer, should there be the rare sunny day, I will not take any.  I am planning to move to Tenerife in the Canaries at the first opportunity (as soon as I get there, I'll stop taking the vitamin D of course!); until then, I continue eating raw food here – 2 xtra large green smoothies, a fruit meal, a large salad with nori for lunch, and various little nibblings for the evening meal; that's what I eat every day, and I so love this food.  My gums are in excellent condition, most of my grey hair has turned back into youthful blonde and become thicker than it ever was, and loads of men half of my age try to flirt with me all they could.   Not to mention the fact that I am now free of cancer, arthritic pains and everlasting exhaustion; my face is 15 years younger than it was before I went raw, and even my fallen arches healed.  And my so far non-existent sex drive has skyrocketed to levels I never dreamt possible.  Thank you Markus for inspiring me to change my life (articles on your website and "Heal Yourself 101").  All your products are on my wish list and will sooner or later materialise in my beautifully evolving life.   🙂

  6. It's interesting to note Markus that there were native tribes that had perfect healthy teeth and never practiced any dental hygiene or ever used a tooth brush in their life but once processed food was introduced to them that's when tooth decay and other diseases started to happen.

  7. Markus – in one of your writings you discuss that at some point you ate an "unlimited" amount of good fats and even managed to loose 20lbs.  Did you have a high fruit diet at that point?  For some that can't tolerate high amount of fruits (various health reasons), would you recommend that approach with high greens? Thank you

  8. What do you think about implants?  My dad is 86 years old and will be getting about four of them.  I'm not sure if the dentist is aware that these things can be toxic.  My dad has had a biopsy of his kidney this past Saturday, Feb 8th.  We are waiting for the results!!!

  9. Thanks so much for this, is there a type of hydrogen peroxide i should try swishing my mouth with b/c i hear about some having extra chemicals in them, hopefully i can find one who accepts some time of insurance/dental plan

  10. I found the teeth relating to the organs interesting, but what happens when the tooth is pulled? I had my wisdom teeth pulled as a teenager now I'm wishing that I didn't, but is there a way to fix the mandible to straighten teeth since I know I had to wear braces for 2 years

  11. Hi Markus, was wondering about the outlook of Dental Veneers on the Holistic side.. Can jt be toxic or effect your health in any way to get that white perfect Hollywood smile? Thanx before.

  12. Thanks so much for this video! I made my appt today & will be flying out from LA to see him. I've been putting this off way too long & really see the affects it's having on my body. It's crazy to see how it's all connected but makes sense when you think about it! Thanks Markus 🙂

  13. Me and my brother used to go to a dentist that was so bad that we called him "The butcher". His best ability was how fast he worked. Lol, no finesse at all. Probably a fast drill.

  14. What about wisdom teeth? My upper wisdom teeth don't exist, there is just nothing.. While my lower wisdom teeth don't have enough space to come out, my jaw is just too small. So I had a lot of pain because they pushed against my other teeth and caused pressure. I really like the approach of your dentist, but what would he do with that? I had one wisdom teeth removed because it often caused infections in my mouth. Since I removed it, it is so much better and it has healed perfectly. Now when I am very stressed and my immune system is kind of low I feel my other wisdom tooth and it causes infections, but it also hurts because it has no space. What would your dentist do? I'd love to save it, but I just don't really know how. Otherwise I have very healthy teeth, I'm mostly on a Whole Foods Diet, trying to avoid processed foods as much as possible and eating as much raw foods as I can afford (I'm only a student after all, but I'm trying very hard and only buy organic, but it's hard to eat only raw fruits in winter in Europe right now..). Please let me know what you think, Markus!

  15. Can you pls Sam this dentist/ do video about fluorides fluoride free toothpastes, glycerin and effect of eating lots of fruits ( hence carbs) effect on teeth. This dentist said the worst teeth he sees are those of people who eat lots of carbs.thnak you. Very interesting videos by the way!

