Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi everybody, it’s Glenda Johnson here, naturopath at Your Wellness Centre. What I want to do in this video is to tell you a little bit more about our Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. I really want you to regain your health and improve your energy and vitality, by using our balanced approach to natural health care. You see, not only am I an experienced naturopath but I’m also qualified pharmacist. As such, I truly am equipped to review your health, not only from a naturopathic point of view but from a scientific point of view, as well. As a qualified pharmacist, I studied the effects of drugs and how they worked in the body, which means a comprehensive knowledge of how the body works. As a naturopath, I’ve looked at an alternative medicines and food combinations that take the body as well. So using my unique set of skills and 34 years of experience knowledge, our Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic is especially equipped to bring you the very latest natural treatments. For more information, do visit our website,, where you will find more information about the range of conditions we treat, testing procedures, and tailored programs. We are located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, in Ringwood, just off the fabulous Eastern freeway and a really easy parking. So, whether you have an acute or chronic complaint, whether you’re feeling stress, tired and exhausted, feeling anxious or depressed, or you want to lose some weight, at Your Wellness Centre, we have the treatment options you need! So you can click your wellness center (dot) com (dot) au, just below this video to visit our website or you can ring 9879 9596 and let us help you regain your wellness.

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