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Natural Remedies for Ibs (Irritable Bowel
Syndrome) Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a gastrointestinal
disorder caused by irritable and irregular movement of the small and large intestines. It can also be called spastic colon and mucous
colitis. Some signs of IBS are stomach cramping or
pain, constipation, bloating, gas, mucous in the stool, nausea, headaches, depression,
and fatigue. The reasons for irritable bowel syndrome are
not known, but nervousness, frustration, or anger can add to it. Drinking too much coffee and eating raw fruits,
cruciferous vegetables, or dairy products may make the problem worse. Here are some easy and natural cures for those
suffering from IBS. Yogurt
Yogurt that has ‘live cultures’ can help cure diarrhea that comes from IBS. This is because live cultures are good bacteria
that add a layer of protection in the intestines, and help make lactic acid to clean the body
from germs. Yogurt could be eaten plain, or made into
a smoothie. Eat it a few times a day until you feel better. Flaxseed
Because flaxseeds have dietary fibers, they help the body send out waste quickly and smoothly. Flaxseeds also have a lot of omega- 3 essential
fatty acids that help the immune system and the digestive system stay strong. For these reasons flaxseeds are great for
treating constipation and diarrhea. Take one tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseed
with water once a day. Peppermint
Peppermint can help with cramping, bloating, and diarrhea that come from IBS. A study written in the British Medical Journal
found that fiber, antispasmodics, and peppermint oil all help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Peppermint oil has menthol oil, which eases
cramps or spasms in the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. This stops bloating, gas, pain, and intestinal
cramps. Peppermint can also help food pass Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds can stop the intestinal spasms, or tightening, and bloating that come with
IBS. It can also help send fats out of the digestive
system, and therefore stop the body from making too much mucous, which can cause IBS. Ginger
Because ginger can lessen gas and bloating, it is used as a cure for IBS. Also, ginger can lower the swelling in the
intestines, and loosen up the intestinal muscles. Cabbage Juice
Cabbage juice is a great way to treat constipation that comes from IBS. This is because raw cabbage juice has sulfur
and chlorine. These help clean the mucous membrane of the
stomach and intestinal tract. Because cabbage juice works as a laxative,
it makes bowel movements softer an easier to pass, and keeps the body hydrated. To stop you from getting irritable bowel syndrome,
you need to always have a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. Anything that can stop you from getting stressed,
like exercising or meditating, is a good way to help with bowel discomfort, because it
will keep your intestines running in a regular way. If you like the video, give it a thumbs†up
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100 thoughts on “Natural Remedies for Ibs (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  1. I hope these suggestions help ibs sufferers. I have ibs.d and Imodium is the ONLY thing that helps, and my diet has to be very plain. Ibs c or d really affect so many… there has to be a cure soon… its life altering.

  2. I've been experiencing these symptoms going on four days what is the best way to heal because everytime my stomach hurt I have to use the bathroom it's so irritable it feel like death … plz help

  3. Greetings all.
    Every body and everybody is different and I am sure that the advice included in this video will greatly assist a significant amount of IBS sufferers.
    I have tried all of them and, while they sort of work for me, the results have, thus far, been rather arbitrary.
    Two off-beat things which I have discovered purely by coincidence after 3 years of suffering are a TENS unit and anti-histamines.
    I purchased a TENS unit to combat back and muscle pain and through a spontaneous google search learned that it could also work for IBS and, indeed, much to my pleasant surprise, it has worked so far for me. Seriously! Give it a try. A TENS unit is not expensive and there are numerous TENS training videos in utube. (But none mention IBS!!) You can simply place the TENS tabs on and around your stomach/intestine area and switch on the device for 20-30 minutes at a pulse which is comfortable.
    Due to a skin irritation a dermatologist recommended an anti-histamine (generic: loratadin). While taking it I noticed that my IBS symptoms had subsided. Hmm. A google search revealed immediately that ofttimes IBS sufferers have a large amount of histamines in their digestive tract and that anti-histamines sometimes work.
    Both of the above have, at least for me, at least for now, have worked and I have had no side effects. Both proposals are inexpensive and available without prescription and any doctor-visit hassle.
    Hope somebody will find this helpful.

