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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine. In this video, I’m going to share with you my top natural treatments for restless
leg syndrome. You’re going to learn the best supplements, the best diet, lifestyle, as
well as herbal treatments and remedies for getting rid of restless leg syndrome in 24
hours or less. I’m telling you, these things absolutely work. The number one thing you want to start doing
right away is start taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium helps your muscles relax. It’s very
effective in that way. So again, start using magnesium on a daily basis. Typically, you
want to get a magnesium chelate. If not magnesium chelate, magnesium citrate also works well,
and doing 500 mg a day, or about 400 to 500 mg every single day of magnesium powder as
a supplement. Also, I would go online to my website, and look up magnesium-rich
foods, or you could do a Google search for “Dr. Axe magnesium foods,” and I have a whole
list of the top 10 foods that are high in magnesium that you should start consuming
on a daily basis. The number two thing you want to start doing
to get rid of restless leg syndrome is you want to start supplementing and using folate.
That’s also known as vitamin B9. We know that folate actually helps support nervous tissue,
as well as muscular tissue. It’s also been shown in studies to help reduce restless leg
syndrome. Now you don’t want to take folic acid. You
want to take a good quality folate supplement on a regular basis. Also again, look up folate-rich
foods. I have another list for that on my website,, that you can find there
as well. The number three thing you want to start doing
to get rid of restless leg syndrome is consider seeing a wellness chiropractor or an acupunctural
therapist. Now what can often happen is if your lower back gets very tight or your SI
joints, or let’s say you even have a problem with your piriformis muscle, but something
happening in sort of that lower chain quadrant around your lower back or glute muscles, especially
the SI joints, nerves can get compressed, causing restless leg syndrome. For that reason,
chiropractic care is very, very effective, and I’ve seen great results and refer my patients
to get work done from chiropractors to help relieve any type of nerve issue that can be
causing restless leg syndrome. Sometimes it’s a nutritional issue, but sometimes
it’s a structural issue, what’s going on with that body. For that very same reason, exercise
can often help, whether it be running, or swimming, or biking and stretching afterwards.
Anytime you do any type of exercise, stretch especially your hamstrings, stretch your piriformis
muscle, really stretch those SI joints and hips, and those different areas. Along with,
again, chiropractic care and exercise, those are great mobility things that can help you
get rid of restless leg syndrome. The number four thing you can do to get rid
of restless leg syndrome is start consuming more potassium-rich foods. Oftentimes, your
body can become irritated when your body is holding on to excess fluid. When you have
fluid retention, it causes swelling. That as well can put pressure on different nerves,
muscles and tissues, causing restless leg syndrome. So what you want do is start consuming
potassium-rich foods. You can go to my website,, and search “Dr. Axe potassium food
list,” and you’re going to find a list there of the top 10 potassium-rich foods. And listen,
it’s not just bananas. There are things that might surprise you, like avocados and yogurt
and spinach, that are also really high in potassium. Mangoes are another great one,
strawberries, kiwi. Get some of those foods in your diet. Follow that food list. That
can help. And number five, using chamomile essential
oil. Chamomile has been shown to help reduce muscle spasms. It’s also been shown to help
relax the body, improve insomnia, sleep, even lower cortisol levels. So for that reason,
chamomile essential oil or a cup of chamomile tea before bed is a great thing to do in terms
of a natural treatment for treating any type of restless leg syndrome. A few other tips here as well. You’ve got
to keep stress levels low. That’s very important. If you’re really stressed out before going
to bed and your mind is racing and going, take some time and read a relaxing book, maybe
journal a little bit. Getting your body in that sort of right sleep environment is really
critically important as well in getting rid of restless leg syndrome. So guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
You can follow these action steps on how to get rid of restless leg syndrome for good.
Hey, if you want to learn more about natural herbs, remedies, and healing foods, hey I’ve
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And hey, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Natural Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome

  1. I disagree with this fellow in most ways. The magnesium and exercise advice have absolutely no impact on my RLS. The potassium thing I'm trying now. But the state of my tiredness doesn't make any difference whatsoever. Some days I'm zombie and sleep well. Other days I thrash like a straightjacketed madman in a rubber room. I can't say what triggers it. I can relax with a good book and a cuppa chamomile tea and everything is just fine until I put myself to bed!