  16. Mark, how's your dental health?
    When I was doing the raw-vegan dietary high in fruit, some greens, fair amount of avocados(San Diego living, lifelong), I completely messed my teeth up, loads of decay.  Whereas a fundamental omnivorous largely cooked food diet, I do fine,… avoiding refined starches, potatoes(vitality sapper, limpifier), homogenized milk(un-homegenized I thrive with, pasteurized, I find raw causes a lot of flatulence, pasteurized-unhomogenized not so much).
    But, meat, eggs, dairy/cheeses(all three, quality and/or varietal-dependent as to which is good/best for me), and of course some fruits, vegetables, 'whole' salt, seasonings, beer/occasional liquor or other,… all in appropriate amounts, I do great.
    I'm age 46, 6'4" 190#, surf(shortboards), performance skateboarding, landscape contractor and I do much of the sweat labor too,….
    Also, clearly, I and people in general, if not the vast majority, have their tissues heal from injury best and most quickly with beef, chicken, eggs, milk,,… a long with good balance with the rest of a fundamental omnivorous dietary.
    I had some 'organic chocolate' recently got a couple small boils.
    Almond milk?  Almonds give my body negative reactions, I've tried the A milk,.. bogus.  Unhomogenized bovine milk?  Great, my body thrives with it, as have billions of other people.   Over thousands of years milk has been an important food in Europe, the middle east, africa, and ASIA(though not so much the far east of asia).   
    Anyway, you're rocking it,.. so do what works well for you.
    And you're super artist.
    Also, btw, what are you doing different from Viktoras Kulvinskas, he aged quickly,.. though interestingly you two are doing a similarly image style of hair and such per your similar ages at different times though.
    I've been involved in all this sort of concern diet/health/disease since 1984 when I was age 15.  I familiar with it al.

  17. I haavne't watched the video yet, but I just had a cavity filling and it's a bit sensitive will your powder formula help me with making my teeth stronger and sensitivity? 

  18. Hi Markus, I am going through the process now of having my mercury fillings removed and just wondered what you thought of 100% zirconia, thank you so much, much appreciated.

  19. Markus, can you share your daily teeth cleaning regimen?  I'd love to hear some feed back on how you clean your teeth and with which tools and products. Also, I'm fascinated to hear more about how the teeth are connected to the various  parts of our bodies.  What are the best ways to keep them healthy.  What is the best way to whiten teeth and keep them looking as glistening and white as possible?  Finally, all four of my molars were surgically pulled out in my teens.  Was this a mistake?  If so, can you please explain.  I'd love to see a detailed youtube video, someday, on your explanation of everything regarding teeth.  I truly admire your generosity in sharing your knowledge with the world.  Your videos are made with love and you have inspired, transformed and touched many, including me.  Thank you.

  20. With a degree in dental hygiene, could one then work in the holistic area of dentistry or would further studies be required?

  21. my mom has a really bad teeth that are loose, rotten and falling out..and she considers dental implants. I have reead on the net that dental implants can caus auto immune diasease and even cancer because theyre made with titanium and/ or zirocnium(wich doesnt sound like natural to me?!)? Are timplants harmful or not?

  22. One important question , I've is it impossible "silver fillings " could cause Ringing in the ear , which is called Meniere Disease ????? Right now I've 2 sounds making noise 24 / 7 , ( hissing and heart beating sound ) ,and to this day , NOT one doctor can tell me exactly what caused it .Woke up one morning in Jan 2013 , and I had several health issues and to this day My own "MD "  and a few other doctors couldn't tell me what it is .Guess they don't know the answer .  I've to go on the internet , research my own health issues , which I found figured out , I had Meniere Disease .And supposedly there's nothing they can do for this . Like you said everything connected with something . Appreciate it .    I never heard of this word " Holistic Dentist " until I searching on "you tube " , didn't know they exist .

  23. Markus, on August 21, 2015 I had all my amalgams (5) removed.  Some were really large fillings taking up most of the tooth.  I know you're not a dentist, but I have heard that root canals are really dangerous.  I had one when I was seven years old.  It was the front right tooth.  I have a porcelain crown on a post in that tooth now.  I guess my dentist felt that the amalgams were more important to come out.  It was pretty costly (yes, I'm worth it) However, my  mouth has not been the same.  Now she is telling me that the white fillings that she put in (she has a special name for it like core buildups, not sure of that) might have to have more work done on them, like crowns.  I don't know if my root canal is causing anything in my body, but I don't feel any different after this procedure.  And I'm upset that I might need more work.  She is a biological dentist and says that my gums are much more healthier, however I thought it was going to be much more simple.  Just taking out the metal and putting in the healthier fillings.  I'm still looking things up about this.  I want to see if any of these dentists says that it a simple procedure of just replacing the silver with white fillings.  Why did I think that???

