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[Music] which plant should we give for which skin disease there have been thousands of studies published to date about the health effects of green tea but it wasn’t until fairly recently the researchers have begun to look at the possibility of using green tea for the prevention and treatment of infections patents have been taken out on the antibacterial antifungal and antiviral properties of tea let’s review some of the evidence in terms of fungal infections green tea compounds demonstrated potent antifungal activity against the primary cause of athlete’s foot fungal nail infections jock itch and ringworm comparable in some cases to powerful anti fungal drugs like fluconazole oh okay but this is in a petri dish how about a green tea foot bath for athlete’s foot fungus between the toes evidently tea leaves were once used as a folk remedy for the fungus so why not put it to the test and indeed a once a day 15 minute dilute green tea foot bath led to a significant improvement in symptoms compared to control green tea baths also appeared to help with fungus associated atopic dermatitis though there was no control group and full strength green tea may help clear Candida yeast from poorly cleaned dentures how about for the bacteria that caused plaque and gingivitis even a 2% green tea mouthwash was found to be effective yes you should be able to control plaque just with proper brushing and flossing but with an emphasis on proper most people don’t brush the recommended four minutes a day and so a dilute green tea mouthwash may help now in terms of strictly plaque bacteria killing ability green-tea got beat out by a garlic with lime mouth rinse but I think I’ll just stick with a green tea thank you very much you especially when green tea he appears to not just kill black bugs directly but also boost the anti bacterial capacity of saliva after you drink it what about green tea for acne six weeks of a 2% green tea lotion cut the number of pimples more than a half and significantly reduce the severity making it a cheap effective treatment for acne impetigo is another bacterial skin infection that can affect the face but a tea aunt Minh can affect an eighty percent cure rate on par with antibiotics given topically or orally what about bladder infections we know a certain concentration of green tea compounds can kill the type of e.coli that causes urinary tract infections the question then becomes how much tea do you have to drink to achieve those concentrations in your bladder and it turns out not much just one cup of tea it might have an effect but you might have to space out multiple cups over the day since it gets cleared out of your system within about eight hours so where we stand now the test tube data looks good but there is yet to be a single study to put it to the test so should at this point just be used as an adjunct therapy for bladder infections but with emerging multi drug-resistant organisms green tea certainly holds potential wait a second though if it’s so good at killing bacteria if we drink green tea might we be killing the good bacteria in our gut no that’s the amazing thing a great advantage against other bacteria killing agents no effect on our intestinal flora but that may actually not be true drinking green tea may actually boost the levels of our good bacteria by acting as a prebiotic and thereby improve the colon environment [Music]

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  1. What is the most efficient way to extract nutrients from green tea ? I know most people just pour hot water (60-90C) over the filter/leaves and take it out after 1-3 minute but I always keep it in for more time, also I boil the water with the tea filter in it and it usually comes out pretty bitter (which is not a problem for me), if I leave it 1-3 minutes it tastes pretty empty (I use no sugar or sweeteners by the way). Is it more healthy if you leave the filter in for more time (like 5-10 minutes) and therefor making it more bitter or everything that's good in green tea, comes out in 1-3 minutes anyway ?

  2. Is organic green tea from China safe to drink? Most things from China apparently are seriously polluted. I'm asking because I can't find green tea from other countries.

  3. hot?? cold?? brewed?? powdered?? – I don't trust the internet health nut "bloggers" to give me the answers

  4. thank you very much for this! perfect timing! I just stopped taking birth control pills and my acne came back so now I will try this for my acne 😀

  5. I totally second that green tea is an effective treatment for acne!!  Nixing store-bought tonics & astringent for a homemade concoction of green tea, & sea salt; has definitely helped to clear up my complexion

  6. I am a big fan, I have been vegan for about three or four years now, my girlfriend, her mum and sister have done the same out of my sharing content you provide.
    What I want to know, is, what do you eat on a weekly basis, I know many foods you suggest very often for high anti oxidants, etc etc
    Could you do a video on what you recommend eating please or if he already has link me it 🙂

  7. My face was pretty bad, but my chest and back were awful, so bad it was painful to even lie down. Now my skin is smooth and clear and its all thanks to plants

  8. Hahaha. I love Dr. Greger, and this video is awesome just to hear him say "ewwww" – brilliant! 😀 But you can keep the green tea. I hate it – ewwww. I think I'd rather the garlic and lime mouthwash personally. Although that's only cos I'm not dating at the minute LOL

  9. Any idea what might prevent or eliminate rosacea? I was recently diagnosed with ocular rosacea and prescribed doxycycline.

  10. I thought I posted this question before… I don't know why it would have gotten deleted…

    Was there no data in the literature about black tea's usefulness in similar applications?

  11. What about aspergillis in cystic fibrosis patients? Any help on this would be greatly received as the medical profession don't give anything . Thanks dr gregor

  12. Long ago we used black tea to rinse the eyes when there is redness or an infection, it was very effective, green tea is the way to go though.

