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Hello and welcome to Cath Finegan, Naturopath
Barnsley & Nutritionist Yorkshire. Cath Finegan is an extensively trained and
highly experienced Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, having graduated in 2008 from
the College of Naturopathic Medicine and achieving additional training and qualifications as
a Holistic Iridologist. Here at Naturopath Barnsley we believe a solid
nutritional base and healthy lifestyle can be the dominating factors in achieving your
goals and enjoying your everyday life, all through the power of nature. We use a small blood sample, to examine for
any specific intolerance to over 200 different varieties of foods. And then by eliminating these elements from
your daily diet, we can help you achieve rapid, effective and Sustainable weight loss, while
improving your overall health and boosting your general vitality. Intolerance testing and metabolic detox now
are also now available. If you are interested in learning more or
to book an appointment, simply visit our website at

18 thoughts on “Naturopath Barnsley & Nutritionist Yorkshire – Cath Finegan Naturopath

  1. Heard a lot of great things about Cath Finegan Naturopath Barnsley and im looking forward to starting my plan very soon.

  2. I recommend Cath to everyone i know from freinds to work colleagues, she is very sympathetic and professional and made me feel very welcome and in good hands. Thank you x

  3. I've got to try this out, I need to shift some serious timbre and sort my health out! To many PINT AND PIES!

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