  24. Hi Markus. I'm 15 and planning to get braces. I have a couple cavities, a mercury filling and have major crowding. All the orthodontists I've seen have said I need to remove four teeth in order to straighten them. I want a nice straight smile but I'm not sure about whether or not to go through with it. Thank you from Canada.

  25. hello, where I live there are zero homeopathic dentists. I am pregnant and have one tooth that has been said to need a root canal. I would not let them because I heard it's a bad choice. What are my options if this tooth has previously been filled with the white filling? Sometimes it hurts so bad I want to rip it out.

  26. Greetings Markus! Do you have any suggestions for receding gums? I am 46 years old and i eat mostly raw foods(with the occasional soup or baked vegie) They say they would like to skin graph my front tooth and cover the back ones with a veneer substance….THIS is not something I want to do!Much gratitude :).

  27. i have several chipped teeth in the back along with a molar. when i floss them they bleed like crazy and then pain sets in. they all have temp fillings in them and my dentist keeps insisting on a root canal but i refuse because my immune system is compromised. suggestions to fix this problem?

  28. hey Markus what do you do if you had your wisdom teeth taken out? do you know of any way to grow them back or am I fucked?

  29. Spicy noodles I would avoid braces at all cost read a book called cure tooth decay explains everything u need to know to keep your teeth healthy. Putting metal in ur mouth and pushing teeth around won't do anything my experience. Check out books from dr westin price and seek an holistic dentists and attend stress free workout session because stress also plays apart in tooth issues take care.

  30. Hi Markus, I know you're busy and all but I hope you will read this. I am Julie, 24 years old from the Philippines. I have never had a good health since I was young, I was always sick and my parents were wondering why.. I went to a doctor and he said my organs are in bad shape specially my kidney and that I have a massive mercury content on my system.. And now I'm here in NZ to work.. I went to the Dentist and he saw all my amalgam fillings in 7 of my teeth and that these are dangerous.. But I can't have it removed because I don't make a lot of money working as a house keeper.. Do you have any charity that can help me fix my teeth? I'm sorry.. I'm desperate.. No one can help me right now and I saw you as a person of good deeds that maybe you can help me out.. 🙁

  31. Markus I wish I had been aware of toxicity of mercury when I was diagnosed with gingivitis so I could heal the conventional Dentist took out 4 teeth two on each side. I eat raw now since 2015. I no med for thyroid. no vaccines I have purchase Miracle 11. All plants in home apt. small city herbs plants clean air. 67 yr. this year went from 175 lbs now 140 been exercising at home. push ups planks squats with 10 lbs each hand. Been fasing since 2011. Do enemas. I has you lou corona wake up early 5 am before . My apt is my sanctuary. I always go out walk or take bus away from city. found dandelions and pine trees and am studying herbs to use. I sense in heart be leaving to land own farm house raised on land I also had Father a Son of Farmer. Say hello to Cara I will be purchasing some color. I look great! Men I meet or brought into my life think I am 35 I say nothing I figure they will go, I could be there Mom. I have a son in 40 and another in 30's. Thanks or information Your a great cool wonderful man. Cara is a great lady great match Peace Love Be getting Sea Moss and such. dehydrator have vitimix and Elite 5000 juicer. My juicer is good . Thanks to Vitimix can use that for herbs. I in Dec 2016 be 1 yr. raw. Brought me closer to union with Spirit I am God and Nature gratefulness and joy no matter what. doesn't bother me.

  32. Markus I would like to know what your feelings are on this if you have already read about it. >>>
    more about here also >>>

  33. I just looked up water pic found a bunch of different ones
    Is there a way to decide which is best or are any of them good??

  34. everyone should dump their crap regular toothpaste, sugar, chemicals etc… it only makes dentists rich. Neem toothpaste actually heals teeth & gums, coconut oil pulling is awesome also

  35. has anyone made their own tooth fillings? what would be the best
    materials? i've bought clove oil and there are a few videos on making a
    tooth filling with clove oil and zinc oxide, but is there any material
    that would be more organic? zinc oxide is not healthy.