  13. But to drink it one must be able to sleep with caffeine in their system. Even decaffeinated tea has too much for me.

  14. Hey Dr. Greger (or anyone else who can help answer the question),

    This video addresses scientific articles talking about green tea ointment as a treatment for acne; however, can drinking green tea instead of using a topical ointment produce the same/similar results? Just wondering if I should bother going out of my way to buy green tea ointments as opposed to drinking tea on a regular basis.


    P.S. citations are more than welcome~

  15. Good timing. I stupidly! decided to pop a small white head on my brow
    for it to swell up quite badly (to the point my eye started to feel it).
    I ate 600g of strawberries shortly after and within 5 minutes it went down, maybe 90-85%.. it was so fast I could almost feel it happening.
    Now if only fresh strawberries didn't cost so much )-:

  16. I've been a vegetarian/vegan for over 10 years now and eating super healthy for 14. My moderate acne disappeared when I first started the diet a long time ago… recently though it came back and nothing worked. It was going on for months… and I realised that the amount of copper I get in my diet was huge, but zinc, very little. I started taking 50 mg Zinc Picolinate and it helped almost immediately.. 3 weeks later, not one spot. My acne disappeared again. Another clue that I was zinc deficient was very dry and infalmed zinc on my toes, and I had 3 viral infections earlier in the year (highly unusual for me). So, I recommend people definitely try Zinc if they have acne.

  17. I know after all the videos about green tea I should already be having it quite often, but I'll take this as a prompt to make myself a can again.

  18. If you are in a hurry, we should essentially drain the rivers and oceans and brew green tea instead!

  19. I cut dairy and sugar and oil. Acne much better. Best foot fungus remedy is tea tree oil and taking your shoes off once in a while.

  20. So should I drink the green tea twice a day or does a great tee toner helps as well? And how exactly should I prepare it?

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  22. Recommendations for the treatment of PCOS? Food, vitamins, etc.? (I'm already vegan, just looking for further treatment)

  23. I have zinc I find eating sweet potatoes helpful clears it better because vit A a good for skin in foods but not in vitamins

  24. So how do I get rid of the acne like they did in the last two pictures in the video? Where do I get green tea? And does it have to be organic? Also do I drink it , bathe in it? Apply it to my ski . Has anyone tried those and can anyone explain?

  25. No dairy or meat consumption for years, yet suddenly, a while back, I started getting terrible break outs. Biopsy showed nothing so I was told it was probably something I was in contact with. Wow. I've tried every thing. Cleaned up my diet, stopped using make up…yuk. Use only healthy cleaning products. I thought it was caused by gluten and am gluten free for maybe a year now, but still don't know. Anyone? I'll try the green tea topically for a while and see if there is some improvement but don't really want to drink it. It's taken me so much to get off caffeine. Decaffeinated is still high in caffeine.

  26. The real cause of acne is certain type of bacteria on your face due to genetics, but some people are fortunate enough for not having that, for people who don't have those bacteria even if you rub shit on their faces they wouldn't grow any acne.

  27. How can I enjoy all the benefits of green tea if I can not have caffiene? I hear decaf tea is unhealthy due to chemicals used to take the caffeine out.

  28. I'm not using the following as any scientific proof, but certainly anecdotal evidence for myself. I started drinking hibiscus tea after watching Dr. Greger's channel, for its exceptionally high antioxidant value. But green tea has been particularly effective in getting rid of persistent acne I used to get on my forehead. And whenever I stop drinking it, they start to reemerge again after a week or two. Good enough evidence for me!

  29. 100% vegan for 2 years. Green tea, hell even matcha on a daily basis. Also loving a drink made out of chaga. Eating a clove of garlic every night before bed. Tried eliminating gluten.. I really don't think there is anything I can do besides wait it out. I am 20 already tho.

  30. I drink green tea and then I use the bags on my face and it really helps with breakouts. I don't drink milk by the way, I'm vegan. Tea tree face wash helps too.

  31. Having suffered from Acne all my life I would recommend a light sponging of the face of apple cider vinegar 50/50 with water at night before bed it kills germs and cleans and cools the skin and it is so cheap. It worked for me.

  32. Wow, i was plaqued by acne since KFC open their 1st store in Indonesia. My grandma used to tell me to wash my face w/ leftover tea. We drink tea by the buckets & mostly black tea but green tea in the morning w/ breakfast. The tea face wash actually helped clear my acne problems & cut the oil on my face.

  33. Green tea is not an ideal drink for men cause it reduces the production of testosterone ( or you can just google it ).A cup problably wont have too much of an impact,but i wouldnt want to take it to often.I was kinda sad when i found about it too ;/

  34. Amazing benefits of Green tea for oral & Skin health. Wish the government would give plant based medicine all the funds it needs.

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