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One disease that people dread is chicken pox. Dread because it is highly contagious… and could persist for up to two weeks. Chicken pox is a viral infection that mostly
occurs in late winter or early spring. It is usually a mild, but miserable, illness common in children. It causes itchy red spots or blisters all over the body… and is accompanied by flu-like symptoms especially a couple of days prior to the itchy red rashes. This disease can spread through air or contact
with saliva or fluid from blisters of the infected individual. And once the chicken pox virus enters
the body it remains within the body permanently. Now I will tell you about some useful
home remedies for dealing with chicken pox. Take a glass of water. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Sponge the patient with this solution. It helps provides relief from
itching and dries up the spots. Oatmeal baths are also soothing. For this next remedy
Take a handful of neem leaves. And crush them to make a paste out of it. Apply this paste on the affected areas. Moreover, you can add neem leaves in your bath water as well. Another useful home remedy while dealing with chicken pox. Take 100g carrot and 60g coriander leaves. Chop them and boil them in about 500ml water until it reduces to half. And give this soup to the patient. Now time for some tips to help you deal with chicken pox. During early stages of this disease, include figs in your diet. And to reduce the appearance of scars, apply vitamin E oil on the affected areas when they start healing. And as prevention is always the best cure, make sure you get your child vaccinated for chicken pox.

38 thoughts on “Natural Home Remedies for Chicken Pox

  1. Yes, you said it right 🙂 Chicken pox is really a dreaded disease and it has its own healing process. But then home remedies can ease the feeling of discomfort.

  2. nice video mam ur tips are quite helpful and u r quite beautiful ……that's the reason it helps….. at least i believe it so…….

  3. Love the natural cures but disapointed you bring vaccination into it. I prefer natural not vaccinations so unfortunately I can't use this to pass on.

  4. I am so having a chicken pox it began on aug 31 semptember 11 -12 is examination for our school but im am absent for about 2weeks . last night i was not having an comfort sleep and it was happened the whole midnight I grab my alcohol .peolpe says that it is "viral skin disease-virus'' so I decided to apply it on my poxed skin but it only removes the itchy feeling for about 10-20-30-minutes. uggh hopes I will survive. god bless us and our family

  5. I am having chicken pox…my lyf has become hell…my brother's marriage is 2mrw and I will not be able 2 enjoy… plzzzz for God sake help me….

  6. All these comments criticizing that you mentioned the vaccine… I am having chicken pox at the age of 36 ,grateful it is mild but still I have to stay at home…If it weren't for the vaccine I had as a child,it would come very severe.
    Thank you for the video,great helpful hints.

  7. Chicken pox is an infectious disease caused by pox Gp of Virus.Chidren under the age Group of 16yrs are more suceptable.Usually occur during winter season.Affected persons should be segregated to prevent the spread. Physician who specilised in VIROLOGY should be consulted for Chemotherapy and effective control measures should be taken.

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  9. Vaccines are a deception and are designed to hurt the population. It's a fact over and over again

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