  36. My MS symptoms were actually caused by Mercury toxicity. In 1999, after having two silver fillings drilled out, I immediately suffered from killer headaches, skin tingling, vision problems, foot-leg-body numbness, fatigue and other neurological and mobility problems. I was diagnosed with MS, but later realized that my problems were from Mercury toxicity from my dental amalgams (which were 50% Mercury). By 2001, after heavy metal detoxification, the last of my symptoms faded away and I have experienced great health and a normal lifestyle since. Praise God! You can find out all of the details of my recovery along with other helpful information at The truth is that countless people have been cured of neurological problems by ridding their bodies of heavy metals.
    – Yours in Faith & Health, Debra Kaiser.

  37. If a 7year old Child had 7 of her permanent teeth removed, and metal posts installed, what would happen to her healthwise in her future?

  38. Hi Markus! Do you believe the teeth can remineralize? And is this info with suggestions on how to remineralize found in your teeth ebook? Thank you <3

  39. they've recently done a study on stevia and lyme disease and they've discovered that it breaks down biofilms and kills the spirochetes. I don't like the taste of it for food/drink additive, but I did start rinsing my mouth out with it and diatomaceous earth, followed by hydrogen peroxide rinse.

  40. Ok, im a dentist, and I'm into holistic health – i use essential oils, eat organic etc…but Arnica in lieu of lidocaine? Come on now….this must have been done for a "class I (occlusal) filling"; there's no way in heck you would be numb enough fir a deeper/class Ii filling.

  41. This is good information my mom would love this she is always having pain with her teeth. Plus I was told I needed to pull out my teeth due to pain, many people ignore Thier teeth. Thanks.

  42. Dear Marcus, Can be tooth decay (cavity) healed even when teeth nerve is exposed to decay? Or how deep cavity can be still healed? Thanks alot ♥

  43. Markus thank you for this video. Do you think that teeth with root canal treatment should be extracted?
    According to Weston A. Price root canalas are dangerous and very toxic
    There are bacteria in root canals that favor destruction of the nervous system and many other systems, resulting in the creation of autoimmune reactions.
    DNA examination of extracted root canals has shown bacterial contamination in 100 percent of the samples tested. 
    Markus do you think that would be better to extract the teeth with root canal treatment?
    Zirconia implants could be a better solution?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  45. Can bacterially contaminated food cause infection in the gums? Certain foods seem to make my gums swell these days.

  46. I got my mercury fillings removed about 8 years ago. They really didn't take any extra precautions. The dentist just drilled the mercury out and sucked it out. I sure hope it was done correctly! Either way, I'm glad I got them out. Thanks for your videos!

  47. This is the strongest evidence I can find that should be watched by anyone relevant to amalgam/silver fillings. I aspired to assemble it and finding the video has saved me many hours and it is great quality. Please for the love of God stay away from amalgam. This is David Kennedy, DDS's work.

  48. My husband has 3 root canals and we live in Henderson, so I’ll be calling this guy tomorrow to see when we can get in to see him. I was hoping the video spoke of root canals, after researching it seems as though my husband might need to have his teeth removed completely.

  49. does anyone know if ozone treatment works on a tooth with a crown covering it? Im considering ozone treatment for one tooth with a crown but i dont know if you need the crown removed for it to work effectively.

  50. Thanks Markus Iam subscribed to your wonderful product channel I unfortunately can't afford this doctor could you please suggest home remedy I could do at home thanks.

  51. Markus, this video almost has me hyperventilating after watching it.
    I've been very seriously ill for 8 yrs I believe it started with a Bad Dentist who has caused me serious injury.
    I've recently found out I had several types of parasites, taken herbs but it continues to come back.
    Heart trouble of late, white blood cell issues and bad bad problems in my mouth.
    Went raw before I even knew what exactly was wrong with me. Went broke looking for a cure for these mysterious illness these past 8 yrs and no doctor could tell me whats wrong.
    Now i know my mouth is probably the root problem.
    I contacted a San Diego Biological Dentist but without a lot of money they wont see me. In fact it annoyed the receptionist when I try to figure out how to get treated they don't want to do any deals for a serious situation.
    I have dental insurance I'm required to pay for but that's of no use for this kind of dentistry.
    What do I do to get one of these types of dentist to see and help me before it's too late for me?

