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Hi this doctor Tarrin P. Lupo and today
we’re going to talk about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or
PCOS Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo Let’s talk about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, To understand it you first have to
understand how ovaries are normally supposed to work.
What happens is as you develop eggs they actually
come to the surface of the ovary via a cyst, so multiple
cysts will develope at one time inside an ovary. The dominant
cyst or the one that grows the most will
actually be the one to pop in release an egg. All the rest so this this that develop
come straight back down and get reabsorbed into the ovary. During polycystic ovary syndrome
something goes wrong. Those cysts that are supposed to get
reabsorbed don’t. Although they don’t release eggs they
still form all over the ovaries you get multiple cysts. These cysts then go on to produce extra hormones
that shouldn’t be there and this causes most to the symptomology of polycystic ovary syndrome. The
ultimate reason this happens is actually kinda surprising, it’s a
sugar regulation problem People who are insulin-resistant or have insulin surges, develop PCOS. Insulin resistance is kinda fancy way of
saying your pre-diabetic or you’re about to develop diabetes. You can no longer regulate blood sugar
correctly. Most insulin resistance happens due to a lifetime up a bad diet. things like eating too much meat, fat ,oils and especially refined
carbohydrates can set this in motion. The insulin
resistance actually wreaks havoc on your hormonal
system especially and enzyme called 1720 lyase. This will promote testosterone production where you
shouldn’t really be making it. This rise in testosterone is a problem but what also happens are the cells on
the ovaries, the theca cells, they also produce too much estrogen too. This causes a weird mix up symptoms at
present in PCOS patients. Sometimes they’ll end
up growing hair when they’re not supposed to grow hair or they’ll get adult cystic Acne. The
other issues is they have a real problems with
carrying a baby. Infertility is the main reason PCOS is such a problem. Insulin
resistance is the ultimate cause of all these
problems not only that but the surges in insulin and
testosterone create a vicious negative feedback loop
and will perpetuate the insulin resistance. It
also causes thyroid problems. Later on you
can develop autoimmune thyroid problems, with this condition. One of the sad things is some women spend fortunes trying to
get pregnant carry a baby in never have PCOS actually regulated or managed. This is the the main reason women have
infertility problems and they can’t carry a child. Ultimately it’s because their diet. PCOS is really affected by insulin surges and
you’re kinda see two presentations with this. You’ll see people who are insulin
resistance and you’ll see the other side of the coin, people who are hypoglycemic. a good way to tell the difference is
usually look at the body most to the people who are insulin
resistant have very stubborn weight they can’t get rid of. On the other side the coin you’ll see
hypoglycemics who are usually skinny PCOS’s, and often misdiagnosed. Also, one last thing about PCOS a lot of women get problems with their menstrual cycle so they either have irregular periods,
very long painful periods or they don’t even have periods at all
when they get stressed out. So there are natural ways to manage this. This is really about controlling insulin resistance, you
want to use the same diet a diabetic would use in order to reduce
your acne, your facial hair, your infertility and
your menstrual problems. if you adopt that
kind of diet where you reduce your meat oil, and especially your refined sugars you’ll see a vast improvement. ultimately a plant-based diet is going to be the
best direction to go for this condition So just stay on top your diet if you
want to manage your PCOS. Also if you found this video useful
please give it a thumbs up, and share it out, I always appreciate
that! Stick around and check out my next story, on joint pain we’ll talk about natural
management of inflammation and joint pain.

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  1. New Video – Do you have PCOS?
    Natural PCOS Treatment Options – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
    Do you have irregular painful periods or amenorrhea?
    Do you have hair growing on your chin?
    Do you have adult acne?
    Do you have stubborn weight issues
    Are you growing hair on your legs, back, arms, face or chest? (aka hirsutism)

    You might have PCOS if you you answered yes to any of those questions. Check out this video for more information on how to manage it naturally. 

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  2. Thanks for making this. I'm only 15 and have this "condition". Honestly nobody's cared to explain what's going on with me down there and I'm really scared.

  3. very informative video! thank you so much for sharing !
    here in germany PCOS is mostly treated with the anti baby pill 🙁
    i have had the diagnosis some weeks ago, but i have very few symptoms of PCOS, i think mostly because i eat a healthy plant based diet!

