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So you think you may have kidney stones or
you’ve had some problems with abdominal pain or back pain. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson,
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine Specialist. Kidney stones can be a very serious
disorder that you want to take great care when trying to treat yourself; but I’m going
to give you a couple of hints, maybe indication that you have a problem and how to prevent
and to maybe treat mild sand-like stones. One of the first symptoms that you’ll probably
have is back pain. Back pain that’s in the upper to mid-region or lower to mid-region,
I should say. Pain on either side can equal problem with the kidney or possible stones.
You want to make sure that you’re very careful if you have any fever. That’s one of the big
signs that something’s going wrong that may need medical attention. Also any urinary discomfort.
So if you’re starting to pass, especially if you’re passing blood in the urine or you’re
having a lot of discomfort with urination, that’s something that you want to make sure
that you take care or have your family physician take care of. Now if you know you have a tendency
towards stones, or you may have small sand-like stones that you’ve been told that are causing
the discomfort, there are several things that you can do that may help. One is to make sure
that you stay well hydrated. Well hydrated means at least two liters of water per day,
between two liters and four lites. So, about two quarts to a gallon is a good amount of
water to drink and go very easy on sodas and highly mineralized vitamins. The other thing
that you can do believe it or not is an old stretch type exercise technique which is on
both sides, or especially the side you think you have the stones on, to lift the arm and
jump up and down. And believe it or not, this is a mechanical way that you can kind of force
things through the urination. So the combination of increase urination that you’re going to
have from the two to four liters a day plus a little bit of the jumping type technique
that you can use is going to help move any stones out that you may have. My name is Mark
Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine Specialist helping you, helping that
you have a healthy, happy and balanced day.

21 thoughts on “Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Cure Kidney Stones With Natural Remedies

  1. Hey. I passed a very painful stone a cple of mths ago and I normally sit on a chair for hours. You think this may have sth do with kidney stones?

  2. i wish this would work for mine. Had a CT Scan yesterday and they told me my stone was 2mm x 15mm! The are not sure if I can pass that one.

  3. Vitamins were my first cause of stones. Got them from a health food store and didn't pay attention to the label. Then is was peanuts and a water issue.

  4. If you want to learn how to naturally cure your Gallstones
    go to google and type in:
    10 natural remedies for gallstones
    it will be the first search result

  5. I am a 21 year old male. Yesterday I got my first kidney stone. I received medication from the doctor, but I'm quite sure the stone is still there. I will try out this method, along with different sorts of exercise. I also tried the lemon juice and olive oil mixture to relieve the pain and it seems to be working so far. Best of luck to everyone with kidney stones, they're nasty. Be strong!

  6. hey how much did you drink a day and also what did u feel when u passed them was it pain? thanks .i have been drinking 2 fresh coconuts daily and a lot of my symptoms have passed,not sure if they were stones though.but lower mid section back pain is now gone.thanks! 🙂

  7. @myrtlesolis In a last chance effort to avoid surgery I discovered this website and my prayers were answered:
    See this ==>

    Within 12 hours of trying the remedy I could feel the stone pass into my bladder and within a week it passed completely.

  8. ignore this & get some liquid chanca piedra (ebay).  It will disolve the stone in a few hours. This is not spam, i dont sell it.

  9. The jump and bump method works for me.  Google it if you want to know more.  Also, stay away from foods with high calcium oxalates.  Look up the list to see what to avoid and drink lots of water daily.

  10. There are many components to reducing kidney stones quickly . One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the caths remedy answer (check it out on google) without a doubt the best plan i've heard of. look at the super info .

  11. here's a few suggestions worth trying
    drink plenty of water.
    eat watermelon – that can prevent kidney stones naturally.
    try taking vitamin A and drink organge juice – these help reduce kidney stones .
    cut down on meat, cucumber, spinach and fizzy drinks.
    (I learned these and why they work from caths remedy answer site )

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