  4. I think before you try to speak on something make sure its real and not just a garbage can diagnoses. If your ever told you have IBS ask the doctor to see the test that shows you have IBS. THEY CANT

  5. I've had this shit for four years now and it gets worse every time I take medicine, Thanks for telling us natural ways to help it :).

  6. yogurt is not good choice for ibs patient because its a dairy product and ibs patient having lectose intollerence kerif is good because it contains lectobacillus bacteria live culture very easy to digest for ibs patient.

  7. every day i get to go to toilet 2 times in the first time i poop naturally like normal person…bt afterr having my brekfast I get pressure to go to toilet as soon as possible.. and i dnt need to go to toilet all day after it becomes a daily routine in my is sucking my university life.. is this a symptom of IBS? what to do for healing this deases?

  8. One major factor causing IBS is SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). IBS is what doctor tells you if they don't know what wrong with you. See material from doctors Mark Hyman, John Bergman and Allison Siebecker.

  9. I had raw cabbage and stew and I went to the bathroom only to learn that it was high in fiber ??. It will be a normal snack from now on. I t helps me to lose weight.

  10. to let out gas from our stomach…. please be sure to test it.
    (sit down on a chair with our back bone straight up)
    1. shake our head and lift up and down our arms holding bottles(1.5 litter) on our both hands.
    2. blow out the air strongly and as long as possible with our mouth for about 5 minutes while shaking our head and arms.
    — if you do this, a while later, some gas will start to come out of our stomach through our mouth in a shape of burping.
    3. when we walk, we should put some more weight on our left leg(foot sole).

    — ibs from jang

  11. I'm 47kg n I'm 24years old. No matter how much I eat I never gain weight n I suffer from this crap of bowel syndrome . can Anyone help me? Idk what to do anymore

    छाच , छाच
    ki bimari badi hi sakht h iske peda hote hi sb badan k hisse dhile pad jate h hare pile dast shuru ho kr kamjori badhne lgti h peshab ka aana band ho jata h jo kuch khaya jata h wo usi trah nikal jata h aisi halat m chhach ( mattha ) se badh kr or koi dawa achhi nhi h chhach mattha halka or rukha hone ki wajah se bohot jald khud hajm ho kr pani ko sukha deri h or dast loose motion bhi band ho jate h aanw ( stool ) k dast aane pr to chhach mattha k siwa or koi cheez fydamand nhi h ye sath sath khurak ka bhi kaam deti h bad hajmi or dast ki shikayat hajm na hone ki wajah se hoti h aisi halat m kisi kism ka khana na khane se badhajmi or badh jati h dast or akdaaw km hone k bajaye or badh jati h aanw ( stool ) k dasto pr 50 gram arand oil ( castor oil ) pila kr heeng jeera namak mila kr chhach matthe ka istemal shuru kr dene se 3 din m purane se purane aanw ( stool loose motion ) bhi band ho jate h

    1. Indarjo 2. Nagar motha 3. Naag kesar 4. Lodh 5. Sonth 6. Mochras 7.

    Inka sbka brabar wajan le kr churan bna kr laal gudh pees kr mila kr 125 gram chhach m 6 gram ye mix krke istemal krne se purane dasto ko araam ho jata h

  13. Hi I have ibs I'm on insolin I'm a diebitic and a hernia just don't know what to eat what to drink could sameone help my dugar got high same times to low when I have pain can't eat

  14. i’ll try it? had this shit for 4 months now, got gastritis, bad shits, flu, double vision, shakes.. horrible. got well, but after a week this ibs came on. horrible pain?.

  15. Do these people not know that fructose or lactose is like the worse thing for the stomach (fruit, dairy)

  16. Yogurt+ispghol mix both things and take it before one hour of eat meal…it is best for ibs

  17. My IBS-D solution:
    1) 1 IBGard first thing in the morning for urgency, diarrhea and pain receptors
    2) 2 Methylcellulose tablets, 1 high DHA fish oil, 1 Hyperbiotics 15 probiotic, 1 Culturelle probiotic for anxiety related, and 1 Imodium ALL thirty minutes after step 1
    3) Low to no caffeine (decaf tea, Kool-aid, etc carried in tumbler daily) and no nicotine
    4) Avoid white vinegar (even mustard)
    5) No wheat (or other allergies even if mild)
    6) No fried food
    7) Avoid fatty meat (add enzymes if eating beef)
    8) Zinc as needed
    9) Eat more easily digestible cooked veggies (vegetable soup, squash, zucchini, onions, bell peppers)
    10) No hot spices
    11) Aspirin as needed
    12) Avoid acidic drinks and foods (Orange juice, lemon, soft drinks, etc)
    13) Non-peppermint Tums with 3 sips cold water as needed