  4. We do a low carb, high fat, high protein diet for this and it works excellently for my wife – like a charm.. and have both lost tons of weight.

    Yup – lots of meat. Almost no plants.

    Your advice about 'eating like a diabetic' is true. But this is just one of the ways to eat like a diabetic should.. 🙂

  5. my girlfriend now has the same condition, I wish I could help her by showing this video to her.. 🙂

  6. How much fat a day we should aim for? does it matter if poly or mono saturated fat?
    do you have a link on PCOS diet? cutting 2 main marcos at the same time ( carbs and fats) is not easy

  7. Awesome awesome video. Super informative. I will check out your website shortly. Thanks so much!

  8. I would like to see what studies you are referencing that state PCOS is caused by diet. I have been doing a lot of research on this syndrome for a nursing project and most of the research I have read agrees that development of PCOS is due to genetic not environmental factors.

  9. i had pcos since i was 14year old and i had a under active thyroid since i was a 11 year old thank-you for this video. I going to try that. Diet what you talking about and see if it does help me.

  10. Oh my Gosh!!! Thank you so much for making this video. My sister and I both have PCOS. Her symptom is weight gain and mine is acne. I have no periods. The acne has caused me so much stress and effects every aspect of my life. But I had no idea that it was insulin resistance that causes the symptoms. I have tried everything since I was in 5th grade. And nothing has working. 
    I have recently cut out trans fat, dairy, and meat but I have read that spearmint tea helps and I have been consistently drinking it for about two weeks. I need to continue  this to see if it helps but this video has given me a lot of hope so thank you. I have shared it with my sister. I will definitely try this diet because I believe because I am skinny I have the hypoglycemic problem. 

    Again, thank you so much. Also it would be great of you could make an extended version of this video because I found it so helpful:) and I think many other women have as well.

  11. can anyone shed some clarity for me? I am 111 punds so not overweight at all. I am a mostly vegetarian. I eat meat maybe once a month. Besides a soda a day or so, I eat generally very healthily. i dont exercise a ton, but i am a walker and like to do light jogging once in a while as well. I was just diagnosed with pcos on friday when i went to a fertility dr to find out why I am not becoming pregnant. according to this video, pcos is largely a result of lfestyle. I think i live a pretty healthy lifestyle.  i do not drink or smoke. What could have caused me to develop pcos? I am 33 years old. I want to know what i can do to boost my fertility. we want nothing more than to have a baby. my husband and I have a follow up appt in 2 weeks to review bloodwork that was taken, to look at his semen analysis, and to devise a  treatment plan

  12. I have been thinking of trying juicing after seeing Joe Cross's fat sick and nearly dead. do you think it would be the best way on going about losing weight and fixing so.e of these symptoms? I did herbalist for a long time and I didn't get much progress it's so difficult for me to lose weight even of I'm staying true to my diet and exercising. is a plant based diet truly the best way to go about it?

  13. I think I knew a lady who suffered from this syndrome allthought she never told me. After seeing this video I think I know why, her way of dealing with menstrual stress was stuffing herself with pork for a week or so. And I'm sure if women suffering from these symptoms go to the doctor, they'll end up with some drug that raises cortisol, even more then their current levels, thus making everything even worst. Guess a plant-based diet must be safer and probably more effective.

  14. Having pcos is sooooo frustrating. I'm stressed, depressed, very low self steem which that's why I didn't go to work and I'm here all depressed looking for answers.. Been to 3 different doctors and no help 🙁

  15. But there are women who are fit and active that have PCOS. and there are women who have PCOS without cysts formed on the ovaries. A diet change won't help every woman. Especially the women who already have a healthy diet. Hormones are not just affected by diet.

