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Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor
Janine Bowring and thank you for joining me today and I
hope that you subscribe to our channel for the Vitalife show We’re always putting out new health
information all about how to get healthy from the inside out using natural things
that you can do at home from your own kitchen dietary changes lifestyle changes
healthy supplementation from a whole food source and that’s what we’re all about so
thanks for joining me today. Today’s topic is all about how to cure
constipation now is estimated that at least seventy
percent of all Americans are constipated and have a toxic waste area building up in their intestines and
this is not surprising because most of disease processes that I say as a naturopathic doctor are
related to this toxicity in the gut so it’s really important that
whatever food you are ingesting that is moving through the digestive tract efficiently effectively not only that
you are absorbing nutrients from your food but also that the waste is moving
through in a timely manner and for so many men and women it just
does not children as well this is a chronic
problem a lot of kids are basically born constipated are having an uphill battle there are
chronically fighting this toxicity issue so I’m going to share a massage technique
in a few moments so stay tuned for that exactly how to relieve constipation by what I want to do with to really take
a look at your diet because if you don’t have in this is true for the kids as
well if they don’t have enough fresh fruits
and vegetables enough essential fiber now fiber comes in two
forms: soluable and insoluble, fibre is so important for
helping to trap those toxins and in the digestive tract balking up this
tool in helping to move it through smoothly so if you’re if you’re eating a lot of
fast food and not a lot of fresh Whole Foods then what happens is that
you are very deficient in fiber and this causes that toxicity affect in the intestine so that’s really important
it’s also important to really increase the fluid in your diet because
you want to keep lubricated and for all my patients that
have constipation issue I do recommend that they have 10 hot cups of water per day so this isn’t
tea this isn’t coffee this is plain hot water you
can squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice into that and this helps as well to get
the digestive juices going helps to detoxify the liver but it’s the
hot water causes that nice contraction of the large intestine, which helps
to alleviate the stool that has basically often become impacted
and there’s a lot of that fecal matter that’s built up on the intestinal walls so that that’s
something that you can try at home for a lot of people getting fiber in the
diet is very difficult so we actually created here at VitaTree VitaMucil which is a psyllium husk altra fine powder that’s in a capsule
form which is so rare but we want to make it really easy for
people to take, a lot of people you know they mix their fiber into water not the best thing to do often you know
is laden with a lot of artificial
sweeteners and coloring and things like that of course we don’t like here we don’t use at Vitatree so VitaMucil
check it out at great encapsulated form of soluble fiber easy to take it extremely gentle yet
effective cleaning up the intestinal wall and this is why VitaMucil is so important you know something I use all of my patients that
have constipation issues and VitaDetox, so detoxification
all the internal organs is absolutely essential VitaDetox
helps to do that especially you know focusing on liver
the kidneys the digestive tract but it won’t have
you running to the washroom so you don’t have to you know fear doing the VitaDetox as a
cleanse because alot of cleanses out there are very strong on the digestive tract VitaDetox is very gentle allows you
to detoxify gently gets that stool moving and even
kids can use it so its that gentle even children can use it of course we
manage the dosages a little bit so if you have those
questions or comments about dosing then please do leave a comment or call our
office or send us an email at
so again I promise I will share massage
technique that helps with constipation so one of the great things that you can
do is to actually massage the large
intestine meridian which is on your face so alot of people
don’t realize this but actually is on the face and their a couple acupuncture points
right close to the nose that not only do I shared my facial
toning exercises which we have our facial yoga videos here on YouTube so check those out the they’re very popular but we do this for the large intestine
so basically just use your fingers and you massage just to the side your nostrils and you can do this in a circular motion if you have clogged
up sinuses this really helps to drain them but it
helps with your large intestine so it can help with constipation another great point that we love is
right here so a lot of people that have had acupuncture before this is one the
master points that we talk about and if you massage in here that also
helps to get your so basically it on the web
love your hand right in this area here and and when
you’re pressing around in the area once you feel sort of like a ouch like a bit of
painful spot that is the acupuncture point if you press hard enough and just with small circular motions you
get that energy going in large intestine channel
so I hope this helps for you for your
constipation really important for your children as well thank you for joining me today be sure
to like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @vitatree and subscribe to our channel as I
mentioned before because we’re always updating and sending and putting out new videos out onto the web and sharing health information again getting healthy
from the inside out

100 thoughts on “Natural Tips for Constipation : VitaLife Show Episode 129

  1. hi, I watched this video to try and help my Nanny and this was a huge life changer for her, I love helping my grandparents and you helped me do just that. Thank you so much!!😊💖👅👍

  2. When I see these illustrations, I think of the duggar family and the fact that they never use toilet paper. They eat canned garbage and always worry about evacuations.

