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Natural Remedies of Osteoarthritis By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND Osteoarthritis is sometimes called degenerative
arthritis, and that’s because it’s often related to aging. As we grow older, almost
everyone runs into some type of osteoarthritis over time. We used to think it was a wear
and tear problem because it seemed to happen as people grew older, but we realized during
the 1980s that was not the case. In fact, many who use their joints frequently have
the healthiest joints as they grow older, so osteoarthritis isn’t caused by wear and
tear. Since the big breakthrough in the 1980s, we’ve
noticed that one of the underlying biochemical and genetic steps to osteoarthritis development
is that the body will stop creating optimal amounts of glucosamine. You’ve probably
heard of glucosamine when being used a supplement, but the body makes glucosamine as well, and
it needs that same glucosamine to create joint cartilage. You see, there is normally a turnover
of the joint cartilage – you break some cartilage down and the body synthesizes new
cartilage to replace it. It’s a natural dynamic flex of the body, as we call it.
After the age of 40, the enzyme that makes glucosamine drops off and you can’t make
it the same way you did when you were younger. The result is over time, the cartilage breaks
down and becomes thinner; on x-rays you begin to see bones getting a little closer together
and a narrowing of the joint space, as we say, when we look at those x-rays.
For a long time, no one really knew what to do about this, but in recent years we realize
if a patient runs out of glucosamine that we could possibly supplement them with glucosamine
to compensate for the glucosamine the body no longer was making itself. Studies now show
that’s exactly the case. We’re seeing that glucosamine can be very
helpful, but that’s not the whole story around osteoarthritis. There is something
like a lining of saran wrap on our joints, and on the lining of that saran wrap, there
are immune cells called monocytes. These monocytes morph into macrophages, and as we become older,
these macrophages secrete a certain chemical – or cytokines – that also promote more
inflammation and pain as we grow older, and that becomes a part of the aging process,
as well. The best way to prevent osteoarthritis and
to manage it long term is to give the body back glucosamine in the form of supplementation
because when we put glucosamine in our bodies, it gives our bodies the raw materials to begin
making that cartilage to once again stabilize it.
There are no drugs that can rebuild your joint cartilage to stabilize it. Some people make
the mistake of taking chondroitin sulfates or they take glucosamine with chondroitin.
The body can’t really absorb much of the chondroitin, so taking it is sort of useless.
It’s far better to combine glucosamine with three natural anti-inflammatory herbs – bromelain,
MSM and quercetin. When you put these three together, you get a natural anti-inflammatory
effect that suppresses the inflammatory chemicals, helping to stabilize the joint cartilage.
Combine this with a good anti-inflammatory diet – fewer high fat animal products, using
caution with certain vegetable oils that can produce inflammation, and a good exercise
program – you’re on your way to healthy joints for a lifetime, in most cases.
When many family doctors, rheumatologists and orthopedists see patients with arthritic
conditions like this, they will fail to tell their patients about the importance of diet
and lifestyle modification in the long term management of this condition. It’s very
unfortunate – in fact, disappointing – because the evidence is so strong and consistent,
and I’ve see it help so many people that not to inform their patients is a disservice.
In addition to whatever drugs a patient is taking, lifestyle management is equally important.
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