  16. I lost weight eat healthier and its not made a world of difference I'm always tired always having hair and other stuff :/

  17. Hi Dr Tarrin Lupo – This is a great video, thank you for sharing 🙂
    I have been plant based for a year now, however my acne, facial hair, and weight have increased quite uncomfortably since switching from a low carb diet with animal product (which I do to wish to return to for ethical reasons). I have spent majority of the time as a high carb low fat vegan, and have had massive energy crashes and fatigue, although fruit makes me feel amazing, in addition I get massive water retention and inflammation… Whilst researching, Ive come across a more lower carb plant based diet to prove quite well for others with PCOS, and I was wondering what your thoughts were on this..? (oh how I wish I could be high carb vegan)
    Thank you kindly in advance 🙂

  18. No es cierto que el SOP tenga su causa en la dieta. Dar mala información no sólo no contribuye al manejo del problema/enfermedad sino más bien al contrario. Las causas del Síndrome de Ovarios Poliquísticos se desconocen, lo que existen son múltiples factores que actúan en conjunto de forma compleja promoviendo el desarrollo del Síndrome, que no incluye necesariamente quistes en los ovarios. Los síntomas no son los mismos en todas las pacientes y por ende el tratamiento varía en función de cada caso particular. Este video simplifica tremendamente esto. No me gusta.

  19. Hello, I am 28 years old. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 but I now know I had it since the very young age of 10-11. Because around that age is when my body turned for the worst! Instead of experiencing normal female puberty, I felt like I was going through male puberty! I had horrible facial (and body) hair! I would literally have to shave my beard and mustache every morning before going to school. I end up very overweight aswell. The most sad part is that I have NEVER EVER in my life had a natural menstrual cycle, only induced ones! I have been on birth control for more then 10 years, because that was the only thing doctors would prescribe me and it ''worked'' because it made me have my ''first period'' and every single month I would have one, but soon as I took a break, stop taking the pill, my cycle would disappare. To this day I am still struggling with all of the ugly physical and emotional symptoms. I am desperately looking for a natural remedy that can make me ovulate and have natural periods on my own for the first time. Should Vitex or Dong Quai be a good choice for my situation or is there some other herb, root, plant more suitable for me? And what would be the right dosage? I am already taking DCI + Prenatal vitamins, I'm walking 1 hour 3-4 days a week, eating as much raw vegetables and healthy home made foods as possible.. I have tried cinnamon and Maca powder for aprox 8-9 months, also Metformin 1700 mg, for 1 year and 1/2 and none of them has worked for me.. Thanks so much in advance!

  20. When i was younger my obgyn at the time put me on birth control called depo(injection)that dont let you see your period for two months i hated it because the injection did not let me see my period i would smell raw after taking that one dose of depo i never have a regular cycle again it would come for 3 days then i wont see it again until 2 months some times 3 after while on vacation i notice that i have stands of hair UNDER my chin not enough to shave just enough to use a tweezer around 2 years after i was told that i have PCOS my new doctor put me on birth control (pills)to regulate my cycle i have been on and off on birth control for years now some times i dont remember to take them or i just get depress because i know that it effect my chance to have a child am 30 and it scares me that i will never have a child i have gotten pregnant before but had a miscarriage before one month with me getting pregnant i had a little help depo is not the cause for PCOS but please stay away from it wanted to learn more and came across this video and to share my story ::

  21. I do not have insulin resistance. I get measured every year or two with a sugar load test, which I have been told is the most accurate way of telling. But I have polycystic overies just like the ones in the pic. How do I explain that?

  22. I heard using lugol iodine keeps the thyroid in good shape as most people especially women are iodine deficiant and a big reason women have hormone imbalance ovary breast and pancreatic problems

  23. Hi doc. I have pcos. I keep hearing about what not to eat. But what can i eat?
    I was told by my doc. I am estrogen dominate so he put me on progestrone pills. And I am on metafortmin

  24. Dr. Tarrin, Are there specific oils you recommend avoiding or all? I've started using only organic coconut oil in my cooking, is that acceptable?

  25. I'm a happy vegan, follow Freelee's Raw till 4 lifestyle.. I had PCOS for 15 years, now one year later on this lifestyle I no longer have PCOS, and I don't use any medication 🙂 For inspiration and saving our world, watch Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Forks over Knives and many more 🙂 This is bigger than our egoes and addictions, if we want to stay here on our mother earth 🙂

  26. Thanks doctor I had Overy problem before I don't the meaning of it before I scare but after I watch your video I understood the meaning of cyst in Overy thanks a lot I will fallow your instruction thanks ones again

  27. I was told by my doctor that I needed more protein therefore I needed things like meat, beans , eggs, ext, in my PCOS diet.