  52. That's why I don't make out with men. Never felt the urge to and I think its gross. Kiss with lip and only with boyfriend.

  53. I went NYC to some indian hollistic dentist and she sucks. She told me I needed a root canal and I was going there to receive natural treatment for root canal. She done nothing. All she did was knock on my teeth all of them to feel if they were sensitive and they are not. Only one was dead. Idk why she bothering the healthy ones. If you hit them you'll cause trauma. I don't understand some dentist honestly. Then she did the cold sensation kn all my healthy teeth when I specifically told her only one is the problem. After she dine that she told me I needed root canal.

  54. my brain was literally pierced by mercury gas lump during ridiculously unsafe amalgam removal. inside of my brain is still physically, extremely painfully, sharply, deeply moving almost four years every second nonstop. my brain damage is so severe, I cannot read, think, move properly this is so much like cerebral palsy. have u ever seen patients like me?? how can I get back to my previous, healthy, clean brain?? I can I fix this?? always urgent always uncomfortable. can you imagine how terrifying the fact that I only took amalgam removal procedure, the result is "physical brain transformation or pierced brain by unknown fluid like lump"?? how can I live with this damaged brain??? I still cannot recognize me in front of mirror.
    I need solution about my damaged brain. plz, tell me!

  55. i went to a regular dentist and got white fillings done and i went back told them that one of my tooth hurts and its bleeding i waited for over an hour an hour and a half she sat me down told me to open my mouth she put some sharp looking thing in my mouth dint really look around my mouth said everything was ok and dismissed me i have been feeling tired sick and weak for months my thyroid has flared up and i dont know what to do can someone help me i would really apprecaite it i dont have 1000s of dollars to spend on a dentist and i feel like the tooth has caused a serious infection that has given me gerd and all that crap i have been drinking water and eating salad i started feeling a bit better but ill start feeling weak during random times through out the day i believe its my tooth causing this to happen because i have been doing research and how the mouth and the gut are somthing to consider when thinking about over all health i live in vancouver bc canada anyways thanks for reading my comment have a wonderful day!

  56. Thanks. What happens when you lose your teeth? When I was very little there was a pharmaceutical that was in fashion in the U.K. to make 1 , 2, 3 year olds sleep at night (does anyone know what this was called by the way?). It was later taken off the market as it caused softening of the teeth and light blue transparent edges on the teeth. So I had nearly all my teeth filled with mercury starting at a young age. When a few years ago I started getting the mercury out I lost the teeth it was taken from plus the teeth (with mercury) beside them. As every tooth corresponds to a meridian and organs what does that mean for someone who’s lost so many teeth ? Thanks for any answers.

  57. So you go to a dentist and you tell her that you can't have the normal novocaine so she uses the substitute she gives you an injection and then she goes down as your teeth clean first before she wants to work, well by now the numbness of completely wore off and she starts drilling to do a root canal of course you're in pain so instead of giving you another injection she tries dropping novocaine into the tooth itself would simply runs down your throat also she's already put this rubber gasket over your mouth so you cannot breathe through your mouth which makes it very difficult when you have a deviated septum she works for 2 hours and she still has not got past the crown that's on the tooth to get to the root finally after about an hour of her saying she's frustrated she can't do it she don't know what she's doing she prefers you to a specialist to specialist can't see you for like 2 weeks is this really best care for patients

  58. I need to see this doctor/dentist. I extracted my toxic rootcanal treated tooth molar #2 in the right upper jaw but was doubting because i did not want to loose a tooth it feels like amputating my limb. But the dilemma with my general health was also of concern. I took a chance to extract it in my country but here the jawspecialist doesnt know nothing about desinfecting the adjacent area of the tooth and the peridontal ligament. .
    And to make matters worse it was stiched so i could not rinse it with H2O2 solution. Now my wisdom tooth is gettong much bite force and the situation has become unstable. Non of the dentist or jaw surgeon ever explain that there would be such complications.

