Taking Charge of Your Health

So we’re looking at getting healthy and maybe
thinking about a cleanse. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Human
Performance and Physical Medicine Specialist. Cleanse can be done in many different ways,
many of them have to do with cleanse in the intestines or possibly cleansing the blood.
You can do them either with natural products that you can get in your grocery store or
with more store about products that have certain cleansing properties to them. If I were just
going to go for three days, I’m not so sure that I would go with a fast because when you’re
fasting and your limiting food intake, one of the things that really gives you the benefit
is either just a day or two or when you get passed three days because that third, that
third day with no food is when all the toxins in your body start coming into solution and
so for about four or five hours you can get very grumpy, you can get a headache, you can
get all sorts of problems that, they quickly go away but usually by the fourth day they’re
gone; which is when you experience the increase energy. So for three days, much more, probably
a lot easier to do, would be one of the box cleansers that you can get at any of the health
food stores. I usually recommend one that involves the gastro-intestinal system, large
intestines, like an intestinal cleansing formula; but also something that’s gentle. You just
don’t want something that’s going to clean you out, you want something that’s also going
to replace any vitamins and minerals that you may lose and also any of the healthy bacteria
that are in your abdomen. So something with either digestive enzymes and or an acidophilus
type mix that’s going to help through replenish what it takes out. I do recommend cleanses
to my patients and cleanses of all sorts whether it’s a no-food, whether it’s a juice-fast,
whether it’s like a simple three day cleanse that you can get at a health food store, one
of the products that they have there. They can be one of the best things you can do to
improve your health and also limit any allergies that you may have or skin conditions. My name
is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Human Performance and Physical Medicine Specialist,
wishing you a happy, healthy and balanced day.

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