  2. I have been having restless legs syndrome for ten years or more. I told doctor in singapore and they told me it's all in the mind. I get very itchy feet and tickling sensation and I can't sleep. I am very thankful to you for your good information. I will certainly try this

  3. Try using a TENS 7000 or similar unit. At age 69, I have had restless legs for nearly three years now. My restless leg is usually the right one. I attach the 2 probes of the TENS 7000 unit to the left and right sides of my right leg calf muscle. I use burst mode which visibly pulses the calf muscle, using a setting of about 5. While the calf muscle is pulsing, I also massage the muscle with my fingers. After about 8 minutes of this I get lots of relief.

    I agree with the natural approach instead of taking prescribed medications. Hope this works for you.

  4. there is a medicine called "ropinirole hcl" it is a prescription but it works. apparently restless leg is a parkinson syndrome. but this med really, really helps. rls is the most horrible thing. wake up every 20 minutes. ..legs, and sometimes my arms just jump. but the prescription works. i m starting the vitamin and mineral supplementation. Magnesium didn't work too well but am going to up the dosage along with potassium.

  5. You people with rsl, stop eating cheese. I have had two periods of rsl, first one I stoped eating cheese and was cured almost instantly, then second one, years later it came back, I forgot the trick and suffered for weeks. Then I … guess what, stoped eating cheese, and again was cured. If this helps you, spread the message. Do it.

  6. I’ll give this a try. The tramadol gives me dilated pupils, memory loss, gas, increase blood pressure. Gabapentin gives me excessive weight gain, irritability, wheezing, hyperactivity, restlessness, eye discharge and anxiety. I have my micronutrient results coming soon from spectracell. Im curious go see if Im Mg2+ deficient. My bp is 170/120. Im 5’8” 306lbs. How much folate and potassium mg if daily supplementation?

  7. I've been doing this since I was 8 years old some people told my mom I might have ADHD , but still to this day I still shake them and some nights they shake badly and its so hard to sleep

    Small study here but 100% of particpants had a reversal of symptoms w/just potassium citrate suppleemnt. I had this issue come back and connected it with me skipping one of my potassium supplments. Sure enough I found this study.

  9. Can you guys tell me what u feel in your legs? Mine came out of nowhere 5 months ago and it feels like throbbing in my legs mostly in my calfs. Sometimes if i look closely i can see it twitching and then it goes away as soon as i start moving. Its so weird! I also feel like crawling sensations.

  10. I'm nine months pregnant and have RLS to the point of not being able to sleep or sit still. No matter how much I supplement nothing helps. It is, by far, the worst symptom I've had this pregnancy because it's so severe and nothing seems to soothe it.

  11. Free advice to all viewers of rls videos that push supplements, gadgets, hot baths, stretches, sleeping pills, etc. None of these will work. They can reduce the ache while you are awake , but when you are asleep your legs will begin to jerk involuntarily, sometimes hundreds of times per hour, WHILE you are sleeping ,never allowing you REM sleep . You will never get to the deep sleep phase because of the movement, leaving you tired all day, groggy at your job , and struggling to stay awake at the wheel. The only treatment for this is to see a medical doctor who is knowledgeable about this condition or ask for a sleep study with a specialist. The good news is that there are medications that are quite effective. Please seek medical help for this condition which is poorly understood .

  12. Vics Balm: I am suffering in RLS for the last 37 years and always got instant relief from applying Vics Vaporub/balm on legs.

  13. Magnesium citrate made my leg spasm worse, I actually use magnesium malate 1300mg. Daily, i also take gamma, and potassium chloride.