  28. thank you for your video. Im leaving the contraception pills, i was diagnosticated with PCO one year ago but i dont have the symptoms because i was taking the pills. Now Im afraid of the hyper androgenic syntomps, which is the best way of prevent them? Thanks from COlombia.

  29. Surgery is not necessarily the answer in terms of ovarian cyst treatment. Since I did actually {eradicate ovarian cyst only by natural means.

  30. +Dr. Tarrin P Lupo so what kind of oils and grains are acceptable as part of the diet for a lifetime vegetarian? (who stays away from refined sugars but consumes natural sugars (from fruits))

  31. I have PCOD from last 3 years,I stopped eating chocolates and Ice cream.
    I have reduced the intake of rice too.I especially eat in afternoon if I feel like
    I eat fish and chicken twice in a week with the lowest amount of oil.
    I exercise for 45-50 mins especially cardio and having my periods almost regular with one or two day delayed or earlier.
    But there is no stop in growth of facial hair. They keep on coming. I wax it but what should I do to stop it completely?

  32. +Carmen Marcal I just did it and felt good.. 🙂 I don't listen to doctors anymore, I do my own research 🙂

  33. Very useful one. I have pcos. can you also tell the exact diet plan that helps me to regulate this problem please

  34. Thank you for your guidance. But I wanted to ask you that how much time does it take to cure PCOD. As I am also having PCOD

  35. Hi Doc, I have a big serious problem about my menstruation. I am 22 years old right now and until now I haven't experiencing my menstruation since birth. Is it mean that I am also suffering with this PCOS? I have also a PCOS vagina? What can I do with this? How serious is this? I hope you can reply with my very big concern. Thank you and God Bless.

  36. my PCOS was caused by a horrible soul food diet followed by my family. My brother and I would lick off a box of cereal in one setting, then my mother would just replace the box that same day! I tried to eat a plant based diet, raw food, low carb, NOTHING helped except 2 hours of swimming a day.

  37. please I had a baby girl who will be two this month since I had her I have not been able to get pregnant again and am trying for baby and and when I check my cervical mucus I do see any white sticky discharge all I see is tick white egg please what should I do to get pregnant tanks

  38. I had high prolactin for most of my life and recently my prolactin levels are normal. I have always had more hair than the average female. I lost weight but it didn't help with the excess hair. I am still more than what I should weigh but I have no motivation to lose weight because the reason I tried was to lessen the hair growth. What should I do? I am afraid to take medication from the side effects and I want to reduce hair growth naturally. Spearmint tea did not work and neither did inositol which are said to help with excess hair. My cortisol and dheas are a little elevated but my doctor said I'm not insulin resistant. I have not been eating healthy lately and I know that will ruin my health if I keep at it.

  39. thank you so much. it's sad that people believe you have to limit fruit/carbs/sugar whatever you want to call it. no, you have to limit fat and animal products. that's how you will get rid of your insulin problems! happy vegan here:)

  40. hi dr tarrin, in the video it mentioned refined Sugar, does that include soft fizzy drinks and Sweets and chocolate?

  41. Just diagnosed with this pcos… And yes i'm having hard time to lose weight… From 56kg now i'm 65kg gaining that weight for 5yrs, im 157cm so sounds like overweight. i do not consuming too much sweets and sugary foods… Only that in taking meats & instant foods due to my busy lifestyle. My bad 🙁 thank you soo much for this video sir it is really helpful by giving more informations about pcos… I'll be trying to change my diet and eat clean hoping for an improvements soon. We're planning to have a baby it's kind off a badd news for me lbowing to get pcos..

