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Here we are, we’re in the offices of Daleen Totten at Natural Medicine in Franschhoek. And Daleen invited me here just to film a segment on Chiropractic. So, on our way walking around the dam she gave me some new news which I thought we’d sort of bring to everybody on Natural Medicine World in a video format, because it seems like something is going to change with the paper copy. So I thought this was going to be a chance to hear from Daleen what exactly is happening, and what’s precipitated the change and why do we have something new that stands right before us now. I have decided to no longer continue my work in print. Alright. So we’re no longer going to get a hard copy in our Woolworths or our Clicks? No. That’s a big loss to all the people that love the journal. And obviously something’s lead to this big decision because this is a big decision, in a sense that was your baby you created in 18 years. That’s my fourth child, yes. Yeah, 18 years ago and you’ve devoted your life really to that and worked through the night many nights not sleeping. I know, because I speak to you and you’re not in bed at all and you’re busy turning out all of that to get it perfect to go to print. So, with all of that devotion of 18 years, what suddenly brought about the change? Why is this happening? Well it was just a good number you know to end it on the 150th issue. Okay, exactly. See this was momentous to 150 issues and 18 years of total devotion to the journal. And bringing together and making it so perfect and reaching to the world and bring this information to the world. So basically, I’ve done 150 issues. it’s 150 deadlines and I absolutely loved every single issue. But there came a point last year when I got really angry. I prepared this particular magazine. I spent three months working on the content. It was about the most incredible healing modalities and new discoveries around the world. And I finished the editing, proofreading, layout and again my sales team came to me said, ‘Unfortunately, such and such a company will no longer advertise because they want to only advertise with an article on menopause’. Oh. ‘And if I don’t create an article on menopause I will lose their ad’. And it continued to, ‘I need a gut health article. I need a heart article. I need something on memory and the brain’. And so on and so on. And I lost all that content. And it was not the first time, it was yet again. You know? And it felt like I was being held hostage by industry for their own reason; I mean they were under enormous pressure with the regulations and to increase their sales figures. But I wasn’t free anymore to write what I wanted to write. And I have a responsibility to write for my reader – not to produce a magazine for my advertisers. So I got really angry because I lost all that content and now I have to sit through the night and somehow create these articles, reprint old things and ask the impossible from authors to at the last minute within a day or two to create an article for me on memory which wouldn’t have been the best article for me to create on memory because of the time. So this was a recurring theme and it was just getting to me and I got really angry at that point and decided I’m going to do something different here with the content I want to publish. Because I’m not a publisher. Alright. That’s not my passion. No, it’s not. Health and research and disseminating information to empower people – that’s my passion. Right. I’ve also been feeling quite selfish in having beautiful relationships with authors and experts, like yourself, and people in industry. And I felt no one knows them like I do. You can’t pick up a publication and read it and get to the heart of it, feel that person’s energy, input, wisdom, their big heart and get that across in a print publication. Paper, always an issue for me. I hated having these thousands and thousands of magazines printed on all this paper and it’s thrown away after a month, even though a lot of the loyal readers would keep the magazine as part of a collection. But still it’s a lot of paper. And I can now absolutely love what I do and share information as it comes across my desk immediately. I don’t have to wait a month or two in production for a new study or research to come out before I can share that with the readers. Right. So the decision has been made to no longer print and no longer have the publication as it is in its form online either. It’s not taking this into a flipbook online, that’s also already dated and old. It’s video content, it’s even interactive banner adverts on the website where advertisers can have a small little clip about their product next to a relevant article. And it’s taking my crew and going to plantations where the olives are grown and interview the farmer and talk about the soil health and follow the whole process through production to the marketing team designing the labels and products on the shelf. And then interviewing experts on what are the uses medicinally for olive oil and why is it important as a nutritional component. The scope is huge! So we will be putting an online shop to this new platform. We will be putting a beautiful dynamic App, you know, that you can complete score cards of your stress measure. All of that kind of thing. So there’s a lot of exciting things happening. I have files worth of contacts and conversations and minutes of meetings that I held where I have wanted to print in different countries. Yes. Or print here and distribute in different countries. Or print somewhere else and bring over to different countries. My mission is to share the message to as many people as I possibly can and now with Nat Med World it’s global – it’s instant. And it’s really encouraging to see the reach. Our videos are reaching over 600 000 people. Which is amazing. You know, which you can never do in a static South African print publication. Not at all, no. I think rather than think of it as a death, it’s a natural progression which the advancing technology has now permitted. And it’s a natural step to go and increase your global audience. And I’m having fun and I’m really enjoying this. So even if this was making a lot of money it is now the time for me to move off. It’s been 150 issues – I think it’s enough! And you’ve got all three kids on the front cover. All three children made it to the cover so I can now say, ‘That’s it, I’m done!’ We’ve hit the 150th issue, we’ve also got all three kids represented on the cover. So now it’s time to move on. Well done. So thanks for putting me on the spot and now the word’s out there.

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