  3. Hi doc i have constipation and I have had it for weeks now…I haven't told my parents yet and I'm only 9 years old please help me..I have tried to drink lots of water but it just wouldn't work 🙁

  4. SOO helpful. I'm a kid, and have been in the bathroom the ENTIRE day. And I do NOT want a enigma, so this is good.

  5. I don't know what to do..I'm 10 years old and I have had this constipation for my whole life..I try to go to the bathroom but if I push my bum hurts too much especially the bottom part of my stomach, it has lots of pain.. HELP ME PLZ

  6. I have a stomach condition called cvs and it allways makes me constipated all of the time. 3/7 days of the week I feel sick but I have a medicine that makes it better. One other tip is to eat something minty

  7. I used a lot of methods and it worked. The ones that worked involved no medicine! (I was seriously constipated it took 50 minutes and I was pissing all over the floor) This is what I did. I got two cups of water one Cold with Icecubes in it. Other steaming hot. I drank those reapedatly back and forth. I did the massage on your cheeks (In the video). Continued drinking water then right before I gave up I did the massage on my cheecks one more time and it worked! I hope those attics can help you! (It takes a bit for it to work so don't give up.) Also squeeze only every 3 – 5 minutes constant squeezing dosent work. But if you can feel it coming out then keep doing it.

  8. I took a pill to get rid of my constipation but that wasn't really a good idea.. my stomach hurt like on a scale of one to ten it was an ten it hurt so much but that was before now I'm constipated again but I'm doing the warm water thing with lemon I hope it works fingers crossed!

  9. hey, umm, I asked some other youtuber about my problem of constipation…He said that I should wait the stool out for some time and then go for it a little later…is that correct😒😒😑😑

  10. I am pooping little bits and chunks but not full and not a lot. And I do this 1 every 2 days. Sometimes everyday. I DONT KNOW IF IM CONSTIPATED!!!!! I have had lots of gurgling and farting but not full poops

  11. I only go on the mornings and i barely make poopoo. I have breathing problems, serious breathing problems that started in february and made me this constipated. Must i eat only fibers? because it hasn't worked at all. I want to clean my guts completely. I barely eat anything during the day i only eat breakfast, that's how serious it has become, when i ate during the day i still couldn't go. Have lost like 20 pounds.

  12. USEFUL TIP: milk tea is the key to solving constipation, i drink it every time i have signs of constipation and it works each time. It's a really simple yet effective method, should try it.

  13. had constipation for 3 years now i have been to the doctor and have tried lots of remedies nothing works for me i have a poo up to three times a week and each time it hurts realy bad i have thick longs poops 💩 anybody know i newish idea?

  14. Miss? Well I was sexually abused when I was three I've had the problem for 11 years and I'm 13 now I get it badly and I tend to put on weight because of this it sucks any suggestions anyone? Longest ive held it was 6 months I really need help.

  15. I have had constipation since I was born, I'm 12 now and going into high school. I've been to the doctors nearly every day of my life. I've had surgerys which have failed. I nearly died once. Plz Help!

  16. I just found a simple remedy which'll take about 1 minute.
    1: If your sitting on the toilet, ask for a warm bottle of water
    2: drink it. It will make ur waste sludgy
    3: done ;))

  17. im scared i have constipation and i dont wanna get surgery and i feel dessy i dont wanna die im scared 😢😢😢😢😢

  18. Y'all dont understand im on the toilet rn and im dying
    Every 30 seconds I get very very very very Painful poop bits and it hurts so bad that im almost crying
    Its not even out and its been about 2 days with this Im only 11 and I really need help because it hurts so ooooo bad

  19. What of you're eating healthy, no junk food, lots of water, and you're still constipated? Not even stool softeners help. What to do then?

  20. Hi VTVS. I Morine Barnes Congratulate you on your constipation video it is inspirational. I Morine Barnes is constipated on prescribed laxatives and vegetarian, plenty of water, exercise and 1 hours daily walk. HELP.

  21. When you’re at a friends house and it’s 9AM and everyones sleeping and you cant poop. Please mom just take me home

  22. you can eat oatmeal at leas three times a week. oatmeal is good for you. instead of using sugar inyour oatmeal.use fruit like fresh peaches or cut up some strawberries in it or blueberries is Ok to

  23. cut out bread carbs pasta dishes no processed foods.only eat turkey fish or chicken no red meats only bake your fish and chicken not fried. make fruit and vegetable smoothies. stay away from soda and juices because of the sugar content. make only green tea and water your beverages. avoid sugar in you tea if you can.

  24. Normally i m not constipated but whenever i eat fish or anykind of meat more than one day i get constipated plzzzzz tel me what to do for it

  25. Just gotta love when your stuck on the toilet for 3 hours, suffering, and trying to poop something that feels like 17million stones

  26. Im a survivor of constipation😅 i just drink cofee and i ate lots of carrot and when i poop i inhale and exhale hopw this help 😀 i know that you can do this 🙂

  27. none of this works. i am just ready to curl up into a ball and cry until i die

    Edit: Success! i did it! i am so happy that i'm not gonna die 🙂

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