Taking Charge of Your Health

Excellent, back to the centre and all
the way up to the ceiling please. OK are you comfortable there?
Yes. Good. Naturopathy is all about
healing the body naturally. Here I am using iridology to
help me analyse this patient. Different parts of the eye correspond
to different parts of the body. It gives me hints as to
what is going on inside. Yes.., You are not in bad health at all. However, there is a little bit of acid
building up in your system at the moment, so we will need to talk to
you a little bit about your diet. I really like the detective
side of the job. Sam, I was wondering if you
could tell me a little bit about this viral
infection that you have. Yes, sure. I’ve had it about a week now, I think.
It started when I went to the gym. I did too much of a workout. Initially I
thought that was what the problem was. And then umm.. So have you been feeling
fatigued with it. Yes. Ahh yea I’ve been feeling
fatigued, definitely. People tell me how they feel, their
symptoms, and from there I narrow down what the problem is and guide
them to the best course of action. You are dealing with people who
are emotionally or physically ill so a sense of empathy and
compassion is very important. I can see that the fibre structure is
a little bit narrow or thin there. That tells us about a slight
weakness in your lung in that area. Around in the throat area
you can see a little orange dot there and
some cream surrounding that, and that cream
is the lymphatic congestion that is
showing up in that area. My interest in naturopathy was sparked when
I was working in the building industry. I consulted a natural
therapist for work stress and found it so interesting
that I changed careers. Hi Jenny, how are you? How
is your pregnancy going? You’ve been having a lot of
trouble with morning sickness. OK. Look Jenny, one of the best
things that we can suggest … A lot of my time is spent talking to
people, whether it be on the phone or in the office, so in this line of work
you have to be a good communicator. One of the great rewords
of this job is knowing that your advice will, or
has, made a difference. We only use natural products
in naturopathy such as herbs and homeopathics,
vitamins and minerals. After a consultation we can mix a
remedy right here in the clinic. Chrissie, I wonder if I could ask you
to make up this herbal for me please, for Sam Smith
– 5 ml twice daily. OK and would you like a 300 ml bottle.
Yes thank you. Part of my day is spent catching up on
paperwork and researching new products. Then there is always
ordering to do. Naturopathy tends to be a 9.00 to 5.00 job
with a lot of clinics opening on Saturdays. If you’re self-employed like myself you can
be more flexible and choose your own hours. You’re always
learning in this job. There are new products, research to
read and update seminars to go to. If you are not feeling too
well at the moment can I suggest that you call our
number right now: 9221 1882. I also do a weekly talkback
show which helps me keep in touch with the
community’s health concerns. People who have trouble with
wheat will often find, after they have eaten, that they start
to feel tired and lethargic. They’ll often find that they
get bloating of the abdomen. It’s not unusual for naturopaths to
offer a range of natural therapies – anything from iridology to reiki and
remedial therapies may be included. I specialise in sclerology which is the
study of the white section of the eye. Not many people are qualified in this
so I jumped at the chance to learn it. Can I have a look at
your palms please. Now, this is not the fortune-teller.
I’m actually looking for lines running
down the fingers themselves. You have very mild lines
running down those fingers. But that will……. The main misconception about naturopathy is
that anyone can call themselves a naturopath but the truth is this profession requires
years of study and is quite complex. The holistic approach is based on
the principle that by keeping the body and mind in balance you can
prevent sickness and disease. To get a feel for the industry some people start
out by taking courses such as reflexology, aromatherapy, massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture
and acupressure, just to name a few. To become an accredited naturopath with one of
the governing bodies, you’ll need to have a diploma, advanced diploma or degree in
naturopathy, applied science or natural medicine. Sam, these are your
proscriptions. The herbal formula is 5 ml
twice a day after food. Naturopathy is a growing industry which
is going from strength to strength. People are taking more
interest and control of their wellbeing using a natural
approach to healing. With great career prospects, it’s
definitely an industry to keep an eye on.

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