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Natural Home Remedies For Health Ailments – Tamil Health Tips Now many people are affected by ulcer, blood pressure, diabetes etc at a young age. You can cure these in simple home remedies instead of taking costly medication. There will not be any side effects and if we take it in more quantity it may cause some discomfort. If you taking any medication for some other disorders consult your doctor before taking this home remedies. In this video let us see what are the home remedies? Mix aloe vera gel in buttermilk to cure ulcer. To keep your face glowing and increase immunity take an amla everyday. To control diabetes mix fenugreek seeds in hot water and drink. To cure dandruff, dry and grind hibiscus flower and mix with soap nut powder and bath. Take Acalphaindica ( kuppaimeni) leaf juice to cure cold and if you take it more it may cause dysentry. Take palm jaggery or jaggery before going to bed to cure sleeplessness. To reduce body heat and cleanse the blood take Scutch grass (Arungampul) powder or juice once in a week. Avoid smoking and drinking while taking any medication as it will affect the results of your medication. Grind garlic with betel leaf and apply on the patches to cure it. To cure blood pressure and get health benefits take agathi keerai atleast once in three days.

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