  59. Thku for this video. I have mercury fillings since a child. I'm middle age now and slow loosing weight, problems sleeping and very hbp. A while back my ankles swelled so much I couldn't walk for about 3-4 years. They say holistic dentist are very expensive. Lord help me🙏👆😱💋

  60. Is there a type of holistic orthodontics, what about the smile direct club or invisalign are those two types of braces a holistic form of orthodontics

  61. I agree! Taking care of your teeth is extremely important! I had all of my amalgams removed back in the 90's.

  62. I am a retired physician in my early 70’s . I had a root canal tooth removed today. It was a wonderful end to a long drawn out 2 month battle. Here is the story.

    I had some tenderness on pressure to a root canal treated tooth. Dental x-rays back then had shown some radiolucency near the apex of a root canal treated molar and associated with the adjacent tooth. So I had been fasting on and off for two months and dealing with this with varying degrees of success. The endodontist said that the tooth could be saved. I had been hearing stories about the anaerobic bacteria originating in a root canal treated tooth being found in the heart after a myocardial infarction. The inflammation / infection / toxins can spread and cause problems in other parts of the body. But internal medicine and dentistry are in separate boxes. These are the isolated realms /guilds in which the respective professionals live. And they do not talk with one another.

    Dr. Ohsumi over in Japan received the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016. He demonstrated the remarkable self-healing capabilities of cells in mopping up free radicals and loose chain amino acids during the fasting state. I have fasted for health issues for 50 years and seen wonderful turnarounds. So I tackled this dental issue the same way.

    When I took to water fasting and sometimes just ketosis by taking calories below 500. When I started doing this there was a dramatic turnaround. The toothache went away in two days. The sensitivity to pressure followed. That went away in the next three or four day. But then some gum tenderness emerged with the beginnings of a gum abscess. This too turned around and completely resolved over three or four days with fasting. During this slug fest between healing and inflammation I felt ok . I was encouraged after seeing things improve after a fasting for a couple of days. But still I was not completely well. After eating a normal evening meal I would wake up with low grade fever and night sweats.

    It is important to note that a few other health issues improved very wonderfully with this fasting / autophagy / ketosis. I used intermittent fasting / water fasting, dry fasting / broth fasting and variations in and out of these. My blood pressure went down to 110/70 and I lost 17 pounds. Snoring stopped and also the Spring pollen allergy went away. I had more energy. After a couple of days fasting things improved nicely, including sciatica with some numbness in the leg. That resolved completely!

    But when I went back to eating I would still get the early morning night sweats and low grade fever. So with the fasting a lot of other health issues did in fact improve, and very wonderfully so. But that root canal was a bridge too far. That tooth with the socked in area of toxin producing low-grade anaerobic infection did NOT go away with the fasting / autophagy. Yes, the sciatica did go away and skin looked much healthier. But the root canal based infection was in a World War 1 style trench warfare situation with no decisive healing of the walled off infection.

    So I took a resolve. I had the rotten thing removed.

    WOW! That very afternoon after the extraction I suddenly noticed I no longer had the low grade fever! I felt great! I did not expect to see things improve that quickly. I had watched Dr. Huggins videos. And I was motivated to pursue improved health rather than trying to save a doomed root-canal treated tooth. Thank goodness I did. The thing needed to be extracted. Then later after a few weeks after extraction it can be bridged or maybe an implant restoration.

    I am convinced there must be a lot of people out there who are suffering from a low grade dental infection associated with a bad root canal treated tooth. It may be relatively pain free, — until it affects the healthy tooth adjacent to it! Many people suffer from chronic inflammation and tolerate it. They think they are just getting old or maybe they need to “ask their doctor” , bully their doctor, or manipulate their doctor “to see if” (some (fancy new drug) “is good for them”. God help us!

    New discoveries and wonderful new insights and treatmentsare opposed by the principalities and powers that be. They guard the status quo in all disciplines. In medicine and in dentistry they guard the so-called “standard of care”. So new realizations about new discoveries and treatments are vigorously opposed by trolling guild -meisters, as Copernicus and Galileo discovered.

    I hope this helps a few people out there. Grace and peace to all.

  63. Great you had vidio on this ,i have a temporarly filling and dentist want to do roothfilling and i do not ..What would u say i The best thing to do ?Pull out or other option ?

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