  14. None of this is supported by evidence and, in fact, some is CONTRA-INDICATED by RLS studies. Magnesium makes RLS worse for many patients, is neutral for some, and only helps a tiny amount of people. And those people later discover it is not RLS they had, but simple leg cramps or even PLMD, which are both very different than RLS. RLS a neurological disorder that causes the irresistible urge to move your legs. There is rarely pain associated with the syndrome. Ferritin levels above 100 (sometimes as high as 300) via IV iron infusion (oral iron fails to produce levels this high) is one of the only known causes of RLS. This information is available on and there is no reason Dr. Axe should be giving the false, and potentially dangerous information he does in this video. Dr. Axe, check out and make a new video. Delete this old one, if you really want to help people.

  15. I have been having rls since 20 years.i am mother has been having it since 50 years.last year i and my mother stopped eating wheat and to our surprise the rls has gone down by more than 50%.

  16. WARNING! There is a vendor named "RLS LLC " that sells magnesium citrate …they are scammers on amazon delivering tablets HALF the potency of that which their title description states "Magnesium citrate 400mg 240 ea" NOT! And buyers have no idea they even have been had! It took me having health issue to realise my dose was cut in half! Could not figure out why things had changed …now I know … Was taken by crooks at RLS LLC on amazon! SHAME on these kinds of people!

  17. Thanks doc… a cup of chamomile tea before bed really did the trick!! I also started taking magnesium pills to stop rls throughout the day. ?

  18. Hi Dr Axe- the effect of lower extremity tightness makes sense- I feel RLS worsens when my lower back/piriformis are sore- thank you! I’m going to try a massage therapist!

  19. I believe all of these problems are cause by nutritional deficiencies. I learned from Dr. Joel Wallach that numbness in the legs or hands are caused by a lack of calcium, and magnesium. You need to have a supplement that is plant based such as IntraMax from Global Healing Center or
    Beyond Osteo from Wallach. Do not consume synthetic vitamins or minerals. Your body will not absorb them, use organic plant based. They are the best!! Eat whole foods and try always to cook at home as much as possible. Eating out or buying food already made it’s convenient but you don’t know what’s in it. When you cook your own food you will enjoy more.

  20. I've had RLS forever,at times it affects my arms too,the ropinirole is a Godsend,without it there is no settling down,I've gone without it and it was Awful,not a addiction, definitely a Lifesaver

  21. Magnesium makes me worse. I'm tired of people thinking that magnesium is this miracle drug, it makes me literally worse. Makes my sleep worse, makes my pain worse, makes my symptoms worse.

  22. Get the natural Nutritional yeast. Make sure there is no synthetic stuff in it. Eating grains, rice, processed foods will cause restless leg. Walking before bed. I find that our eating is a huge!!!! Stop eating pork, beef, chicken , lamb. Stay away from dairy!!!!!
    Drink Good quality green tea in the morning, then give 16 hours from the last meal you ate so intermittent fasting is a cure for diabetes, cancer, heart disease premature aging and restless leg!!!
    Stop eating processed foods! Stay away from fast foods and sugary drinks! Go to watch DR. Jason Fung on fasting. It’s an eye opener

  23. I put all my weight on said leg hold on to bed or wall and do a couple bends bending that leg with your weight bearing on it. It seems to help me ….also starts bothering me if I’m really tired and fighting sleep

  24. Watch this video for instant relief from RLS ….. Copy this and paste in the search bar ::
    Cat Matlock West Asheville Yoga Center Massage Therapist Self Heal Techniques

  25. PLMD and RLS are not from restless mind. Its when you mind is most ready to go under, that RLS kicks in and convulses you out of the sleep you almost got into. It’s like a battery building up charge until it goes off.

  26. My legs always tingles like there’s an ants crawling in inside your legs or vibrating. Is this restless leg syndrome? I sometimes get one in my hands and I would have pain in my fingers or burning pain. And I don’t eat vegetables and fruit.

