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Our skin needs to maintain what is called a good PH balance, in order to look and feel healthy. But what on earth IS a PH balance? Put simply, a PH balance is when your skin displays the perfect balance of acidity and alkalinity. Besan brings your PH level back to normal. Just add 2 tablespoons of besan and 1 tablespoon of malai to a bowl. These go really well together. Then squeeze in a few drops of lemon. Apply this smoothly on, and wash off with warm water in 20-30 minutes. Try to do this once or twice a week. Besan gets rid of dead-skin cells by absorbing impurities from the skin and taking them on itself. Pretty saintly, don’t you think? Just mix a little over a tablespoon with a teaspoon of curd, together with the juice of 1 lemon and add just a pinch of turmeric, to help even out the patchiness. Make this a week long regime to see results! Besan works wonders for this, as it sucks out the extra grease from the skin, and dries up all the excess oil. So you want to start by taking 2 teaspoons of besan, and mixing them in with 1 teaspoon of Multani Mitti, which is also really helpful with unclogging pores and filtering out excess oil. Lastly, add a 2-3 drops of rose water to top it off. Mix this well and apply it to your skin, then let it rest for 20-30 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Homemade is the series that brings our grandmothers beauty regimes, straight into the 21st century. So enjoy, because new episodes are soon to follow. Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

100 thoughts on “Natural Home Remedies For Glowing Skin, De-Tanning And Acne

  1. To be more precise,i became a huge fan of this channel.Before i was going to subscribe this chanel i thought about what if i get from this,gradually by seeing all of your useful videos it makes me confident over nd over again.expecting more from u guys

  2. I used this pack my skin glowing in just one day its amazing. Thankyou glamrs love ya 😍😗. I will update after using this for a week.

  3. I like this video very much and villas I like besan and multani mitti so can you just make a video on how to get glowing skin and get rid of all the marks from your skin and acne please make a video it is a requested one 😗😗

  4. Besides lemon or tomato, what can I use? I have a very sensitive skin and citric things give me rashes. Please help. Thank you

  5. I tried the second one… It nade my skin feel so good. It's so amazing and i can see a difference in my skin

  6. Recntly I got skin allergy while I apply besan to my face. But I love to apply besan. Please give me the solution that I apply besan without getting any skin allergy.

  7. First and second really work well. I do one of them at least once a week. Of course my tan reduced coz of the pack coz i did it on regular basis. But yeah to remove any tan it takes time .. In one go no one will get results . So do it on regular basis.

  8. I tried first of besan lemon and malai it realy showed best result i got some irritation can u tell me y

  9. Gotta say I liked the presentation and ur English cause till this moment every Indian remedy videos that I have watched doesn't have a nice presentation lol but urs it's cool. N btw it works

  10. 1.dont use malai if u have oily skin..
    2.dont apply lemon juice directly if u have sensitive n acne prone skin..

  11. Please tell me how I will wash my face after applying the prescribed de-tan mask??With luke warm water or normal water??

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