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Greetings, Mr. Vipul! Today, you’re here at our clinic, Planet Ayurveda! Would you tell us what kind of disease was your daughter suffering from and how it got treated? Yes! My daughter, Neeti was suffering from Ulcerative colitis from the past 1 year. She was undergoing allopathic treatment. I took her allopathic treatment from Jabalpur, Nagpur and Ahmedabad and also got her colonoscopy done, but she had no relief. She had no benefit from the allopathic medicines. You gave her allopathic treatment for 1 month. What symptoms did the child have? She had diarrhea. She passed stools along with blood and pus approximately 10-15 times in 1 hour. These were the problems she had. Did all this start suddenly a year ago? 1 year ago, she started having fever followed by diarrhea and we took treatment for it and it subsided. But in the last 2 months her problem flared up. We’ll go back a little and look into the past. Was the child given excessive junk and packed foods? Yes, just like all kids do. She also consumed chips and cold drinks. Ok, she ate such foods. How did you know about its treatment in Ayurveda; Planet Ayurveda to be precise? I keep searching on YouTube about Planet Ayurveda and I saw Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s videos and I saw other patient’s testimonials and found out that there is a treatment possible for Ulcerative colitis in Planet Ayurveda and I thought of coming here appropriate after seeing watching those testimonial videos. Where do you belong to basically? I belong to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (MP). You came to see Dr Vikram personally? Yes, absolutely. I met Dr. Vikram personally. Can we see the child’s colonoscopy report? Yes, sure. When was this test done? I got it done on January 18th, 2017 in Ahmedabad. And you came to Dr Vikram on 28th! Dr. Vikram prescribed you these Ayurvedic medicines last month? Yes, sir. You gave these medicines to your daughter! What is the result like? When I started Dr. Vikram’s treatment I saw a positive change in her condition in just 1 week. The bleeding and pus gradually decreased and stool frequency also reduced. She started eating properly. You were telling me that her weight was very less. Yes. When I first brought her to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, her weight was 10 kg and now, after 1 month her weight is 17.5-18kgs. Now, she must be eating properly? Yes, she has a proper diet regime. I’m following the diet chart sir has given for her and she is feeling much better now. Does Neeti go to school now? Yes! Are you fine now, child? Yes! Completely fine? Do you eat properly? Yes! Are you happy now? Yes! That’s good! It’s really difficult for a child to suffer from such a dreadful disease, it really spoils their health! Absolutely! We have a lot of adult patients who easily understand what they’re asked to follow. Tell us about how you motivated your child to take medicines and follow the dietary changes. I made my daughter understand we don’t have to be scared from this disease and explained the treatment to her and she understood. Gradually she started taking the medicines and she’s very careful with her diet. She follows whatever Dr. Vikram said. Do you eat as Dr Vikram asked you to? Yes! Very good! Now, she has no diarrhea or related symptoms? No, not at all. I’m very grateful to Dr. Vikram. I’m short of words to thank him. I know parents are very concerned for their kids. Is she taking any allopathic medicines now? We’re giving her one allopathic medicine but Dr. Vikram has said that we’ll discontinue it soon. This is a very good thing that she is completely cured now. Thank you so much for sharing your views with us I’m sure it will encourage the patients. Thank you.

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  1. Dr. vikram Chauhan i am from Nepal . My mother also has Clotis so that I want to know how to find out your medician in nepal

  2. sir I am from Bangladesh student of (BHMS) in dhaka.. I have duodenal ulcer from 7/8 moths…. sir I will cure by ayurvedic medicine? plz sir

  3. Thats really a big relief to get rid of ulcerative colitis symptoms.Dr vikram may you help many such people whoever is suffering because of this painful n depressing disease and they all heal fast.godbless all.

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