  18. Switch to homyopathy for complete cure..i was suffering since 2011.. now im 95 precent cure.. im taking these medicines from 4 mnth… consult a homyopathy dctr. With your proper history..

    For best result mix one banana with 1 little bowl yogert..empty stomatch in morning before 1 hour of brkfst…take it in 20 min slowly slowly..for minimum 20 to 30 day..

  19. الملح+ القهوة =إسهال.
    السهر+ التفكير المجهد+ البرودة والحرارة+الفلفل والشطه =الغازات

  20. Thank you so much for your advice, I want to know if I am drink with boiling water, should I eat only water or plaxseed also? Please reply as soon as possible, thanks.

  21. I have had IBS for several years now although I was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease causing me diarryhea and stomach cramps and urgencies. I have since found that I have Lactose Intolerance. I now have Almond milk on my breakfast cereal and in my tea and de-caf coffee. Hey presto, I've had no problems now for weeks and have my life back. You can also get non dairy natural yogurt which I take with a little honey as I am also Diabetic.

  22. For me ibs is like a bad living things that lies on our stomach.It will cause trouble if it wants and behave if it wants too whatever we eat.Because when I had it on it's active time of having it happened sometimes that food I suspected was really bad for my tummy, but other times was good too.That 's why I think those bad bacteria are the living things causing troubles.So if we try to eliminate those bad bacteria by taking probiotics w/c I did ,then at least we have removed the living bad things on our gut.
    Just take antidiarrhea when we have D but still continue cleansing our gut until we gradually feel much better.Just saying my opinion.

  23. I have been suffering from IBS for 2 years with no proper medication. I was unable to work and also spent a lot of money on medication, but after taking the IBS care pack by Planet Ayurveda. This product is very beneficial. Now I am completely fine.

  24. Nice video. In Ayurveda, IBS can be treated successfully without causing any side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers IBS Care Pack which is very useful in the treatment of IBS.

  25. Small regular doses of magnesium along with apple cider vinegar with the mother. Avoid milk and cheese.Yogurt makes my symptoms particularly bad. I'm OK with eggs but others may not be. Best of luck

  26. one word GINGER, Ginger WILL cure this, it is a God Send. i have a tea that has , GINGER, orange peel, Licorice root and lemon grass which i drink before going to sleep, i wake up in the morning feeling COMPLETELY at ease and my intestines feeling normal P.S make sure add 100% RAW honey, high grade honey Healed my gastritis which was SEVERE AS FUCK. Multiple trips to the hospital thinking it was something else and all that pain was a little scare in my stomach , gastritis. Honey Cured me and i was supposed to be sick for the rest of my life taking prilosec, but im now healed thx to honey, ALL the fuckin medicines in the world stopped working but raw honey healed me. Now i started to have IBS and Ginger tea is Curing it

  27. Pooping twice within one hour, what is it? Sometimes even thrice.

    First without eating, No. 3 or 4
    Second after eating, 30 mins later, No. 1 or 5 as in stool chart.

    I haven't found this anywhere.

  28. I had problems with digestion and had pain all the night in stomach I went to the doc he said it's IBS. And things didn't work than went to the phychitrist and since last 10 years I have been using anti depressants.. The bowl some time produces gas in a very high volume.. Could anyone tell me what's the relation between IBS and depression..? Is it IBS that couses depression or vice versa?

  29. Haha yogurt is prob the reason you feel like shit. Everyone who suffers from this stay far far away from dairy,and even coffee.

  30. OMG, I have IBS for years. I will have my colonoscopy next week. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY CONDITION.

  31. So I told my doctor about this video and he said to ignore the whole thing because it's full of misinformation. I kind of thought that myself because you're not supposed to have any dairy with IBS and yogurt is a dairy product.

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