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95 thoughts on “Natural Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

  1. All your videos are good..on a separate note, she is an absolute beauty..very healthy looking..she embodies the crux of this channel

  2. You guys don't tell the timelines for most of the remedies,that really puts one off,One needs to know "till when".I mean 1 year 2 year ,there has to be a line of sight ,i have raised this issue earlier too..but no reply,may be homeveda is not interactive at all!

  3. Thx I really need it, I'll try n c how it works 4 me…I've one prob my eye get redness n it doesn't go until I use anti biotic. …reason may b use of mobile laptop or tiredness

  4. These are all crap remedies everybody know it and these people have made video of those common remedies with a good looking girl, these homeveda is not an ayurveda consultant but an idiot man whom I know was a doctor of pets in mumbai, thane area. Later he went into flim industry and don't know how he started these kind of weird videos

  5. Wow, awesome yaur. I was just just with the way of describing. And for us its really easy to understand. Thank u so much for showing ayurvedic methods which is very important in now a days

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  7. Love your videos♡♡♡♡♡♡ perfect for everyday problems😍 keep up the gr8 work♡ greetings from kuwait💓💓💓💓💓

  8. after searching natural solutions for our body problems,
    i can say that this channel, is the BEST. 🙂
    simple to understand and more informative

  9. Very beautifully and professionally done!  I am totally into using a natural product, as opposed to a store-bought one with chemicals and preservatives in it, whenever I can.  I look forward to watching all of your videos 🙂  Namaste

  10. Hello, I am contacting you because the skin around my eyes are on the extreme side of dry. They feel like sandpaper, its almost like they feel burned. I have tried so many things including baby lotion. It is so painful and I am hoping you can help me with a solutin.
    Thank you 
    Bridget from Tx

  11. Hi i love your videos. Would love to know a natural shampoo or what shampoo would be good to purchase rather then the ones with chemicals. Also a natural/good soap to use. I would love for a response. Thank you!!!

  12. Hi,
    I am suffering from Hair Fall from last 5-6 months is there any way to regain them. If yes please share the Video URL or suggest me wat 2 do .

  13. Thank you for this Important information.  I do read a lot and I am on the computer a lot. Now that I know this information, I will limit the computer and reading for 1 hour at a time during the day for a total of 4 hours daily

  14. we can also reduce puffiness of our eyes by keeping cold spoons (spoons kept in freezer for 2-3hrs) on them for about 5mins or so.. is it ok?

  15. Do these remedies work for hereditary under eye bags? I'm 14 and have under eye bags because its in my genes :/

  16. One Ayurveda, two the best way of putting it, very simple and educative, added with the host's beauty and brains, leads one to believe that you are going to get cured without fail, if you use the treatment. Good show. Vijay Sethi 9

  17. Thank you for your video is was explained very well how to do the home remedies for best results. Out of all the videos on you tube this one was the best. Thank you.

  18. I've been studying treating aging at home and discovered a great resource at Nirca Fresh Look (google it if you are interested)

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