  27. My restless leg syndrome was so bad I wanted to cut off my arms and legs until I heard about the combination "calcium and magnesium" supplements. I've been in perfect balance ever since!! I can't believe it and no one else can either, especially that I now take only 1 tablet a week and still no RLS!! I hope this works for everyone cos RLS is a total nightmare. Good luck!

  28. Check your iron levels cuz iron deficiency causes this

  29. It’s a neurological problem, I tried all this crap it doesn’t work, stretching the hips back n legs defo helps!
    I seen a hypnotist a few years ago cost me £70 a time after 6 sessions rls had gone ! It worked but at a cost, so I stopped the hypno and 2-3 wks later it can back ! That’s the only thing that worked !
    Ohh by the way smoking a joint at bedtime works as well !!

  30. Some one said stop eating cheese ?….. I eat YOGURT waaay more than I should…..epsom salt baths……..or foot soak

  31. I’ve had restless leg syndrome off and on for years as well. This last two weeks it has been unbearable. Every night I am losing sleep and have become extremely tired and irritable from it. The absolute only thing I have found to stop it is getting out of bed and going through a long stretch routine focusing on my quads and hamstrings which leads me to believe it’s more of a circulation problem for me at night. I lift weights 5 days a week with 20 minutes of cardio though so I’m not sure how my circulation could be bad. My stress levels have been higher than normal though as well so I wonder if stress could be a factor as well. Until I find the ultimate cure the stretching will have to work for now. I usually do running stretches for about 20 seconds a piece until I feel in a more relaxed state and then I’m able to finally go to bed. Try it if your struggling to sleep as it does seem to temporarily work.

  32. I like to raise my legs quite high on pillows and use a hot water bottle ( s ) under them. Sweet relief ! Katey .

  33. Tried magnesium. Tried stretching. Now take sifrol and rivotril. 98% of time they work. But when they don’t fark me. It’s like they make up for lost time. Had rls since a child now 38. Worst thing ever. Dad has it bad, bro and sis slightly have it. Last few years I now get it in my forearms. I suffer from chronic back pain but I’d rather that then rls.

  34. If your done with all the bullshit doctors and medicine and all the half remedies that dont work for you? Try a teaspoon of black mustard seed. Swallow it without chewing do it twice a day for a week, after that week just one time a day. Your welcome

  35. I saw this today – not sure if it works. It's expensive. However, I picked up a vibration pad at a yard sale today for two bucks, of roughly the same size, and it didn't really help. Their product may do something different though.

  36. I developed RLS from opiate addiction. I'm now 14 months clean. However, I see notice my foot wiggling or slappin around randomly when in bed even when my mind is occupied by a movie. Would these suggestions still work for me? 14 months and still have RLS. Could also be very minor acute withdrawal spiking up at random. What do you think?

  37. Hello doctor n everyone in here who can read it plzzzzzzzzzz help me I m been this restless legs for 4 or 5 year s n I m just carry on take anti diparsstion for sleep I'm thinking is bcoz of depression or something else even doctor don't now this

  38. Dear Dr
    After eating
    Airconditioned rooms at night induce my restlessness. Also I have noticed I am hyperventilating.
    Higher temperatures help to reduce symptoms also walking. Any suggestions?

  39. The people on here taking Kratom for relief need to get up to speed on how dangerous it can be when abused or taken for over 30 days even at a low dose.
    It binds to the opiate receptor same as any other opiate.
    The worse symptom of opiate/Kratom withdrawal is horrible RLS.

  40. I have it every single night and I HATE IT. It gives me terrible anxiety! I’m getting so depressed from it 🙁

  41. I used to take a product called Restavin but it was kind of expensive so my husband just bought the bulk ingredients and made it himself. It’s pretty rare that I have a night with RLS.

  42. Best thing (works for me anyway) is when it starts, lay down on your back on a bed and lift (exercise) the affected leg (s) high, some 50 times, until the leg is exhausted. It does the trick. For me anyway.

  43. Restless leg is a symptom of a disease not a disease itself. So many different conditions can cause it. Systematically ruling out all these conditions is mandatory for those suffering with RLS.

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