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Ty Bollinger: You mentioned essential oils. Give us a quick rundown of what you ate and
the essential oils that you used over that 40
day period. Jordan Rubin: I did essential oil massage
every day while on hot infrared mat. So not only was I perspiring out toxins,
but I was getting an essential oil massage. In fact today, I have taken these oil blends
that I use—and they’re the basic ones, frankincense, myrrh,
galbanum, we certainly use lavender, we use citrus oils. So
nothing unusual in terms of the oils. I have actually put together a way to apply
them and I believe in a way for spiritual healing and I call it BHW
or “By His Wounds” and this is a very spiritual message. It
takes essential oils and applies them in all of the areas that Jesus bled for our sins. Look Ty, I am not telling everyone who is
watching this to believe exactly the way I believe. What I’m
telling them is what I did. I certainly believe the truth is the truth
and principles behind my faith and action work. So I apply the essential oils to my feet. I apply them to my forehead and my scalp. I apply
them to my side—the rib areas. I apply them sort of close to underarms, sometimes
I’ll use a carrier oil because underarm area is sensitive and then
I have someone apply them to my back 39 times. Jesus
took 39 lashes. If you believe like I do, jump all over this. I did essential oil massage every single day,
several hours. I
did various lymphatic treatments. I recommend lymphatic massage. There are a lot of things now that I
do that are even greater than I did previously. Phytotherapy, herbal therapy is critical,
fermented powerful herbs in various combinations is
amazing and my diet is all raw, omnivorous, no salt. I believe
that certain mineral salts are really good for you, but in this case, all raw. I did green juices added a little bit of raw
coconut cream. I did raw dairy, made these raw butter drinks. I
call it a super lipid drink which helps get the combination of botanicals and foods into
your system quickly and doesn’t taste the best. I consumed raw organic grass fed beef, raw
salmon—not only for the omega 3s, but the astaxanthin. Consumed lots of coconut products. I took systemic enzymes, I’m a
big believer in systemic enzymes, 60 a day because I believe fully in Dr. Kelly, Dr.
Gonzalez’ work. But the One Answer to Cancer book is pretty
clear. Followed some of those things. There are various
other elements that I had. I made sure that my vitamin D levels were
high. I either got a lot of sun or
took a whole food vitamin D supplement and that was pretty much it. It kept me really busy, but lots of
raw fats. My opinion is that raw fats are critical to
not only help build the system in the cells, but to help
pull waste out. Lots of raw pastured eggs. I did various mineral clays and zeolites along
with certain probiotics that I developed and each and every
day worked at. I did things like foot baths. I walked on the beach. But Ty, it isn’t simply one food, it’s
not avoiding something, it’s not one detoxification method,
it’s a total commitment to healing. Here’s the best news. I
haven’t told very many people about my story, but people have come to me and I’ve seen
amazing results that are as miraculous as mine by
following similar or the same principles. But it all starts with
faith, and confession. You either own this so-called disease or it
owns you. There is no in between. I’m a huge sports fan. We celebrate Olympic gold medalists, Hall
of Fame athletes, Most Valuable Players, but you know who I celebrate? Those who pick themselves up by their bootstraps,
and go after this Goliath that is cancer. Bottom line, you’re David—it’s Goliath. But those five smooth stones are in
your sling and it’s time to get going. I celebrate the heroes who overcome this disease
that’s taken our loved ones—taken your loved ones and I’m
not going to stand idly by anymore. “To Hell With Cancer.” Ty Bollinger: I love that Jordan, “To Hell
With Cancer,” and I love the analogy. David and Goliath. But you got him
right between the eyes with this 40 day diet plan and the emotional plan, the spiritual plan.

11 thoughts on “Natural Treatments I Used to Heal Testicular Cancer – Jordan Rubin

  1. I am getting confused. Which is the best diet for Cancer patients 1. Raw "VEGAN" 2. Raw Food (including raw beef??? and raw salmon??????? or raw liver???) 3. Vegetarian(eat raw and cook)
    Are ther any types of amino acids which are fuel of cancer cells such as methionine??? but when we go raw vegan some can get swelling because low albumin.
    please make a comment if u have the answer or have the opinion.

  2. Great Job!!!!
    1 Peter 2:24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

  3. That's good news God Bless!. I use a couple of Jordan Rubins products that work like a miracle for my health

  4. Jordan Rubin, I am so glad that you have conquered this dreadful disease by using natural ingredients. Good for you! Keep it up! I will call you Superman.

  5. Beautiful wonderful story, Jordan Rubin has been one of my idols since about 1995 or so….
    Many of the processes that he used to beat his cancer have been my daily weekly habits for the last 26 years
    there is one more product that will help wipe out cancer much quicker and that product I've been using since 1991 and its called Cellfood and I've also used the product by ght it is their liquid oxygen product, when you use that product you pour it into water you put the drops into water and you drink it/ it oxygenisis the system so no cancer cells can grow it really works because I've been using it for 26 years I've never had cancer and almost everybody I know and almost every relative I have has had cancer/ two out of three people will get cancer, thank God I know the correct regime because most people will never know that and they will die.

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