  42. Quand j'étais en essay de bb 1 j'avais 25 ans. La première fois j'ai eu la fc en 4 mois de grossesse. J'ai senti la douleur et j'ai eu des saignements.J'ai eu tellement peur, je savais pas quoi faire. Puis des saignements avec des "cailloux". J'ai appellé l'urgence. L'écho a aprouvé la fc.Le medecin m'a prescrit cytotec. J'ai été moralement brisé d'avoir perdu mon enfant. J'ai fait 3 fiv classiques en France à 2005. 2 échecs, 3ème – positive. Dans 9 mois mon premier bb. Aujourd'hui ça fait presque 1 an que notre couple est en essay de bb 2. je suis détectée opk apres mon bb1. J'ai pris du poids. Je fais 87 kg pour 156 cm de taille. J'ai mon opk depuis 10 ans. Le problème fut découvert pendant les analyses chez ma gygy  et je n'ai jamais eu de traitement au cours de ces 10 ans après mon premier bébé. En France je n'étais pas admis en dossier de fiv. Je perds très lentement le poids. C'est un problème énorme pour moi. Alors c'est pour ça que je suis allé d'abord en Espagne, mais pas de chance. 2 fivs en échecs. Puis j'ai réçue plein de réfus pour faire fiv en France et en Espagne à cause de surpoids. J'hésitais entre cliniques en Russie, Ukraine et Georgie. Je étais plutot pour Ukraine  – plus près que Georgie et plus calme qu'en Russie. En fin j’ai décidée d’aller dans une clinique en Ukraine, car la le "limite" du surpoids est plus facile à atteindre qu'en France. Alors là, pour l'nstant je suis en programme de fiv dans un centre pma en Ukraine.

  43. thank you . the way you explain i understand more i have pcos and had misscarriages tell me can i use hormones tablets if i take it what happens and if you agree what type can i take

  44. What if you're not skinny… But average + [sz12] , and have low blood sugars? Is it possible to have too much insulin not be skinny amd have PSOD? I've been having trouble and wondet about this. I eat a high sugar diet as well. I crave it. But don't eat a lot. Long story

  45. My endocrinologist suggested anti-adrogens for my acne, but i 'm not so keen on taking them.I have a very mild case of polycystic ovaries, and my acne is very persistent.Apart from diet, is there anything natural i can take?I'm taking saw palmetto but no luck so far.

  46. Do you know if PCOS is caused trough taking the anti-baby-pill? I also read something about that. I never had problems with this condition till I took the anti-baby-pill about 2 years ago. Now I have PCOS. 🙁 My doctor said I have a "light" PCOS…

  47. I have PCOS for more than 5 yrs and i tried eveything to remove, medicine and even injection.. i dont have PCOS but right after my twice miscarried i got PCOS since then till now i still have. people said to change my eating habit, but i need help for this im 33 yrs old now.. i hope you can help me. i also gain my weight from 50-63 kilo

  48. I'm sorry but meat & oil does not cause insulin resistance — I've reversed my type 2 diabetes without any meds from A1C of 10 down to A1C of 4.9 eating a 80% fat diet.. including LOTS of red meat, bacon, eggs. etc.  It's the refined carbs, fructose bombs of fruit, sugar, rice, potatoes, etc. that causes diabetes.. i.e. the Western Diet.

      Regarding "oils":  the only fat you should eat is tallow, home rendered lard, butter, olive oil, grassfed butter, coconut oil and the like. Avoid omega 6 rich oils and heavily refined ones.

  49. Pcod ll b completely cured by homeo in 3 months challenge contact me Dr Narayana Rao ph.D author whats app +919342255080

  50. Pcod will be cured by homeo in 3 months homeo medication contact me Dr Narayana Rao ph.D author whats app +919342255080

  51. For cure of pcod take apis mel/ sepia / thuja of 1m potency for 3 months contract Dr Narayana Rao. Whatsapp +91 9342255080

  52. Hello dr how are you. my pcos problem…try to pregnancy 6 years but no results.. I am very tried.. Plz help me..cow milk good for pcos no bad. plz answer me dr…

  53. does anyone have any advice on treatments for pcos? i have it but im not overweight. my husband and i are trying for a baby. i really need treatment. can anyone help?

  54. I know like ads of vegans with PCOS, red meat and diary is not the problem. Eating late at night, too much processed carbs, too much artificial sweeteners and refined sugars as well as poor sleeping patterns all seem to play a part…. Parents and schools should teach PCOS prevention

  55. Yes, getting rid of that fullness and the exhausting misery can be very liberating. And there is something a bit "crazy"-sounding that may help. Try googling Tilly Strankten's site for a very particular method that usually takes 60 days to work, and no you won't have to spend as much as one would think.

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