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hi everyone I’m dr. Li a naturopathic
doctor a PhysioChiroWellness and today we’re going to talk about a topic that
many of you have requested which is bladder infection
or society’s so a few facts about bladder infection is actually being
affected more from women than men just because of their Anatomy for example
Durga’s are usually shorter and this closer to the external world so it
increases their chance of coming into contact with bacteria also if a bladder
infection is left untreated it can actually move up to the kidneys and it
can cause kidney infection which can be very serious so what are some of the
causes so the most common one is actually from the urinary tract
infection or UTI and that is usually from bacterial infection other causes
include diets high in sugar and processed food or your underwear is not
fitting properly it creates an environment which can lead to the
bacteria to thrive also s you age the ligaments holding up your bladder
actually become weaker so then the position of the bladder can move and
some of the urine actually stay in the bladder which increase the risk of the
UTI and then that will leak to the bladder infection if you’re holding in
your urine that can also give rise to the urinary tract infection and the
bladder infection there is also other medical conditions such as diabetes
pregnancy kidney stones and large prostate that can give rise to the
bladder infection so moving forward we’ll talk about some symptoms and these
vary this these type of symptoms vary depending on the individual it can be
very mild or it can be very severe so some common symptoms in Crete includes
urinary frequency or you feel like you have more urgency to go to the bathroom
and there’s also pain when you’re urinating another common symptom is that
you feel pressure or pain in your lower pelvis which is usually above your pubic
bone or you can also get dark cloudy bloody or even a very strong smelling
urine or if it’s more severe you can get overall feeling and well and you can get
a fever all right so moving forward we’ll talk about some natural perfect
treatments for societies so the main thing to focus on is the acute infection
so that we’ll be getting rid of the bacteria and then after that is
controlled then we’re going to focus on the factors that actually contribute to
the recurrence or the chronic infection so there are a few treatments tools that
we use Sanchez diet lifestyle nutrition and
botanical medicine alright so first thing we’re going to talk about diet and
lifestyle so with diet is important to find one that supports the healthy colon
microflora for example you want to avoid food that is very high in sugar and
refined carbs you also want to avoid any food allergies or intolerances that can
irritate the bladder you also want to make sure there is enough fluid and
hydration so there is it increases your urine outflow and decrease the chance of
you getting an infection there’s also ways to improve your personal hygiene
such as wearing the right type and fit of underwear and clothes so then it’s
more breathable so moving forward we’ll talk about some clinical nutrition
there are different types of supplements that will help to support the immune
system and actually helps to inhibit the bacteria sticking to the bladder wall as
well there are other ones that actually relax the smooth muscle tissue in the
bladder and actually decreases the inflammation as well
there’s also supplements that can support the bladder connective tissue so
then it will retain its integrity and lastly we’re going to going to talk
about botanical medicine very briefly there are different herbs that can help
with the bladder infection and the most important one are the antimicrobial
which means it helps to kill the bacteria and prevent any recurrent
infection so that’s it for today of the therapies I’ve mentioned today are all
natural and our clinic actually offers food sensitivity or intolerance testing
if you’re interested as well there are lots of options out there for people
with bladder infection and many alternatives for you to consider so if
you have any more questions or concerns feel feel free to leave a comment below
or go on our website and we have a live chat where you can talk to someone right
away so hopefully I’ll see you soon at one of the clinics and have a good day

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