Taking Charge of Your Health

hi I’m Tabitha Macintosh I’m a naturopath
and clinical nutritionist in Wallara running a busy little clinic here and I
see lots of clients every week and one of my missions is to help people
understand how their daily habits playing to their health complaints as a
result of that I was introduced to the wanderess Beauty box concept by a couple
of clients and a colleague and I have found it to be such a clever initiative
the clients that I work with they’re really time poor well actually who isn’t
we all are really time poor they know they want to make some changes that
they’re feeling ready to swap out some of the products in their beauty cabinet
but they just don’t know where to start and I’ve done my research on the
wanderess beauty box because that’s the way I roll and I’ve been really
impressed with the research that the wanderess Beauty staff do into the
background and the ingredients of course on the ethics of every product that they
choose to share actually dividing the boxes up into various parts of you know
the body like lips and pits or scrubs or whatever it might be is a very very
clever way of step-by-step supporting someone in switching out their beauty
cabinet the ingredients are honest ingredients you can feel really
confident that there won’t be any fragrance or any nasty preservatives
that we know may play out with endocrine disruption or with health concerns in an
additive fashion and you can feel like the choices that have been made for you
in the box with a sample of boxes each month are also really good for the
planet so very very clever initiative and I have started suggesting and
encouraging my clients to look at the wondrous beauty line and myself

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